Weekly Forecast: October 15-19, 2018 – Honing The Senses And Choices With Mars-Mercury

rookedMars is moving forward while Venus is moving back. Mercury in Scorpio is moving into conjunction with retrograde Venus, exact Monday, as it moves into square with Aquarius Mars. With all three in fixed signs, we’re looking at emerging frustrations that reignite on a subject from the past. The subject may be petty, but it’s not the real catalyst. It’s a deeper matter that pokes through.

There’s often a deep-seated question around one’s own value.

Mercury’s square to Mars is applying all week, exact on Friday. So in the context of the week, Mercury and Venus meet and Mercury chews the bone till it cracks open with Mars (ending Friday). Due to their signs, it’s reasonable to consider that increased anxiety goes along with this. It’s physical and mental. SO, the thing to do is to get this energy out in healthy pursuits.

Get out and chop that wood, carry that water. If that doesn’t do it, find a book on the subject that flags you. Read it. Exercise your mind and your body. Give that electricity somewhere else to surge besides your mouth and your fingers (fists). Run out the clock and it will pass.

Also applying through Friday, Mercury closes a trine to Pisces Neptune, water and water. Scorpio is fixed, but Pisces is mutable. Find a musical, spiritual, connected way to flow that sensual mind energy and that’s another way to dissipate the frustration.

Change the flavor, change its reception. Manipulate yourself into a better feeling story, a more digestible definition that soothes the senses.

Take a cue from Monday’s meeting of Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. What do you really want to see, to have, to understand, to express so that you’re understood? What is that? Now, spend the rest of the week finding a way to embody that.

Consider that you can’t make anyone see. You can’t make anyone hear. You can’t make anyone understand. All you can do is BE it to the best of your ability.

You and what you want are an iceberg. What people can see is so limited. What they will see, even more so. But it IS an expression of the whole that is visible. Work on embodying your own essence. That’s your bait to attract what you desire.

If you want to shine out an accurate lure, be true to yourself inside where no one ever sees. Do you want to attract what you SHOULD want? Or do you want to draw what will suit who you truly are?

On Friday, retrograde Venus moves back into sextile with direct Saturn in Capricorn. When Venus comes back through again in sextile and direct, Jupiter will be on their midpoint. There’s no need to obsess, but take a good look now at what you’re willing to work for. What is it that you’ve been willing to work for over time? What still matters? In the future, Jupiter will help broadcast your iceberg in totality. Refine your own understanding now.

Lingering in the background over time, we have Scorpio Jupiter moving into trine with retrograde Chiron in Pisces. Whether we’re conscious or ready, we’re broadcasting all the time, even if it’s underwater, silent. We’re pinging ahead, finding our flow. We stretch till it hurts and we pull back. Keep expanding; it heals. In moments it can feel like we’re falling victim to our own worst impulses; but it’s two steps forward, one step back. We’re still getting there.

Monday and Tuesday, the Capricorn Moon mood illuminates the Venus-Mercury conjunction, sextiling Neptune. It conjoins Pluto and sextiles Jupiter and Chiron. It squares the Libra Sun. Be patient with yourself. Use the emotional clarity to absorb the best of what you see, feel, and hear. Dream it up.

Wednesday, the Moon moves to Aquarius and into Mars’ territory. As it moves into conjunction with Mars, it squares Uranus, passes over the south node, and squares the Venus-Mercury conjunction. Let the mood be bigger than you. Don’t take anything personally; that’s old news. Take it like a scientist – observe, notate, experiment. What feels better or worse? Now bring it back to the personal. Use your observations to create a satisfying experience.

Overnight into Thursday, the Moon moves over Mars and out on its own. Float on that impersonal line of extension. Tune in to what’s working.

Friday morning, the Aquarius Moon trines the Sun, both in air. Soon afterward, it squares Jupiter with the Sun semi-sextile Jupiter. Something deep is screaming to be felt, a source of connection to the bigger story of a rougher reality. The mood is cleaner. It could feel like you need to suppress what wants to come up, like it could dirty a sleek day. But let it come. Repression only perverts such things. Let it surface and be part of the day’s narrative. There’s something more you can make of it. It passes quickly enough and has plenty of substance to add to the mix. Consider the Jupiter-Chiron trine. Let it out so it can heal and grow into something beautiful and rich.

Are you finding issues of partnership arising, issues of communication? It doesn’t have to be romantic partnership. Are they issues you’re revisiting from some earlier time? How are you handling it?



Weekly Forecast: October 15-19, 2018 – Honing The Senses And Choices With Mars-Mercury — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks Satori, this gives me courage. You describe the atmosphere right now so well – challenging times, but it does feel like something is working up for release. Jupiter and Chiron trining, huh. I’ll be rereading this one all week.

  2. This smells like something from work (Scorpio in 10th house).

    Had an opportunity for a job interview Friday last week.
    Told them no today. It felt wrong going.
    On work, I am paid very well. I have a nice boss, a nice place to sit with a view and good colleagues. It felt wrong ditching this, I have just started in my current position. My company deals with oil extraction from the underground. Typical Scorpio energy this one – underground resources. Somehow fitting for this sign.
    The other job is probably more of what I want to do in the future – but this job could grow into this if I am patient.

    My Libra Moon is in a jitter about my nay though LOL. Second-guessing and all that stuff. *sigh* But sometimes you got to take choice. Sometimes you want that rough diamond (there was the underground reference again) and you want a chance to shape it into your own image, by using your wits and working on things to come to fruition, even if you are right now dealing with something so basic that you are ready to cut your eyeballs out (not me, but from other people).

    But sometimes you need to be given a choice to know where you are going. So I chose to stay, because this energy feels right for my Sun/Venus/Mercury in Scorpio 10th house. And now my 9th house moon is in a jitter, because it wants to go, be on its way, and the job interview was in a travel company…. *sigh*

  3. Another great weekly forecast post! Thanks, Satori!

    Yesterday, I distinctly felt the effect of the Scorpio Venus/Mercury conjunction in my 9H squaring Tr Mars in my Aquarius 1H. I was attending a discussion (Mercury) group (Aquarius) on male (Mars) and female (Venus) relationship roles (Venus Rx) at my church (9H). The discussion became quite heated regarding antiquated roles of women in the church and intimate relationships. At the time of the discussion group, the Moon was conjunct Tr Saturn in Capricorn – restrictive roles of women (Moon) within the religious patriarchal system of the church (Saturn).

  4. I’m not that conversant in astrology but I read and absorb to ready myself for the celestial pulls and pushes…your article is very helpful – knew today was going to be a bugger and tried to be upbeat the best I could but by 4pm it got to me. Love your advice about using up the energy and keeping the mouth/fists closed. Well, okay I screwed that up once in a team meeting – will be better at it tomorrow for reading this! Oh, and went to pay my bills on line only to be 10 minutes late so they won’t get paid till Wed – and electric bill due tomorrow! Venus Retrograde eh? I need to go find my onyx and rose quartz, they are my mindful triggers to remember these influences and your sage guidance…let’s hope next week will be more serene!

  5. Give that electricity somewhere else to surge besides your mouth and your fingers (fists). Run out the clock and it will pass.

    I didn’t listen to you and last night I blew a really good friend out of the water and may have lost her forever… bla… I was so mad and my fingers were just going and going on the text messages and so much emotion was coming out and I refused to stop myself.

    Eventually I forced her to choose me or someone else and she chose the other person.

    • Eeeek, I just realized the Moon conjuncted Mars last night! No wonder I was so emotional and aggressive.
      Dangit! I wish I would have known this so I could have put my phone down…
      Oh well, I’m apologizing today and we’ll see if it’s accepted.

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