Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 3, 2021 – New Moon Eclipse In Sadge

boy heliosWe start off the week with a Venus-ruled mood via the Libra Moon and a powerful but invisible push as Scorpio Mars perfects its trine to Neptune. If you can feel a desire to implement your next move, consider that a sign. Move your body. Do the thing.

What’s just as likely is that you’re making the moves that set up your next big move. We will never know if we’re executing our optimal choice, but the danger here is in letting a lovely moment slip away thus missing out – shooting ourself in the foot through inaction.

It is DEFO not the day to procrastinate. If you’re not making a move, that’s fine. However, it ought to be a strategic decision. Sagittarius Mercury and the Sun in sextile to Aquarius Saturn (exact on Monday night and Tuesday midday, respectively) make planning a long term integration of innovation, bursts of inspired thought, and strategy. Give yourself time to take it all in, but be ready to pounce when a window opens.

The Sun and Mercury also trine Chiron. Use that Saturn anchor to slow down and pivot into a permanent upgrade, healing, learning… about YOURSELF.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was it planned in a day.

On Tuesday, Venus in Capricorn makes an exact sextile to Neptune. Our desire for connection is exquisite to the extent that it challenges us to respond. Venus in Cap is earthy. Do you experience love as a concept, intellectually? Or do you acknowledge it in your body? Don’t miss out on the sensation of true and genuine love. Let it in to your core, even if it hurts.

There’s such a thing as hurts so good that is inconvenient to experience. It tips us out of complacency, but it is the core of connection. Even positive emotions can hurt. Honestly, if they don’t on some level – you’re probably not allowing yourself to completely feel.

Tuesday’s Libra Moon squares Venus and Pluto. It also trines Jupiter. Let it in. No feeling is final, and I promise it’s worth it.

Wednesday, the Moon hits Scorpio for a downshift. It’s a downshift to grab traction, not like a depression (and those in depression may find this extra helpful to lever out of a bad spot). The Moon squares Saturn and opposes Uranus. Use this grab to pop you out of a hole or overcome inertia.

All week long, Mars move closer into sextile with Pluto and square with Jupiter. That’s a lot of engine revving, but again – be ready to jump when you see that chance to GROOVE.

Thursday brings the Scorpio Moon into trine with Neptune, conjunction to Mars, and sextile to Venus and Pluto. It also squares Jupiter. The mood allows us to slip into the driver’s seat, flip on the stereo, and BOOK IT.

On Friday, the Moon hits Sagittarius and the mood runs FREE. This should feel pretty darned good if it’s not hitting YOU all funky. Don’t plan yourself a lot of obligations because you’re not going to want to follow through. It’s also the dark of the Moon.

By nighttime, the Moon moves into quincunx with Uranus in Taurus and heads into conjunction with the Sun. The new moon eclipse takes place late in the night. It’s going to feel zippy with Jupiter as the ruler and Uranus in jerky aspect. But for a Sadge Moon, a little bit of trepidation or shimmy probably feels about right. Put it to use with some kind of freeing self care that takes you out of your norm yet makes you feel centered in the universe in a very real and pleasurable way.

Jubilant play is the mood. You’ll find you either want something you really have to reach for and it will be something you already know about, or something outrageously new and different. That sounds like everything, but when you feel it – you’ll know what I mean.

The new moon eclipse in Sagittarius takes place at 12 degrees. Where does it hit your chart?



Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 3, 2021 – New Moon Eclipse In Sadge — 6 Comments

  1. It’s exactly opposite my natal moon at 12 Gemini. I have lots of health stuff going on with my dad ( who is a Gemini Sun) and stressful things related to the home that have been going on the entire year. In my chart my moon is in the 7th, but with whole house it would be the 8th. I’m a bit nervous about it because I’ve heard that eclipses closely aspecting the luminaries are life changing. Any experiences with eclipse exactly opposing natal moon?

    • Hi MaryL, what a great question! I suspect you’ll get more information on that if you post on the boards. If you’re not familiar, there’s a tab up top on the page that says forum And you’re sure to find someone with that experience there 😊

  2. Within 4 degree orb of my ASC
    Opposing my natal merc at 11 deg Gemini and natal chiron at 14 degree Gemini.

    I have no idea where life is headed, just going with the flow!!!

  3. It hits my first house conjunct my venus. The plan is to take my sister out to eat and go on some carriage rides along with a tree lighting event. Thanks for the read Satori.

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