Weekly Forecast: October 24-28, 2022 – Scorpio New Moon Eclipse

halloweenThe Sun and Venus are in early Scorpio now. It’s officially Spooky Season. Pluto’s what makes it spooky, I suppose; so Mars quincunx Pluto and Mercury square Pluto bring rattling chains, tortured spirit howls, and the telltale bump-bump-bump of the heart under the floorboards.

Mars quincunx Pluto primes the pump. Keep working at reclaiming your power while Mars in Gemini remains direct. Mercury square Pluto throws a wrench in the works via contradictory stories, communications, sensations. Right down to your toes.

Mercury heads into trine with Mars, air to air; so keep working on the knowledge that you’ve got now. When we know more, we’ll do differently. Keep on trucking, and whistle while you work! Breezy does it.

Monday morning, the Libra Moon trines Saturn. It goes on to conjoin Mercury, trine Mars, and square Pluto. The mood reflects Goldilocks, so have fun before the bears come home. Then put a little balance to the story and maybe make the bears some nice tea so they don’t eat you. Stay curious and sure of what you want. Regardless, it looks like an exciting and fun story, even if the porridge is crummy.

Tuesday morning, the Moon hits Scorpio and joins the Sun at 2 degrees for the new moon eclipse. The Moon spends the rest of the day moving into conjunction with the south node (a numerical point and the measure of what makes this an eclipse). We drop into nostalgia and it feels like home, candy, the past, and the flush of pleasure those bring – as the Moon sweeps through Venus.

New moons are new cycles. Scorpio new moons take us beyond what’s dead and buried. With Venus so near, grief is ameliorated by positive rebirth. We can appreciate what’s gone and remain inquisitive and thirsty for what lies ahead. It’s the good kind of spooky, the kind that whistles in a graveyard. It’s permissible to enjoy yourself.

On Wednesday, the Scorpio Moon illuminates the past-exact Saturn-Uranus square, an emotional t-square. Downshift to appreciate the shivers and chills of the season as the mood picks up a trine to Neptune and a sextile to Pluto. What’s old is new again, and the spooky is perennially creative and divine. Dark is something to appreciate when you fill your tummy with the specialties of a Scorpio, Plutonic autumn. It’s warm. It fills a need. Hunger sated is delightful.

There may be stark contrast between seasons of the past and what we’re currently experiencing, but if you want to find compersion or ecstasy, you can.

Thursday, the Moon moves to Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and an immediate trine to retrograde Jupiter in Aries. The trine takes place as Mercury’s aspects to Mars and Pluto peak. Whatever the revelations, the Moon takes us out of mundane, earthly concerns, rocketing the mood into fiery leaps of perspective. In other words: Learn, listen, think, and take in the data, then move on. Joyously! It’s a BOOST.

Jupiter moves back into the last degree of Pisces overnight; the bigger picture slips behind the veil.

Then Friday morning, the Sadge Moon sextiles Saturn, and reality serves as rocket fuel. Something goes right as we contemplate things as they are. Reality is the lever for the mood to climb higher. Look for your window of opportunity and launch.

By afternoon, the Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune and opposes Mars. It goes on to square Jupiter overnight. The mood brings us around to feel something else. We knew ourselves through all this revelation ONE WAY. Now, as in a dream, we come at it from another direction, or it comes at US. How does this one hit? I guess we’ll find out.

The new moon takes place at 2 degrees Scorpio with Venus at 2 as well. Where is it hitting YOUR chart? How is Spooky Season sitting with you?


Weekly Forecast: October 24-28, 2022 – Scorpio New Moon Eclipse — 10 Comments

  1. Hello Satori and thank you. It is hitting my 2nd House, and the change from the Libra vibe was abrupt, from divine dream to creeping angst. I truly hope the eclipse will set things straight..

  2. the New Moon / Venus / Eclipse in my 10th will make a Grand Trine with my Sun / Atlantis / Formalhaut in my 2nd and my Cancer Moon in the 7th

  3. Hello Satori! It is so nice to Always read you. This eclipse is exact to my north node in my 5th house in semi sextil with my sun in Sagittarius and in trine with my MC in piscis … I guess I am heading for a very new and most aligned phase with my real purpose in life during the next months. I checked back the last similar eclipses in my 45 years and this is the first I have on this exact position ..

  4. Well, let’s see . . . we have the Sun, Moon, and Venus during an Eclipse all at 02 Scorpio. Imagine that! And all directly opposite to my natal Sun at 01 Taurus! Here I thought I had a good relationship going with a woman I’ve known for the last 4 months, but since the Sun-Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, it feels like it has disappeared -almost overnight. Makes me feel sad, but free.

  5. It squares natal Jupiter in Leo. But otherwise the eclipse is on my 10th house and Venus rules my 10th. Meanwhile with all this Scorpio energy is more emotional than the recent Libra stellium.

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