Weekly Forecast: October 30 – November 3, 2023 – Virgo Venus On Stage

halloween hammerThe week starts out with Venus in Virgo, Mercury-ruled, in active trine to retro Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus (exact Tuesday morning). Monday morning, the Taurus Moon moves through a trine to Pluto before heading into Gemini and a square to a slowly stationing Saturn in Pisces.

The mood is alive with the overtone of electric crackle, but it grounds the nerve and belly with overwhelming stability and intention. When the Moon’s rulership shifts from earth to air, we carry that stability into an abrupt drive shift, a NEED for interpretation. We need to know, but that doesn’t mean we will. But we’re likely to try. The mood suits an open mind best.

The Scorpio Sun spends the majority of the week in opposition to retro Jupiter in Taurus (exact Thursday night). Mercury and Mars speed through the mid-degrees of Scorpio with the Sun in their wake. They make their way into opposition with retro Uranus. The senses and drive are driven and popping. Stand ready to swerve for surprise moves and communications.

In the first half of the week, the Moon-mood highlights and whips up the drama of the unseen as well as the drive to seek and define. The second half of the week delivers. A creative urge merges with the current flow in order to bring forth something greater than the sum of its parts.

Where are you going with that, and what does it mean? That’s the question of the week. We’ve got the motivation and the tools to flip and twist like acrobats in order to be where we need to be in order to make the metaphorical catch.

Tuesday’s Gemini Moon sextiles retro Chiron then moves through a t-square with the Venus-Neptune opposition overnight. We’re learning fast, and it sweeps us through the morass of desire as we hit the dream too soon to make it make sense. It’s a first hit, first impression, first dip… of the giant gift of the question: WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT DO I WANT?

We shout it at each other, but we’re also shouting the hidden meaning (the same question) to ourself.

The Gemini Moon finishes up its square to Neptune Wednesday morning, then slides on into Cancer midday. In Cancer, it trines stationing Saturn and picks up an applying trine to the Sun by nighttime. We’re caught in the fragmented, prophetic dreaming of a chilly, foggy morning till our timing ticks into place with the Moon in its own sign. A stabilizing fin through the keel of our boat connects the heart of the collective both above and below. Powerful, even strokes mark our equilibrium. The contrast shifts our consciousness, but the shock is not jarring.

On Thursday, the Cancer Moon finishes its trine to the Sun then goes on to trine Mars and square retro Chiron by night. That creative urge of flow aids in putting the pieces together. Overnight the Cancer Moon perfects a trine to Mercury. Knowing is doing (and doing is knowing), so this is a hands-on affair. Get in there and muck around till it works.

Friday the Cancer Moon finishes with Mercury and moves through a sextile to retro Uranus. We’re getting hyped… gently and organically, but we still come out with an upbeat feeling of novel enthusiasm. It feels like anything could happen – in a good way. And it’s true.

For the afternoon Cancer Moon lights up the exact Venus-Neptune opposition in impossibly perfect timing. The Moon sextiles Venus one moment and trines Neptune as Venus opposes Neptune in the next. The collective mood exerts its life-giving power on the birth of a divine gift. Give it your very best wish. Shoot for the Moon.

Friday night, the Cancer Moon goes on to oppose Pluto. It’s change, alchemy. Stay strong and supple by moving and flowing with the tempest (rather than trying to exert your will against it).

We are underwater metaphorically, but we have the ability and leverage to slingshot ourselves into an ideal position for success and understanding.


Weekly Forecast: October 30 – November 3, 2023 – Virgo Venus On Stage — 7 Comments

  1. Luverly, darling Satori.

    D’ya think we could also have exact time of event in one time zone — we can then do the math ourselves — for: Say, I want to make a special phone call on Friday and I’m on GMT+1, how to know whether it’ll end in a breakthrough or a breakdown…

    Please note that I acknowledge that your forecast is already amazingly detailed hence, feel free to tell me to get lost 🙂

    Love, always

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