Weekly Forecast: September 11-15, 2017 – Where’s The Money, Lebowski

If you recognize the title, that should give you a giggle and help take things down a notch. Last night I read something about responsiveness overload. I think that’s what they called it, but I can’t find the article now. To quote my gassy daughter at six, overhearing our conversation about heat exhaustion: “Does it smell bad? Cos I think I have it.”

It’s likely many of us have it… responsiveness overload, okay and maybe excessive gas too, who knows. It’s Virgo season and we have the Sun in Virgo square Saturn all week. Day to day purpose runs up against impediment. We have Virgo ruler Mercury in Virgo conjunct Mars, action and communications and the senses speeding up and egging each other on. We have all that broadly opposite Neptune: irritable, impeded, sped up, critical, and looking for somewhere to place blame, or a target.

This isn’t going smoothly and we didn’t do it, so where’s the culprit? Where’s the money, Lebowski? Well shove my head in the toilet again and let me have another look around. It must be down here somewhere.

Mercury in early Virgo moving into tight conjunction with Mars is still in its retrograde shadow. We’re still actively uncovering details we rode over in the past month or more. If you’re unsure or confused, you’re ahead of the game. Just stay calm about it. If you’re certain, it may be that you’re in for a rough ride. If you keep looking for that money at the bottom of the toilet.

Speaking of money, all week long we have Leo Venus in trine to Saturn. Trine sounds great, right? Yes it does, when compared to something harder. But it’s still Venus tied up with Saturn, so expect ants at the picnic. Giant ants with laser rifles and pet sharks. Just kidding, not sharks. See, better already.

We’re speaking of love and money here – love, money, and desire. We’re investing now, investing in something that will pay off down the road in the bigger picture. Just keep putting the creativity and generosity to work. Do it gladly. If you can’t do it gladly, it’s not the gift or investment you need to give now. Wait a bit, then try again.

By Friday, Leo Venus picks up a sextile to Jupiter. Some may get a pay-out, but I’d say it mostly looks like a more delightful opportunity to invest, more joy, more fun in the offering. But who knows? When it’s your time to win, you win. If you keep that in mind, it’s still possible. It absolutely could pay out big.

Monday through much of Wednesday, we have a Gemini Moon, also Mercury ruled and filling out the mutable signs with square energy. This is a general square with all the Virgo, Saturn in Sadge, and Neptune in Pisces. But broadly what we have is most of the personal energy at odds with a shifting reality.

What’s not at odds? Venus as it trines Saturn, and the Moon as it trines Jupiter. Buoy your mood with an investment in generosity – not just of wealth but of spirit. If you’re inclined to critique another, slow down. Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it helpful? Is it really?

Wednesday on through Friday evening, the Moon moves through Cancer, in its own rulership. If we’re minding our own beeswax and our own feeling response, this can be sweet. It reaches out to Neptune in trine, opening to divine love. It opposes Pluto in power after opening up opportunities in sextile to Mars and Mercury. Take power up inside yourself when you’ve internalized an authentic witness to a plain understanding of your genuine feelings… ready to move forward in understanding what is in your own heart. Take back the power we give away when we blame others for what we feel and think.

By Friday the Moon is also moving into a t-square with the re-emerging Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Emotional fluency and authenticity takes us higher, but it’s not always comfortable. Venus-Saturn integrity makes that easier, and integrity is also the reward.

Over the week, watch out for outbursts – emotional, verbal, physical. This is both ours and those of others. It’s less a tantrum thing and more an “I’m so sure I’m right that I can’t take anything else in,” one. Watch the tendency to be critical of others, their words, their actions, their follow through. No matter what you think, you don’t know their story. And they don’t know yours. Take a breath before you respond. Calm yourself. You’re all you can control.

We will all be critical of others being critical. Watch for it.

Expect outrage at perceived slights, yours and others. Blame will be placed, up the ladder, down the ladder, laterally. It’s also possible we’re all able to see things as they play out and all get a laugh about it. It’s quite likely that there IS no appropriate target for blame. Even the boss has a boss. Even the underling has an underling.

Be kind. Be of service. That is an investment too. At the end, we’ll see what’s working and what’s not. All the lousy details are coming to surface. Well, some lousy and some divine. Maybe the money is down there after all.

Let go of the urge to control the details. Let it flow downstream and see where it goes. Let the mutable stream do the heavy lifting. Then come in and clean up with a breezy smile when you didn’t exhaust yourself in fighting the current.

If you chase busyness and demand a response, it probably won’t be the one you desire. Take your time. Be the one with perspective. Name and consider your feelings before you act. Take it easy.

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