Weekly Forecast: October 5-9, 2020 – Mars Square Pluto, Power In Action

Lara Harris for elsaelsa.comMonday morning, the Moon in Taurus heads into trine with Pluto then Saturn, roaming into Gemini in the night. Taurus ruler Venus is in early Virgo in orb of sextile to Juno, linking into contact with Virgo-ruler Mercury… in Scorpio.

Monday’s mood is grounded but heightened, intense but pleasant enough. One feature of this mood is the budding awareness of any conflict between our stated values and our entrenched grudges.

Tuesday, the Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon squares Venus and sextiles Chiron. More thought should be given to those grudges. Where do they originate? Avoiding this won’t feel very good. Gemini moods are great for fact finding though. It’s like playing “hotter-colder” with facts. Go the distance, even if you have to do it in dribs and drabs.

Wednesday, the Gemini Moon squares Neptune and goes on to sextile retrograde Mars, both in the sign they rule. There’s a chance to walk back some road taken or not taken and make sense of what happened, even if it’s marginal, conditional sense. It also feels good to get that bit of closure going, get it started. Extra points for actual, physical effort. Work it.

Also Wednesday, Venus sextiles Juno exactly and Mercury opposes Uranus. Venus heads into trine with Uranus, exact Saturday. Venus and Juno quincunx Chiron. Shocking news is likely, but that news may be amended with time. It’s also possible to find an elusive clue popping in out of nowhere.

Retrograde Mars in applying square with direct Pluto brings powerful consequences to past action. The Libra Sun makes its exact square to Pallas Athena Wednesday, a square begun under the Aries full moon last week. It’s a rough time to make sense of things, but we’ve had a chance to mature into the inevitable.

The Sun is heading into square with Jupiter as Jupiter and Neptune move closer into their last sextile for a few years. You may find yourself propelled (not so gently) by unseen hands onto the correct path.

So Wednesday is action packed and the mood labile. It’s exciting! Stay loose: listen, communicate, and formulate. Dig in to your values, but go where the fates send you.

Thursday’s early Gemini Moon gives us time to wander and wonder. When the Moon hits Cancer, a trine to Juno in Scorpio bubbles up with intensity as both head into awkward aspect to Chiron. Passion is felt. The origin of the intensity is felt. By the end of the night, the Cancer Moon sextiles Venus as well as Uranus (exact overnight) while holding the trine to Juno.

Feel the feelings. There’s no healthy way to fix what ails you without genuinely letting the emotions flow. Only then can we upgrade, facilitate genuine, robust pleasure and wellness.

Friday morning, retro Mars perfects its square to direct Pluto. The Cancer Moon trines Pluto-ruled Scorpio Mercury. When you do the work, you heal the timeline, the understanding, the mindset. Digging deep may do it, or it may take carving out some rot. Decay. When you feel it, and feel your emotions without fear, you can grasp where to cut and where to stop. Cut away the rotten bits.

Things may erupt outside your control. The best you can do sometimes is just be prepared to do what it takes.

The Moon squares the Sun and goes on to oppose Jupiter and trine Neptune. We’re getting there. Feel the feelings and find the pleasurable path. Let the joy in. Embrace connection where you find it.

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Weekly Forecast: October 5-9, 2020 – Mars Square Pluto, Power In Action — 8 Comments

  1. Satori, great forecast, well-written & we’ll-advised! I keep reminding myself Astrology is a language for energy & we can use the energy to our own advantage…like maturing (Saturn) & catching ourselves in our shadow (Pluto)! Like moi? I have a grudge. Well, untangle that mess. Go to the root. Feel the feelings. Figure out a strategy. Or if a strategy is possible. Sometimes we simply have no power w the other person. Scorpio all the way!! Thanks so much.

    • Yes, but more specifically because the veneer covering the grudges is being torn away at the same time (by the interconnection with Mars and the Cap stellium as Jupiter sextiles Neptune). Grudges are always around, but we’re so stripped down now that we can’t function with so much cloaking. There’s also the interplay of Virgo Venus with Scorpio Mercury coming on… with Uranus involved. It’s the principled yin detective and their entourage… exculpatory.

      It reminds me of Queens of Mystery on Acorn, an apt illustration.

  2. Do I have to be prepared? I just want to walk away. I am an avoider I think. I see the eruption coming. Why oh why do some folks have to play with fire. I don’t know if it is an it that is out of control. I do think, at least around me, there are people out of control. I suppose that will lead to ‘it’ being out of control. Darn instigators. What is the point in stirring things up, making trouble. Isn’t there enough of that? So I am prepared to say, I am not involved in that. And I will be avoiding those stirring the pot. Boil boil toil and trouble. Aaaaargh!!!! It’s a test I think. I am being tested for some reason. A-gain.

    • I am not involved. I said it. I feel empowered. Don’t pay any attention to me youse ridin on the power in action, I am natal mars rx. I have to cut the crap out so I can powerfully act where it counts or the crap drags me down down down.

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