Weekly Forecast: November 7-11, 2022 – Taurus Full Moon Eclipse

Lara Harris for elsaelsa.comOn Monday, the Taurus spends the day heading onto and through the north node as Mercury closely conjoins the Sun in Scorpio. By nighttime, the Moon heads into opposition with Mercury and the Sun (the full moon).

Overnight into Tuesday, the full moon eclipse takes place. The Moon is in active conjunction to Uranus, and Mercury actively conjoins the Sun. All four square Saturn as Mars in Gemini (involved via Gemini ruler Mercury) heads back into square with Neptune, both retrograde.

The full moon eclipse on the north node brings a well-fated conclusion. Uranus makes that culmination a wild card. Saturn in challenge carries the weight of judgement… FOR those who toed the line of what’s “right”. Mercury in tight conjunction to the Sun AND in Scorpio adds eagle-eyed insight, senses far beyond the natural, AND confers the ability to make use of that perception in communication AND action. Though action is still soupy, swampy, unclear. Perhaps it’s not the action that’s unclear, but the result: kicking at and shouting into the void. I know someone who literally broke their toe mysteriously. Perhaps it all clears in time.

As the full moon peaks and wanes, Mercury enters the heart of the Sun, Cazimi. In Scorpio, this is special insight, dig deep. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all head into trine with Neptune, assistance of the divine. It can also bring a special talent for manipulation, for good or ill. With Mercury in Scorpio and trining Neptune, and when we dig into our minds’ inner sight, revelation is connection with knowledge beyond the conscious mind.

Does it matter where this comes from? It can come from the breakdown of barriers between parts within ourselves. Or perhaps it’s more than that. Or is there really anything that’s truly outside ourselves when we dig down deep and reach out wide. Jupiter at the end of Pisces certainly supercharges such occurrences. In any case, avail yourself of the magic moment Tuesday morning’s post-full moon revelations zap you with.

There’s something of the other in every opposition, so relationships are on tap. But there’s also the self-other within the self that responds to large shifts in the collective energy AND to the very personal moment of Mercury within the Sun. We burn with self and rise to the challenge to stop and rearrange ourselves for the better.

Our personal values are very much at issue here, and so are our boundaries and how we defend them.

The past-full Taurus Moon goes on to sextile Neptune, trine Pluto, and sextile Jupiter (overnight). Whatever you get, whatever you DISCOVER, pick it up and infuse it with your own momentum, your own cascading and accelerating insights. The mood is ripe to make something real.

Wednesday the Moon moves to Gemini and a rush of air. The mood lightens a bit, but it’s an anxious sort of light, so keep the mood breezy for best effect. The Moon squares Juno, juicing up a bit of envy.

Mercury’s exact t-square with the Saturn-Uranus square stretches till Thursday, the Sun – till Friday. Tension persists through the week, but it eases under the rising anesthetic of trines to Neptune. Venus perfects a trine to Neptune early Thursday. Desire is sweet, and so much is possible now. We build it in to life going forward.

On Thursday, the Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron, trines Saturn, and squares Neptune overnight. The mood supports further following your senses. What can you learn about what’s happened and what’s transpiring in the moment? Lay it down into solid tracks to examine.

Overnight into Friday, the Moon illuminates the Mars-Neptune square as it passes over Mars. Flashes of insight on what’s happening. Don’t let this unsettle you as it’s only part of the emerging picture. If you’re moved to act, be aware that it’s a gamble. Don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose. But yes, you also could win.

As the Moon touches and passes Mars, they hit the midpoint of Venus’ freshly emerging sextile to Pluto. Passion is volatile. But remember it’s just a flash, not necessarily a living option. If you want to be sure of its value, give it more time.

Friday afternoon, the Moon squares Jupiter in Pisces then heads into its own rulership in Cancer. There’s a blast of meaning to the mood, then time to slip to the side for some juicy contemplation and communion with those within your heart.

The full moon takes place at 16 degrees Taurus early Tuesday. Mercury conjoins the Sun at 16 degrees Scorpio. Where do these points hit your chart? Are you seeking information in these areas? Making decisions or decrees? Saturn is involved: How are you upholding and supporting your own boundaries and honoring those of others?


Weekly Forecast: November 7-11, 2022 – Taurus Full Moon Eclipse — 8 Comments

  1. What a wonderful interpretation of the current sky! Thank you. Today November 7 is my 66th birthday. I have sun and mercury conjunct in Scorpio in the 8 th house exactly opposite today’s full moon as well as Neptune and my north node in Scorpio in the 8 th house. So is my Saturn in Sagittarius at the end of the 8 th house. I’m going to go for a silent hike with my husband on the grounds of the Benedictine Monastery in Pecos, NM, a half hour away, for my birthday. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Cazimi, Not sure if this is relevant but I went to my little town dump this weekend
    It was quiet I saw two little trucks one at the cardboard box one at the glass recycle box pretty spread out and me I backed right up to the big green box ,I stand on the back of my truck and empty down it’s easier than trying to throw trash up . The woman at the cardboard box sped tight close to my truck nose first to the garbage box grabs her garbage can squeezing it tight to her body , making noise “ too heavy”and squeezes in between my truck and hers and says“ pretty selfish and inconsiderate of you not to make space for someone else“
    I should have let out a chuckle for her🤣
    But I emptied my two buckets turned and said 30 seconds , try patience?and left.
    I can’t figure her out she was trying to guilt me shame me and pull the pity card out ???because she was too stupid to wait a minute ,take her turn ,back her truck up ??I just can’t figure it out ?the sad thing is she’s like the second in command at our high school and I wonder ?still wondering a day later ?is this what she does on a professional level ?shame ?guilt ?pity ?I’ll give her the pity card ,she was pitiful I refused to feel shame or guilt because I knew how to back up my truck ?so puzzling that a woman like that ,at the dump early in the morning having a pity party ?and hugging her garbage tight to my truck I just still can’t figure it out ??Who would hire somebody like that ?what’s their purpose.
    I told my son ,he said “mom you don’t know what was her morning like ?something else happened “( he is Aquarius)it’s a better way to think about it ,my sons are so generous with excusing the idiots.
    If I asked for pity would someone push me down a flight of stairs and put me out of my misery.

    • You son may be right, but she could also be one of those miserable people who feels entitled to be everybody’s disciplinarian. She forgot that you’re not a student at school who she can teach a lesson (boss around). She was out of her domain. I think your comment was well-placed, in this particular situation.

  3. My natal Saturn is 16 deg in Scorpio, conjunct natal Mars, squaring my Sun in Aquarius, and opposing my Moon in Taurus.

    Lots happening.

    I have been honest about my attitude, projections, and realize I have some past pains needing to be approached and allayed.

    Thank you Satori.

  4. Thank you Satori🙏 eclipse happening in my 8th house. My natal Mercury in Scorpio is at 17 degrees. It truly feels as hightened awareness and super high vigilance.. but more like an instinct of survival mode than feeling super intelligent.. The eclipse in the Middle East hasn’t happened yet (it will at 12:59 PM) and I feel paranoid, really..

  5. Thank you Satori. Eeclipse happened in my 5th house but still.conjunct the 4th house. I felt wired with all that Urania energy for the past few days…trying to ground myself. Mercury conjunct Sun aspect hit my 11th house. Goals, groups l, friends are all up for a reassessment and possible modifications (lol)

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