Weekly Forecast: October 2-6, 2023 – Mercury Changes Sign

booksWith August and September’s Mercury retrograde, Mercury has spent AGES in Virgo. That’s been a good thing, a stabilizing influence alongside so many other simultaneous retrogrades (Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto). Even Venus shared some retro time with Virgo Mercury.

That was a good thing because Mercury minds the senses and communications and it’s at home in Virgo, the sign of earthy service, data management, and healthy choices. Recently, Mercury has had its finger in every pie (what’s in this?), its ear to every door (what are they doing in there?), its mind in every conversation (and sometimes its mouth). Information gathering, consolidation, and amalgamation has been taking place in relation to all areas of our lives, both internally, in relationship, and as a greater social web. And we’ve been keeping track: document, document, document!

This week, we’re wrapping it up. Through Tuesday, Mercury opposes retro Neptune and trines retro Pluto. The invisible hand of… the universe? Well, it makes itself known, both theoretically and in concrete, tangible fashion. As Mercury spent time at the crossroads of Venus desire and Mars action, by now we’ve had a chance to flesh out for ourselves what makes sense for us as individuals. From there, we were also privy to what this told us about our place in the world.

At the beginning of the week, Mars forms the point of a yod with Neptune and Uranus. Venus crafts the point of a yod with Neptune and Pluto into Friday. On Wednesday night, Mercury moves from its own rulership to that of Venus as it heads into Libra to join Mars and the Sun.

Virgo thoughts are comprehensive but practical. We know we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. A Libra mindset is more social and fully political (in the way of diplomacy rather than politics particularly). Virgo is about how things work. Libra shows up to meter them in motion, to take control. Relationships are Libra Mercury’s milieu, and now we’re set to get all this understanding into play, into movement to balance. We will balance theory with practicality and see what it has to offer. We will figure out our fair share. That’s not selfish, that’s equitable. It’s the next step in moving life along, as it should be.

It’s important to understand what our role is in all this. It’s also important the grasp the position of others. We don’t live in a vacuum! We need to get all that figured out and reach a way to make it all work together. Mars is moving closer into square with retro Pluto, and powerful action will be initiated whether we’re ready or not. Libra Mercury has the chops to get us there. The words are frilly, but the acumen is meticulous.

Is it always comfy to have these conversations? Of course not. Libra Mercury is controlling and crisp. Nice is not always kind. Still, advancing the narrative fairly is often more important than feelings. With Mars-Pluto approaching, we’ve got to be ready to do the thing whether we’re prepared or not. Strong action is what’s next, and we’d sure like it to be fair and equitable.

As far as the Moon goes this week, we move through Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer – Venus, Mercury, and Moon ruled moods. All those yods/quincunxes are set off by the Moon. What this means is that we’ve got to use our emotional power to overcome inertia to make sense of our own place in all this. That means it won’t get done on its own. Sometimes problems just work themselves out. Maybe they would, but you’ll spare yourself a lot of trouble if you plan to fall in line and get started now. This week, we need to pay attention and take charge of what’s right in front of us.

Monday’s Taurus Moon conjoins retro Chiron, squares Venus, and sextiles retro Neptune. It forms a grand trine in earth with Virgo Mercury and retro Pluto, then moves to Gemini where it squares retro Saturn overnight. Enjoy your surroundings, appreciate what you’ve already gained and the power it gives you. Remember your own competence and you’ll feel the stretch of growth (even if that means your world now seems a bit too small).

Tuesday, the Gemini Moon trines the Libra Sun. Wake up ready to stretch yourself wide open, sunny and part of all the life around you. Pay attention; volcanic understanding is on the menu. Look around and see what’s what.

Wednesday’s Gemini Moon sextiles retro Chiron, trines Mars, squares retro Neptune, and sextiles Venus. The Moon-Venus sextile points a yod at retro Pluto. Mercury moves to Libra. A nimble mood breaks down the learning curve for new action into a breeze. You couldn’t do it before? Maybe you should give it another thought, another try. Don’t psych yourself out, LAUNCH.

On Thursday, the Moon moves to its own rule in Cancer. It squares Libra Mercury and trines retro Saturn. Mercury quincunxes Saturn. There are things we think we know. Sometimes those facts evolve or are replaced with other facts without our knowledge. A gut feeling is a thought we trust in our GUT. Sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re wrong. Sometimes we need to rejudge the basis for our certainty. We’re only as successful as we are correct in our facts.

Friday morning the Cancer Moon squares the Libra Sun then sextiles retro Jupiter. Venus perfects a quincunx to retro Pluto in the morning as well. The Moon goes on to square retro Chiron (a wide t-square with the Sun) then sextile retro Uranus in the night. If you can get up and launch yourself into the day, momentum takes us from there. You know the whole carrot/stick thing – chasing a reward, running from a beating? The carrot is ours to pull up on our own. We may need to wipe off the dirt, but it’s a sweet, sweet transformation from having our desire shaped by fear.

It’s a whirlwind week if you’re doing your part and priming the pump for knowledge, desire, and action. I know it’s hard. Inertia is a bitch. It’s totally worth the effort to overcome and push. You won’t have to push too hard, just enough to get the ball rolling. And when you do, you’ll have the support to go further!


Weekly Forecast: October 2-6, 2023 – Mercury Changes Sign — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks, Satori! My husband came home today from going to a concert with our son. He has Covid for the first time! I tested negative and set him up upstairs. I’ll be sleeping in our zero Gravity chair downstairs. I tested negative.
    Have been cleaning and sorting the junk room and should finish on Monday. I was wondering how my Virgo Venus conjunct Mars and South Node in the 3H opposing my North Node in Pisces was going to blend with my Aries (Jupiter) (10 H cusp) and Libra Saturn widely conjunct Sun (4H cusp) opposition might throw me so I got busy. So now I’m Nancy Nurse and free to finish the job with nobody looking over my shoulders! I’m feeling good about this week with an eye on cable TV for fireworks!

  2. Made it to October, time moves so fast
    Went swimming finally, Late Sunday
    And found a picture of 16’ shark
    At my swimming spot ,taken sane afternoon close by, probably done swimming till Spring, ready to attack weeds that have morphed my house and yard:(, have a plan a mission and packing
    Summer stuff away still quite warm
    Just time for new plan.

  3. The ball has rolled …just a little bit. Trusted the ‘gut’. Conversations were had. Just the facts…yes,a bit of fluff too (in one case)…but her father is dying, even if he wasnt a nice man. Complex. So many things like the Gordian knot.(?)

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