Weekly Forecast: October 21-25, 2019 – Venus Embellishes Scorpio Season

on a logMonday morning, Scorpio Mercury conjoins Pallas Athena. These two signal a time of mental clarity regardless, but in Scorpio this conjunction is crafty. It confers the ability to sniff out hidden facts and turn them into gold.

The two continue on together into next week when Venus overtakes them in the run-up to Halloween. As they say, keep you eyes and ears open. Keep all your senses open and make sense of what you receive. In Scorpio we receive; we take in and transmute. For further use of this energy, click here: Mars Square Pluto In November: Plan Now With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio.

Also Monday, Scorpio Venus trines Neptune. This is a lovely aesthetic, perfect for digging up the ideal components of a divinely delicious dream plan. Though it’s not the best for being realistic about your Mercury-Pallas plans. It casts a glamor on the seedier or questionable bits of info we glean. The risks are twofold: prettying up something sketchy or ignoring something important. However, the pros are formidable too. There’s no better influence to improve and pack in value to your Scorpio visions.

When Venus overtakes Mercury next week, it moves ahead free of the Neptune fog. It’s part of the process. If we didn’t overshoot what’s possible, we’d never light on the best plan we could manage.

Scorpio Venus spends the rest of this week moving into sextile to Pluto. Manipulation gets a bad reputation for good reasons. However, we all manipulate to some extent. This week we’ve got the good kind, provided it’s not wielded by someone with bad intentions. This kind of manipulation is pleasurable. With Mars in Libra heading into square to Saturn, our actions might suffer from a budget issue, but Venus-Pluto has a lot to give without ever spending a dime. Take advantage of your ability to give and receive pleasure. The opportunities are subtle but delectable,

Monday’s Cancer Moon squares the Sun then heads into Leo. Once in Leo, the Moon trines Chiron and squares Uranus. Rise and shine. The mood may be clumsy, but the Venus-Neptune signature promises pleasure as Mercury-Pallas brings food for thought.

Tuesday, the Leo Moon sextiles Mars in Libra. It’s a mood to stretch and GO. Creativity is featured, so is self love and appreciation. Taking care of yourself and your own people is the first step for a good experience. Further into the day, the Moon squares Venus and trines Jupiter, going on to square Mercury overnight. The mood provides pomp and bluster while the senses require more subtlety. Meter yourself to get the results you’re after. Pay attention to the feedback you get, and meter your expressions.

Wednesday, the Leo Moon sextiles the last degree Libra Sun. The Moon approaches exact sextile as the Sun moves to Scorpio. Then the Moon moves to Virgo and through exact sextile to the Scorpio Sun. The Moon trines Uranus as the Sun picks up an applying opposition to Uranus. Change is afoot and we FEEL it. Frankly, it feels good. It’s enlivening. It alleviates boredom with the status quo. We LIKE the status quo, but it can feel stagnant.

Thursday, the Virgo Moon trines Saturn and opposes Neptune. It goes on to sextile Venus and trine Pluto. Let’s get back into reality, into the power of things that make sense to us… feeling grounded in tradition. It feels good now to be of service. If we’ve properly Leo-ed our Leo Moon bit, we’re ready to shine a light on helping others and getting satisfaction from practical magic.

Friday early, the Moon squares Jupiter. There’s a lot. A lot of what? To do, to think, to feel. Just start and it will even out. The Moon goes on to sextile Virgo ruler Mercury. Whistle while you work and you’ll work smarter. Later, the Moon moves to Libra and an opposition to Chiron as Venus moves toward its exact sextile with Pluto. An airy, social mood is poised to receive something real and vulnerable from others and create harmony. It’s a scary position to inhabit; but we can do it with a smile when we believe in our power to transmute what we encounter. And we do have that power. Use it.

Is that power manipulation? Yes, it is, the good kind. Healers use this kind of energy.



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  1. Juicy!

    I drank 1 liter smoothie yesterday. There was too much sugar in it though – seems a bit like this is the same psycopoomp’ed energy from all the Pluto-Scorpio stuff.

    I like it!! Rawwr…

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