Weekly Forecast: October 12-16, 2020 – Mercury Retro, New Moon In Libra

moon-sunEarly Monday, Jupiter perfects its last sextile to retrograde Neptune with the Moon in Leo at the point of a yod. The Moon quincunxes each, nearly simultaneously. It goes on to sextile the Sun.

Through the collective mood we stand to benefit from paying close attention to how the currently wobbly reality feels. We have a chance to attune and attach to a fated timeline that shines through – both the heart and the social self.

Venus sextiles Mercury, Virgo to Scorpio – earth to water. Normally I’d say Mercury sextiles Venus, but Mercury is stationing and it’s Venus on the move. There’s a deep pivot in the collective mind, a turn to evaluate what is real – where our genuine values lie.

To the extent that you’re somewhat in tune with accepted mores and morality: What feels good is right; what feels bad is wrong. Tune in.

The Moon trines retrograde Mars. If you need help processing all that, move your body while you let it sink in. It feels good.

One Tuesday, the Libra Sun opposes retro Mars. The focus of the day is on action and our relationship to past action. Redo, re-balance. The early Virgo Moon keeps the Venus-Mercury sextile analysis in play. Why did we do what we did? What did it mean? What does it say about us and how we partner.

The Virgo Moon trines Uranus while moving into sextile with Virgo ruler Mercury (and conjunction to Venus). Feel your feelings. Take a chance to be vulnerable in the moment and you may win the AHA! lottery.

Late Tuesday/early Wednesday, Mercury turning retrograde heads back into opposition with Uranus. We will have plenty of time to rework the details, so take in what you can when you see/feel/hear/sense it. Experiment.

Wednesday’s Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and trines Jupiter. Synchronicities abound and hope springs eternal to the steadfast heart. If that’s what you need. Sometimes losing hope feels more freeing. You do you.

With the Sun past exact opposition to Mars but headed into exact square to Pluto (exact Thursday), the tension of the Sun-Mars-Pluto t-square peaks Wednesday. However, it is in effect all week long. The collective energy inhabits societies values, desperately but graciously attempting to force order. As we approach the new moon, it’s clear we need balance in our connected heart.

Humanity needs its mom. But we also all ARE its mom. Together.

Thursday, the Moon moves to Libra and an opposition to Chiron. For weeks, Chiron has been at the heart of every action. Our damage and our collective damage have risen to the surface, levered up by our own actions and the exposition of others. Emotionally embrace who you really are and you have nothing to feel in the vulnerability that becomes necessary for modern existence.

Friday brings the Moon into the post-exact but very potent Sun-Mars-Pluto t-square. There’s fear over what has happened and what will happen. Violence is at issue, violence between individuals and the violence of institutions. Power and control are deeply entrenched elements of motivation.

With the Moon’s new moon conjunction to the Libra Sun, we unite the totality of human power to counter raw power and physical demands. Everyone wants to win but at what cost? It’s that old question of who wins when things get ugly. We’ve got to find a way to win pretty, and we can – when all the ugly is forced into the light. The dawning light of a new moon intention.

If this all sounds dire, don’t fret. That’s just how things go. It’s a necessary part of the drama of life. You know that. Things come together, things fall apart. This is the cycle that repeats and repeats. We also have some amaaaazing transits brewing as this all goes down.

Venus is heading into opposition to Neptune and trine to Jupiter. Those are tangible goodies from the divine AND from concrete justice. We get more love and more money. It’s sweet and it’s real. That’s coming up. Always something good is coming up after something crummy. The lesson to take (and it’s oh so timely to take a lesson like this right now) is to live in the longer story, not the moment of up or down.

The new moon takes place at 23 (nearly 24) Libra. Where does this hit your chart? How are you feeling under this t-square with an empty leg in Cancer? Call your mother, she worries. Or better yet, mow her lawn. It’s the right thing, but it will also feel good.



Weekly Forecast: October 12-16, 2020 – Mercury Retro, New Moon In Libra — 4 Comments

  1. Opposite my Aries North Node @24 degrees…. at this point, and most of this year for that matter, I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine what’s in store. Thanks for the ray of hope coming up – looking forward to that!

  2. I have found ugly before it’s anger
    I remember my son one asks with fear, mom what did you do to your face?don’t do that … he looked afraid
    I was angry but all he saw was ugly
    So from a child came mamma’s
    Beauty, smile and wave boys,
    Be who you are!Beautiful with no fear
    No anger, smile and wave ,hell
    Put a chuckle in there, blink Twice
    And bake a pie!or split a cupcake

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