Weekly Forecast: November 4-8, 2019 – The Last Saturn Neptune Sextile Solidifies A Dream

nightOn Friday, Saturn in Capricorn closes its last pass at a sextile to Neptune in Scorpio. It’s been a long, artful dance, each in the sign it rules. It’s the end of an illusion that seemed solid off and on, and to some extent it was.

It allowed us to shape reality in concert with belief. If done in good faith, many of these gains will be lasting. Cons will slowly lose their shine as the lights come back on over time. Some of these glamors were only necessary to move us on to another stage of development, so the stepping stones fade away, never missed. But as always, if you set up camp on an illusion, it will be time to move on. Saturn is direct and moving, so there’s no need to look back. There’s plenty of action ahead.

Action marker Mars is in Libra. Monday the Aquarius Moon trines Mars and goes on to sextile Jupiter overnight. Mars finishes up overnight with an exact square to Pluto. The mood is breezy and a great help in getting up and over any obstacles. Somewhere there’s a mess to clean up. Or someone’s about to make a mess, or is set to spew… maybe it’s you. In any case, whatever crap goes down or has gone down, it’s a good day to handle it. Or if you can’t exactly handle it, the mood is agile enough to navigate it.

Tuesday the Aquarius Moon continues through a square to retrograde Mercury. That looks like irritation, but it also looks like timely information is unearthed. That could be exciting, or it could be the aftermath of the spewing. Pop some corn. In the second part of the day, the Moon moves to Pisces and a square to Sadge Venus. That could be boohooing and see ya later baby! Or a good pout and sulk.

It could certainly be Scarlet and Rhett and I don’t give a damn, particularly given the fact that Mercury is moving back into sextile with Pluto. However, since it’s a sextile and the Scorpio Sun is actively trining Neptune, this reads like a dip into tragedy in order to secure a miraculous twist into a deliciously devious happy ending. Oh the drama!

While Saturn marches into its last sextile with Neptune, particularly with the Moon in Pisces Tuesday through Thursday, believe in the ending of your dreams. That faith will instill this period with some divine fairy dust. If ever you wanted to believe something into existence, this is the time. Be subtle and solid, but dream.

Wednesday, the Moon moves through lovely aspects to Uranus, the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune. Thursday it sextiles Pluto and trines Mercury. If you have good reasons for feeling sorry for yourself, I feel you. We all do. I urge you to let your heart flow beyond that and soak up the ease in faith and belief. In what? That’s up to you. Whatever feels right is probably the thing. Thursday night the Pisces Moon closes its act with a square to Jupiter. Know when to call it a night. When people start whimpering or woofing into tantrums, blow your kisses and sweep yourself glamorously off into the sunset.

Friday, the Moon starts over at the beginning of the zodiac in Aries, Mars ruled, a heart full of fresh blood. The Sun closes its trine to Neptune and Juno makes its exact opposition to Chiron. Early on, the Moon conjoins Chiron and shares the opposition. Be real and choose being genuine over being polite. Don’t be so wedded to making yourself look good that you lose yourself in the process. The healing move is to step into the heart of your own truth; and in doing so, you support the health of the relationship.

It could very well be a beautiful stream of moments. But you know life; there’s never a stopping place. It does look as though we stand to benefit from being brave in our vulnerability and refusing to fake it. That’s how you solidify the dream and commit to a glad heart: You put the beauty inside YOU and take it wherever you go – arm in arm, if that’s how you like it. It has to be in YOU to share. You don’t just tell the truth, you BE the truth. The truth heals through you from the inside out.

Next week, Mars sextiles Jupiter… so we’re setting the stage for grand adventure!

This year I contributed to the holiday season guide Elsa writes each year. I’ve always edited, but this year I wrote a section on avoiding pitfalls of the season by sign, complete with original images. While it encompasses the next several months, it gives special attention to the upcoming super conjunction of Saturn and Pluto as well as the last eclipse of the year and adding Jupiter into the mix. It’s an intense period of time!

Elsa wrote an exceptional guide to traversing the transits. My bit gives a pithy (obviously MY opinion) concentration of where to focus your efforts for optimization of the whole time period. I didn’t break down the astrology behind my own interpretations (too much went into it), but it centers around the powerhouse emphasis of all that Capricorn on the south node as it relates to solar houses or reading for your ascendant. It will really jingle my holiday bells if you decide to purchase this guide: Using Astrology To Navigate The Holiday Season. Thank you! xxoo Satori



Weekly Forecast: November 4-8, 2019 – The Last Saturn Neptune Sextile Solidifies A Dream — 4 Comments

  1. I will remember to put the joy on my arm and wear it like a second glove this week, in the mess and aftermatch of Mars-Pluto squaring each other.

    I have a few loose strands to follow, there are so many things and options open, that it’s kinda like chasing soap bubbles. I have to get to them before they dissappear, before the dream goes *poof* and *blop* and the bubble is gone!

    Thread lightly, but with determination and your dream in the other hand. I hope to solidify it…

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