Weekly Forecast: October 18-22, 2021 – Aries Full Moon

sun mountain roadThis week plays host to a particularly powerful full moon in Aries, cardinal with a past-exact cardinal t-square in play. Mercury puts paid to its retrograde mischief (Monday), and Libra Mars gets its groove on with Jupiter and Pluto.

In addition, the Sun tours the final degrees of Libra with a move to Scorpio late Friday night, merry a day after Mars completes its square to Scorpio-ruler Pluto.

That’s a lot of movement, a ton of dynamic and powerful potential.

On Monday with a stationing Mercury, Libra Mars perfects an afternoon trine to Jupiter: heightened and increased action, intellectual exploration and expansion, aha moments that are ultimately actionable.

The Mars-ruled Aries Moon sextiles Saturn then heads into conjunction with Chiron and opposition to Mercury as Mercury moves direct. Authentic, honest action can be planned now – or an earlier plan implemented or re-imagined for implementation.

There’s likely to be invigorating news and welcome ideas. One such idea would likely pertain to how you may put your own healing to use in helping others or healing relationships.

In all negotiations, take the high road and speak with kindness and a polite attitude. This is particularly purposeful (cardinal) as rage and accidental or intentional violence are just below the surface.

Purging is also another possibility with this energy. Remember that it feels good once you’ve purged, even if it doesn’t as it happens.

Don’t stand in the way of something big or heavy. If it doesn’t go, don’t force it… unless not doing so is dangerous.

Road rage has been building all the last week. Can you feel it?

Tuesday the Aries Moon trines Venus in Sagittarius and sextiles Sadge-ruler Jupiter in future-oriented Aquarius. The mood is HYPED, hopeful but also banging. We want, we need, and it feels GOOD. Perhaps we acquire.

The Moon bounces on through the day and into the night where it heads into opposition with Mars and square to Pluto – with Mars’ applying square to Pluto, this brings rough t-square energy. While the vomitous violence is not at its peak yet, the mood to move exacerbates it to the point of shaking something loose. Be mindful of your own and others’ safety. Know your own strength and don’t underestimate risk. Otherwise, this can be very freeing or empowering once engaged or implemented.

Wednesday morning, the Aries Moon moves into full moon opposition to the Libra Sun, still holding that t-square energy with a past-exact square to Pluto. That sounds scary after all I’ve just said, but I’m reading it differently here: Something’s gotta give. And it does. NEED, it needs to give and it’s been a long time coming.

We’ve been too “nice” or tried too many things that just didn’t work – likely due to timing. BAM. Now we get that movement and do we ever. Something we need to move past will end. Good riddance. Not to bad rubbish; some of this we LOVE. But it’s time. And there’s going to be a lot of relief associated.

We get some tingly Aries Moon time with no aspects till the Moon heads to Taurus in the afternoon. It then heads into square with Saturn (exact overnight), not a particular mood builder, but definitely a bit of stability.

Early Thursday, the Moon moves through and past the square to Saturn and into conjunction with Uranus by afternoon. Any heaviness gives way to a charge, one which emanates from what is possible now as Mars completes its square to Pluto.

Friday’s Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and squares Jupiter before going on to trine Pluto. The Taurus-Venusy mood enjoys a bit of welcome and sweet anesthetic or mood altering tipple even as Jupiter pours on the juice. That trine to Pluto feels mighty sexy on the heels of a release of responsibility and that only increases as the Sun hits Scorpio for a deepening of our autumnal, leaf-strewn path.

The Aries full moon takes place at 27 degrees. Where does this hit you chart? Are you feeling any of that Marsy intensity building around you?



Weekly Forecast: October 18-22, 2021 – Aries Full Moon — 8 Comments

  1. It’s just past the end of my 7th house, so it’s in the 8th house, making the full moon t square between the 2/4/8 houses. I have been mad lately, okay really mad, but I’ve kept it mostly in check. I look forward to a purge. I love decluttering and tidying.

    Thank you, Satori for writing these weekly forecasts. They’ve really been helpful to not just me but many others. Thank you. 😊

  2. Have a 4th house mars so the crunch is on for outside repairs while the cooling warmth holds out. And I just finished checking retailers for needed supplies. Need this. Need that. The local hardware store is still my best go to. In that I am fortunate.

    It falls in the 6th and I am at a point now where I have accepted and. can get the dental replacement work I need. Letting go of teeth is hard for me, even though it is in my best interest.

    Full Sun will be conj Neptune (my senses are wide open now and feeling the glory of creation) and sextiling Pluto and full moon will be trining pluto.

    I only get a sense of rage around me when I am online or tv watching news. I have less and less time for that.

  3. My moon is 29 degrees Aries, pretty close! I’ve been told that although it is in the 29th degree of the 12th house it is considered or “read” to be in the first house since it is 1 degree away from my ascendant. Do you agree, Satori and Elsa?

  4. You bet your ass I can feel Mars-y energy around me right now. My housemate has been restless and argumentative. She’s drinking regular coffee like there’s no tomorrow. I am feeling trigger-happy myself, and trying to give her space. Thanks to her dementia, she’s sugar-sappy-sweet one minute, all LOVEY DOVEY. The next minute she’s talking a bunch of nonsense and gets twitchy if you get in her way.


  5. Its conjunct my north node opposite venus/south node/juno..I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst..2nd/8th house axis

  6. The Full Moon, and it is looking pretty full, is only at 17.17 degrees in the UK, but bang on my Part of Fortune. It’s just gone 8.00 pm, and I’m thinking of your ‘While the vomitous violence is not at its peak yet …’, Sartori. I don’t want to go to bed, probably at all, tonight. Does anyone have an idea about what this suapicious Moon conjunct one’s P of F might mean? Give it to me on the chin, please … errr … gently.

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