Weekly Forecast: November 28 – December 2, 2022 – Adventure And A Story

Monday morning, retro Mars in Gemini perfects its trine to Saturn in Aquarius. This action stabilizing trine would typically start losing its oomph at that time, but Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius come in at just the right moment to light a rousing fire.

Moving along together, they sextile Saturn and oppose Mars; but they also kick up some steamy fog with a square to Neptune. While they summon lasting benefits and solid planning, something else may be missing. The chance for certainty is (possibly) tainted by squares to Neptune.

What we’re building on, our previous projects, are they sound? Are we operating on truthful info or just wishful thinking? Did we believe it because we wanted to or because it made sense? These questions are easy to answer quickly but tough to truly prove. Time will tell.

Under a sky like this, liars smile and lie and cheaters have audacity. But sometimes they’re very hard to tell from the rare gems. The Sun moves into square with Juno, so we also have possessiveness in the mix.

What we can do is our best and have faith. Monday evening, Venus perfects a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus. In pursuing MORE, we may get a flash of insight. Sadge Venus wants it all; but with Uranus linked in Taurus, we’ve got discerning insight on the quality of the goods. Monday’s Venus-Mercury sniffs out a stinker and cries foul (loud and wide), so Uranus hits delete on desire.

Monday’s Aquarius Moon brings some breezy, chill mood to the table. Wind (emotional intelligence) fills the sails without overpowering our ability to stay on an even keel. It sextiles Chiron, squares Uranus, sextiles Venus and Mercury, and juices up the Mars-Saturn trine. The mood supports sniffing out a lousy DUD. Or… we keep sailing on with a keeper. Adventure.

On Tuesday, the Aquarius Moon hits the midpoint of the Pluto-Jupiter sextile. Then it heads into watery Pisces. It feels like a storm – for good (it could be very good) or ill (it could be very ill). It’s also possible, we’ve just had our fill of the loud and the flash and the shout of Sadge, and may go deep or connect behind the scenes.

Wednesday the Pisces Moon squares the Sun then heads into sextile with Uranus. The mood waters settle enough to engage with possible routes to the future. Invigorating. The Moon also squares Venus (and Mercury overnight), so what’s invigorating may also be a bit unsettling. But there’s ample opportunity to improve in there somewhere. Subtle.

Thursday brings the Pisces Moon into conjunction with Neptune, sextile with Pluto, and conjunction to Jupiter before heading into Aries in the night. This peaks along with Mercury’s square to Neptune and Venus’ sextile to Saturn. While we may not have proof, we’re offered a path to fortuitous benefit, even if it takes a while to get there. It takes effort to get there, but it’s a fantastic and pleasurable path.

Friday’s Aries Moon charges into trine with the Sadge Sun by afternoon, fire to fire. It conjoins Chiron by night. We’re inspired to take up a cause. As the Sun heads into trine with Chiron and opposition to retro Mars, as it approaches square to Juno, the subject of any quest is vital. Don’t tilt at windmills and don’t get dragged back into old rivalries.

Remember what you’ve learned and take the high road. Why waste all your energy on a vendetta when you can have an adventure and a story!


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  1. This week has been quite an (unexpected)ride, so far, and one could have easily slipped into unwanted swamps.. thank you, Satori, for being such a trustworthy guiding light🙏

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