Weekly Forecast: October 25-29, 2021 – Spooky FUN

stage leo nemA watery mood on a watery day, you might expect some emotional undertow. In this case, it’s true – but also a subtle support for Sagittarius Venus’ waxing square to Neptune (exact Tuesday night). Monday helps us get our groove back, aids us in finding the flow.

That Venus-Neptune business sweeps the leg sometimes, creates desire for the unattainable or intangible. Moon trine Mars and Moon trine the Sun, first air, then water, whips us into shape. Then it sweeps us along with the flow.

We may yearn for the ineffable, but satisfaction finds a way around anyhow.

Tuesday’s Cancer Moon mood picks up that same yearning and a Moon square to Chiron. Don’t fool yourself, its that simple. The Moon goes on to sextile Uranus then heads into square with an on the move Mercury. Take control of your mood. Find a new way to get the results you’re looking for. It’s okay to jolt people a bit, particularly if you mind the rules along the edges and stay polite.

By Wednesday, the Venus-Neptune tensions recede, and Venus picks up a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius (exact midday Thursday). There’s plenty of Jupiter air to our Jupiter-ruled Sadge Venus fire. It’s a spend lots of money kind of day. Possibly. It’s also a chattering about what you’re interested in and running after something new kind of day.

There are good prospects for finding something to chase, and who cares if you catch it. The joy is in the chase.

Wednesday’s Cancer Moon trines Neptune and opposes Pluto. The mood is magical with malleable twinkle on tap – it holds up to challenge from power and authority… and helps us remember where WE hold power and authority.

On Thursday, the Moon lands in Leo and a square to the Sun. This is the week of Halloween! Have you got your holiday plans in motion? Do you have candy? Well what are you waiting for?? There’s drama to light and agreements to enact.

The Leo Moon goes on to oppose Saturn and trine Chiron. Even if you don’t dress up, don’t you give a thought to how you might? Is it the same thing you do every year? Or is there something new in you this time that begs to shock or enlighten?

By Thursday night, Mercury heads into trine with Jupiter (exact late Sunday), and the Sun moves into close square with Saturn (exact early Saturday). Taken together, the tension THRILLS. It’s that kind of year. We probably don’t like to be scared so much as we’re looking forward to a predictable kind of “scary” that comes with the season. It’s FUN. Lean in.

Friday morning, the Leo Moon squares Uranus. Did you forget a costume? It then sextiles Mercury as Mercury trines Jupiter. This is perfect for all those end of the school/work week holiday parties! What fun, and Leo Moon loves a great costume. Did you wait too long? Grab something strange from the closet and make a last minute change. The mood is primed to react… in a good way.

The Leo Moon goes on to oppose Jupiter then heads into trine with Venus. Allow yourself to feel young in your enthusiasm. What is it about this time of year that you enjoy? This is not the time to act like a grumpy gus, unless that’s your costume. Lighten up and light your own fuse. OR get into the game when someone wants to light it for you.

What is your costume… do you have one? If you could go as anything, what would you be?

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Weekly Forecast: October 25-29, 2021 – Spooky FUN — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, fun and games. And nicely put, Satori! But then, Pluto in Sagi is quincunx the Moon in Gemini, and for me also my 12th House Mars. And Neptune is transiting square my natal Saturn there. This feels pretty twitchy, and makes me look over my shoulder. Am a wet blanket. Anyway, I am keen to read others’ fun experiences.
    (Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon, Gemini Rising)

  2. Well I have a long black cotton skirt
    Which my grandson attached homemade white ghost made from a sheet into tiers with little safety pins
    So they swing when I swing
    Now I have a white turtleneck
    That I am fashioning black bats that I cut from an old black leather mini
    Skirt ,just one impressive row
    And have a set of antlers voila’
    My friend asked me to come listen
    To him play jazz he is a drummer

  3. Halloween. Hmmph! Guess I am leaning toward grumpy Gus this year. Pluto is near sextile with natal Saturn. Serious work going on here. I feel like no fun at all. Very bare bones. So I guess a skeleton would be an appropriate costume. Skeleton with a tool belt?

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