Weekly Forecast: September 12-16, 2022 – Rethinking What We Want

So Mercury is retro, there’s that. We’re post full moon, and that brought some chickens in to roost and cackle. Virgo Venus continues in square to Gemini Mars all week, and both are Mercury-ruled (remember the retro!).

It’s not the ideal time to bust a move, but it’s a great time to go back over the details, check your biases (Venus opposite Juno), and use that grind (Venus square Mars) to slip into some solid upgrades on the side (Venus heading into square with Uranus in Taurus). Address your values as well as your desires.

The Virgo Sun spends the week heading into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. This keeps that full moon meaning afloat and brings a chance to mine the fog for inspiration. Let it flow. Find common ground. The Sun also heads into trine with Pluto in Capricorn, a solid kickstand of ego power: YOU CAN DO IT. Easily destroy what no longer fits within. Your own internal earthquake for the better.

In addition to the square with Venus, Mars heads into sextile with Chiron and trine to Saturn all week. Let Venus matters take the shake-up energy. Action requires you pay attention to more traditional matters, what IS working and learning through mentorship. Or BEing a mentor. That works too! We get a lot from a guide but also from BEING a guide. Work in areas where you trust where you tread. Or where you’ve got good guidance and support.

Retro Mercury moving back through Libra revisits its opposition to retro Jupiter in Aries. We get to see another side to some big ideas, attitudes, and schools of thought. It’s the perfect complement to Venus’ tactile improvements on our values and desires.

On Monday, the Moon finishes up in active Aries with a sextile to Saturn and a square to Pluto. Invigorating! The mood might feel a bit overpowered, but there’s a good shot at finding your target and making the grade. Take your time, plan your shot – then replan it and implement (if that’s in the immediate plan).

Tuesday’s early Taurus Moon works its way into trine with Venus overnight. If you can, stop and smell the roses, unless the roses are stinky and make you reconsider all your life choices. If that’s the case, put on some rose colored glasses and smell something nicer.

Wednesday takes the Taurus Moon into square with Saturn and conjunction to Uranus, kicking up echos of that longterm trouble we’ve all had forever. It’s just a mood. The Moon’s trine to the Sun and sextile to Neptune leaves us the perfect out: fantasy. Find something delightful and delicious to think and dream about (oh dreeeeamy), and take a mini vacation of the mind and delight in earthy appreciation. The Moon also heads into trine with Pluto; Taurus Moon promises great satisfaction in the naughty pleasures. INDULGE. I’m granting you permission.

On Thursday, the Pluto trine perfects, then the Moon skips into Gemini. The Gemini Moon sextiles Jupiter as Venus perfects an opposition to Juno. This is a lovely time to challenge your own tendencies toward possessiveness or jealousy. It’s easier to grasp an airy perspective right now, and see both sides of multiple coins right now… and act on them. If someone feels “other”, now is the time to embrace connection. Connection destroys possessiveness and jealousy and fosters a true change for the better in SELF. The Gem Moon trines Mercury overnight; multiple resolutions and and resolve. Perhaps revisit a talk you’ve had? Things may may more sense NOW. Big talks often take one, two, three times.

Friday brings smooth sailing to the mood through the afternoon, then the Moon touches off the Mars-Venus square. It’s either a fit of pique or a fun, fantastic bluster. Later a sextile to Chiron promises active entraining, learning that brings a cheery (or at least fruitful) lesson to bear.

How was your full moon experience? Did things get foggier or clear up for you?

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  1. This full moon felt very emotional & intense. I think the square to Mars in Jupiter was affecting my reaction. Felt as if I had forgotten reality and was drowning in Neptunian waves. I felt better when the moon left Pisces and entered Aries.

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