Weekly Forecast: November 27 – December 1, 2023 – Gemini Full Moon

nemThis week, the full moon is the beginning, and the full moon opens with questions. Those questions (and perhaps some answers?) peak at week’s end.

Early Monday, the Gemini Moon opposes the Sagittarius Sun, the full moon. The full moon opposition includes a past exact Sun-Mars conjunction and a past-exact t-square with Saturn in Pisces, all mutuable and all direct. Mere hours later, Mercury in Sagittarius perfects its week-long square to retro Neptune.

This full moon ending incorporates the friction between an existing course of action and recent troubles that ground things to a halt. When you add wavy communications to wavy boundaries, you’ve really got a mess, a mess of an ending. Something’s coming to an end, but it’s not the confusion. The confusion and the fog may dissipate, but it’s not clean. It’s like a wreck you walk away from and count yourself lucky that you did; but it doesn’t feel good.

Tuesday’s Gemini Moon trines Libra Venus and forms a t-square with Neptune and Mercury. Venus heads into square with Pluto all week, crossing the south node midweek. It’s not that it’s a good idea to ignore facts, but the mood favors balancing all this intensity with a bit of a breeeeeeeze. Look for what feels good and focus on your equilibrium. Overnight, the Moon moves to Cancer and a trine to Saturn, perfect control for contentment, a dreamy break.

The Cancer Moon spends Wednesday moving through sextile to retro Jupiter as Venus passes through the south node. Emotions are heightened, but they’re also brightened and full of significance. Sometimes we hold back what we fear to feel. We have held back long enough and can expand in emotional generosity. Feel what’s there, what’s been there for what seems like an eternity. What DO you want? What fear is attached? It goes deep, don’t fret: feel. Even if it’s “bad”, you have the capacity. It’s a step we all need to take now.

Thursday’s Cancer Moon sextiles retro Uranus, trines retro Neptune, squares Venus, and heads into opposition to Pluto overnight. When you’ve felt the thing and acknowledged the shadow of the thing that comes with everything you want… everything else feels less significant. It feels lighter and brighter. AND, it allows us to more keenly feel what we genuinely want to pursue. It’s a challenge, but the hardest part is letting it in, feeling the feeling.

Friday morning, the Cancer Moon finishes its t-square to Venus-Pluto, and Mercury moves to cardinal Capricorn. You’d expect a CLUNK, but no. Mercury in close sextile to Cap ruler Saturn catches those gears like a champ. The long awaited news is in the works; communications are right on time. Senses and attitudes mesh as they should, and all that hard, emotional effort feeds a solid, working plan.

Then when the Moon moves to Sun ruled Leo, it lights up the midpoint of the Mercury-Saturn sextile. Remember when things felt fun? An attitude of integrity is catching (and rousing). The collective mood is generous and fiery. In the afternoon, the Leo Moon trines Mars and the Sun in Sagittarius (exact overnight). The mood is warm and full of the right kind of drama, heart-felt and action packed. The heart and the feet go pitty pat for love – of life!

The full moon takes place early Monday at 4 degrees Gemini with Mercury and Neptune at 24 (all mutable). Where does this hit your chart? What’s on your mind about it?


Weekly Forecast: November 27 – December 1, 2023 – Gemini Full Moon — 1 Comment

  1. Natally I have Mars at 5* Gemini (also Sun at 14* Gem, Asc 22* Gem, Mercury 25*Gem)
    Squaring Neptune about to conjunct my natal Saturn at 28* Pisces. So yeah… been very fatigued as of late . 🥱 😴

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