Weekly Forecast: November 21-25, 2022 – New Moon In Sadge Season

tree and lightsThis is a BIG week of Jupiter-inspired elevation, buoyancy, and new beginnings. There is MUCH going right here, exactly as one would expect with Jupiter. And don’t we want to shout it from the rooftops! As one would expect with Jupiter (broadcasting). BUT.

There is a caveat. Jupiter accelerates EVERYTHING. It can also spin you out. That’s not a warning, it’s a reminder. There’s a known effect with anti-depressants: They may just give you the energy you need to harm yourself. Again, not a warning, just remember that Jupiter doesn’t include limits and boundaries. That’s Saturn.

Luckily (Jupiter!) we have retro Mars moving away from a square to Neptune and into trine with Saturn. As we retread and react to seeing our deeds another way, Saturn provides a solid brace – and a reality check on our course of action. Avail yourself of that support in doing the right thing. It does add some ghost rails on those tippy corners, but nothing fixes stupid. So don’t be stupid.

Acceleration is one hell of a drug (Pisces Jupiter conjoins Neptune).

Now that said, it’s a lovely, upbeat week!

On Monday, the late degree Libra Moon squares Pluto. Don’t throw away your composure on a moment of pique. That pang recedes as the Moon hits the end of Libra and a semi-sextile to the final degree Scorpio Sun. You have to feel a bit out of control first in order to flex your ability to regulate your deep state of emotion. Played well, this increases one’s confidence in their competence.

By afternoon, the Moon moves to Scorpio, then Mercury passes over Venus in Sagittarius. Take that feeling of competence, gear down, and use the mood to capitalize on your biggest and best desires and schemes ever! (At least they hit like that now, and it’s SWEET.) Our imagination runs WILD all week, and boy do we ever want to talk about it!

The urge is to blurt and bellow, and really – there’s no good reason not to. This hits everyone, and connection is sure to improve your chances of someone having the key piece that you need. Brainstorm and get your network moving.

Early Tuesday, the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius for a bold stellium. Ego soars, you can do this! The healthy ego picks up speed and vigor; we can run all day (at least our mouths). Sadge does not like to be penned in, but don’t ramble so far you can’t get back to home and hearth. Expansion should serve you, not harm you.

Tuesday’s Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus and squares Saturn. It goes on to trine Neptune in the night. It’s novelty versus safety versus the need to GO. Remember it’s only an URGE, and urges pass. You can still run off joyfully in your dreams. For some they DO need to run, and this is their chance. Your shot is divine so take it.

Wednesday morning, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto and trines Jupiter. If you turned on the juice to reach for your dreams overnight, this effect brings you safely in, under this dark moon morn. If you feel like you missed your chance, you’ll feel it. There’s still time.

By afternoon, the Moon leaps into Sagittarius, right into conjunction with the Sun, the new moon. Jupiter in Pisces stations direct in its rapid wake. Hearts are like pinatas bursting open. So much fire, so much speed! The Moon races toward Venus and Mercury overnight, conjoining and moving past Thursday morning. This fresh start is EVERYTHING. There are goodies galore.

We’re in the full dark the first part of the week, then the new moon hits and it’s full speed ahead… in our heart, in our mind, on our path. But remember: Speed with limits gets you there safely. We’ve sped over this path before somehow, so look for both paths: the one we came in on and the one we see now on the way.

Consider mindfully who you tell about your destination if doing so puts your safety at risk. This hearkens back to that caveat. Share ideas freely, but plans of action once set should be vetted for safety before sharing. Or at least share that they’re theoretical if you aren’t certain about trusting someone else’s wagging tongue.

After moving over Venus and Mercury Thursday morning, the Sadge Moon trines Chiron. Venus and Mercury trine Chiron as well, exact Thursday and Friday night respectively. This configuration holds so much promise for joyful healing, learning to live with joy. It’s entirely possible to appreciate a situation simply, exactly as it is, to see things as they are and cruise on that – rather than aching for what they should or could be. Potential is awesome, but reality is where we take our meals.

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh in the deep and drifted snow. Over the river and through the woods, oh how the wind doth blow! It stings the nose and bites the toes as over the ground we go.

Enjoy what’s there to enjoy, and take no shit. Why should you? The Moon sextiles Saturn and opposes Mars. The mood brings the opportunity to parry any thrust with ease. Rise above! (That still means take no shit.)

Overnight into Friday morning, the Moon squares Neptune then Jupiter. Hangovers! A bit of planning can help with that.

Then the Moon hits Capricorn, steady on there. It’s quite sobering. We still have a solid smile going, though, as the Moon semi-sextiles the Sun again. Did we do it? I think we did it. Smirks are powerful. We’ve got the rest of the night at least to settle into this new, exciting, and hopeful start, this new season of fire rushing at us, through us, with us. We’ve got time to let it take shape.

The Sagittarius new moon takes place at 1 degree. Where does this hit your chart? Where are you launching this new moon?


Weekly Forecast: November 21-25, 2022 – New Moon In Sadge Season — 9 Comments

  1. Launching new moon in the 11th house… Indeed I am looking ahead to new goals, new groups and possibly revamping friendships.
    Feels big with Jupiter stationing direct.

  2. First House. Plus Venus and Mercury conjunct my Venus at 8 Sag in first house. I see new hope after many Pluto and Saturn disappointments.

  3. New moon in 3rd.. It’s Tuesday and I woke up with a feeling of oppression, as if ‘reality’ had become a size too small. Really looking forward to the new beginnings you mentioned, Satori. Feels like something over-worn that needs refurbishing, renewal, deep cleaning..

  4. November 21st was one of the worst days of my life, bringing long-term (like, irreversible) unwelcome change into my environment, destroying a LOT. Forever.
    So, no, it hasn’t been a lovely or upbeat week – certainly not for me. I am glad for those who did experience one.

    (ASC Virgo 25, in case anyone is wondering.)

    • P.S. I should have said “WASN’T a lovely or upbeat week”. The wrong tense is telling of what a trauma November 21st was; thw whole week was a blur.

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