Weekly Forecast: October 31 – November 4, 2022 – Happy Halloween!

wickedMonday is Halloween! Spooky Season indeed. Early Monday, the Capricorn Moon conjoins Pluto. Later it heads into Aquarius to square Mercury and the Sun in the night.

Halloween morning is a properly traditional mood for the dark. Trick or treat time sends a stick into the spokes. It feels different, not the same holiday from childhood. This one has a new mood, an entirely different perspective even though it may look the same.

And that’s probably a good thing. Mercury heads into trine with Juno and moves up on the Sun and Venus in Scorpio all week. We’re going to find things to our liking eventually as they morph into something we want to sink our teeth into.

Tuesday the Aquarius Moon squares Venus and sextiles Chiron. It goes on to mix it up with the Saturn-Uranus square. This is frustrating, the mood, but on some level we’re used to change. You CAN get used to being surprised and having to make do. In addition, Mars moves back into trine with Saturn. The result is resilience, tho we’d all probably rather not.

Venus in Scorpio heads in to tangle with the Saturn-Uranus square all week too. It moves into range of a t-quare, opposition to Uranus and square to Saturn. What we want, what we value, love and money… pleasantries and bids for pleasure… in Scorpio, a bit of subtle manipulation – hoping it pays off. Then with the t-square, we’ve got to contend with impediment and reversals.

Reversals in action are also possible with Mars backtracking retrograde through Gemini, back into square with Neptune. Not sure what’s going on? That’s not new, but it may give us a chance to mix it up and get our plans on the right track. The second time around we’re likely to spot some landmarks! Even so, measure several times so you only have to cut twice. With Mars in Gemini, we may also cut with our words (or be cut).

Tuesday night, the Aquarius Moon picks up a trine to Mars, a trine that perfects Wednesday morning. The mood is robust but airy, quick to move us – up, out, and past. A surprising sweet spot and a superb push off into midweek.

Wednesday afternoon, the Moon shifts to Pisces, watery, muted, and mutable. It trines Mercury and goes on to conjoin Juno overnight. Passionate, swirling with bright-minded, subtly shining lust. The mood fairly undulates with titilating fantasy (or self-pity).

This carries through with Thursday morning’s trines to the Sun and Venus, nighttime flush gives way to daytime afterglow and the sweetness of satisfaction. That swift current of pleasure swells into a transit of opportunity as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Look for a surprise gift, spiritual, soul binding, or tactile.

Friday morning brings the Pisces Moon into conjunction with Pisces ruler Neptune. On the heels of that Moon-Venus trine, this dream is a wish your heart makes. But our mundane plane of reality is not necessarily involved. With Mars in square, think twice before committing yourself in action. That doesn’t mean don’t follow your heart, just to be aware that you may not be able to count on the outcome.

The Moon goes on to sextile Pluto and conjoin Jupiter in the afternoon. It’s entirely possible to find a sleeper-deeper meaning that creates a joy of relating more vital and visceral than you expected, regardless of how things are “going” otherwise. Look for that window and jump through when it opens.

Friday night, the Moon finishes up in Pisces and moves to Aries, emphasizing Mars in Gemini. Take another look! That last bit of Pisces mood is a leg up, and Aries Moon mood is READY. Ready to GO.


Weekly Forecast: October 31 – November 4, 2022 – Happy Halloween! — 5 Comments

    • Because not only do lots of planets move into and through Scorpio, which rules the house of death, debt and ancestors, but we are sandwiched between two eclipses too.

  1. Its fascinating to see how wide the interpretations are between astrologers. Your forecasts seem so upbeat and full of positive potential. I’ve read from others who are warning of unmitigated doom.

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