Weekly Forecast: October 8-12, 2018 – Powerful New Moon In Libra Square Pluto

ideasThis week is going to have pain in it. I beg you to consider embracing it.

There are good reasons for this ask.

My cat has a big scratch above his eye. It’s red; it could become infected. I can’t afford a vet if it gets infected. I had to make the decision to hold him down and blot it with alcohol. It hurt him, and he hurt me back. But today it’s not red. He doesn’t know the consequence we averted. He also forgives easily.

Sometimes life holds you down to hurt you and it means you harm. Sometimes it means to help. You can’t ever know which is which. The astrology this week… it says to me that it means to help.

Consider the pain of childbirth. What if you didn’t know you were getting a baby at the end? Pain we can ascribe meaning to is pain more easily borne. For some people, when they trust there is meaning to pain, it can be experienced as something other than negative sensation.

This week’s astrology calls for something between alcohol on a scratch and childbirth. It would be different for everyone. With Pluto in Capricorn in the larger timeline, structures are collapsing, being demolished. With Pluto in square to the Sun-Moon conjunction in Libra, something is ripped away in order to initiate something of great value.

The ruler of this new moon is newly retrograde, Venus in Scorpio – ruled by Pluto. Venus heads back to square Mars in Aquarius. Mars is just out of a crap summer retrograde when action was muffled by circumstance. Right before Mars’ retrograde it opposed Venus, then in Leo. That was in late June. In early August they trined. In early September they squared at 29 degrees cardinal – Mars in its retro shadow, Venus in its retro shadow (future).

Good pain or bad pain? Meaning changes everything. What we want can affect our experience of the physical as well as mental and emotional.

Where is the mental aspect in this: Mercury in Libra is also ruled by Venus. This week (Tuesday) it quincunxes Pisces Chiron (divine healing/chronic pain), then moves to Scorpio where it opposes Uranus (electric surprise)… moving into wide orb of aspect to the Venus-Mars square. The mind is involved intimately. Having faith that there IS meaning is a healing balm, but it requires going deep mentally.

Pascal’s wager is an exercise in conscious faith, one I find questionable, but its point works here. If believing might lend advantage and not believing might increase the pain, why not believe? No one says you have to believe anything specific for this to work.

Many say that it is the belief that makes it work. Believing is seeing.

All this I ascribe to Monday’s Libra new moon conjunction square Pluto in Capricorn. Tuesday morning after the new moon, the Moon squares Pluto. Thursday the Sun squares Pluto. That makes it sound like it’s scattered. What it is is drawn out. It happens over time, like a birth. Wednesday the Venus-Mars square is exact. I wouldn’t expect anything to POP at any particular juncture. To quote the ever-relevant Journey: Don’t stop believin’.

Remember, just because nothing painful happens this week, doesn’t mean it couldn’t have. Maybe you dodge a bullet. Believe anyway.

As the Moon moves through Scorpio (late Tuesday through early Friday) it aspects each of the major players in differing ways. The mood exacerbates, then eases… again and again. Like the tide. Like a doula. The collective mood is there to help us along. It will aspect our own natal positions, a personal influence on how we respond to our own new moon birthing process.

This new moon is not like the others. It ties us all in personally to what is happening in the collective. It ties us in because something very personal is happening in response in our lives. There IS personal meaning. Believe in it. It’s not enough to grind your teeth against the leather.

Friday morning Scorpio Mercury sextiles Capricorn ruler Saturn, under a hopeful, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Moon. Expect solid good news and a blast-off mood. Expect the opportunity to permanently manifest transformation via perception. Consider that none of this may be instantly discernible, but the opportunity is ripe. Time will tell.

The new moon in Libra takes place in the mid-degrees. Pluto is at 19 Capricorn. Where are these transiting your chart? Are you finding meaning? Are you open to finding meaning?

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Weekly Forecast: October 8-12, 2018 – Powerful New Moon In Libra Square Pluto — 18 Comments

  1. I hope it doesnt become infected! Maybe you could put some neosporin on it? Or some lavender or oregano essential oil, if youre worried about the neosporin getting in his mouth or eyes.

    Anyhoo, my Sun is at 17 degrees Libra in the tenth. Pretty significant to me. And yes, meaning is presenting itself after a few months of looking for it. Well it presented itself when I stopped looking.

  2. My Sun/Mercury conj. is 19 Cancer, squaring my natal Pluto at 19 Libra. I would love some meaning. Maybe I’ll get lucky and it won’t hurt 😉

  3. Just an aside, neosporin is safe for cats, whereas essential oils are not!!

    And thank you as always, Satori, for your excellent metaphors and for your wisdom.

  4. well, I’m getting harassed again by my neighbors to the point that I have to move to another appartment, but the difference is that this time I have the money and the means to move to a better place.

  5. If you think the wound requires further cleaning, or just to help the healing along, I would go with a bit of salt diluted in warm water. Your cat might even like that treatment. Applied gently, compress-like and allowed to soak in. Make it part of your regular cuddle time, if possible. Good luck!

  6. The Moon Pluto square is on my natal Sun 12H… the same sh*t show from last year is swirling around and once again I am under the microscope – AND SICK OF IT. I stood up for myself against a well liked, charming, narcissist and guess who is being doubted… the truth teller. Classic.

    Remember – charming is a verb, not a virtue. And “nice” doesn’t equal good. Am hoping the Divine Universe will rip this out of my life for good by the end of this week.

  7. “Pascal’s wager is an exercise in conscious faith, one I find questionable, but its point works here. If believing might lend advantage and not believing might increase the pain, why not believe? No one says you have to believe anything specific for this to work.”

    I’ve created my own belief system and, like imaginary friends, it is serving me well, for now.

    (I had created other belief systems of my own in the past, and they each served me for a time. Belief systems can be changed when they no longer ‘lend advantage’.)

    Thanks for reminding me of Pascal’s Wager.

  8. “Are you finding meaning? Are you open to finding meaning?”

    * I am not finding (have not found) meaning just yet.

    * But I am DEFINITELY open to, and DESIROUS of, finding meaning. I am SEEKING meaning.

    * I suspect however that the meaning will be revealed when the current circumstances I am navigating finally play out. Hindsight being 20/20 and all.

    * Or maybe not. Stream-of-consciousness writing here… There are those who posit that the meaning is in the journey, not the destination.

    * So… I’m gonna further posit that the destination is part of the journey and that the meaning might come to me at any point along the way.

    * Bottomline: Whenever and wherever it comes, I will be grateful that it comes at all! 🙂

  9. I think you are on the marks as always, Satori.

    I see so much pain today and yesterday, Monday/Sunday.
    All have a story to tell, all stories seem equally despondent and hopeless. So unfair, so unjust. Like there are only assholes left in this world.

    So, believing through the pain must be to stand up for what you are and believe in and use Saturn wisely to set up your own boundaries for healing and believing, yes? And to do so with integrity. Use the strenght of Saturn because he is a strenght in his homesign. I use him daily towards my family these days. It points to where I have been blind, have fooled myself of the reality of them. Where should I go now then? And with a newfound self integrity, self love and caring for myself?

    Deeper into my 12th house, of course, where Pluto is awaiting Saturn with simmering intensity….No light without darkness.

  10. “I beg you to consider embracing it.”

    Wow… I’ll consider it… I definitely see the pain coming this week. I appreciate your guidance always.

  11. Salt water, iodine or chlorhexidine are safe for use on cat wounds. Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils like tea tree or lavender, and neosporin are NOT safe. Neosporin can cause anaphylaxis in cats. No I am not a vet but I have consulted on this issue with vets multiple times and researched it like a fiend. Good luck!
    Also, your article this week seems right on for me. More heavy lifting at work, dire deadlines which could spell the end of our organization, everyone is working like hell just to avert catastrophe. I’m supporting a new person who has inherited a massive problem and it’s a total grind, I pray she doesn’t quit. Seems made of stern stuff so I am hopeful but oh boy a serious shortage of good vibes and people are being stingy with credit so I’m laying it on all over hoping it’s contagious. Hitting my 10th house cusp Capricorn and some kind of rough edge to my natal moon in Libra.

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