Weekly Forecast: November 2-6, 2020 – US Elections And Mercury Direct

handsAs the whole world is aware, we’re heading into the US elections on Tuesday. Mercury in Libra stations direct midday (east coast) on Tuesday. It’s pretty. clear the US is in the middle of a clustereff any way you twist it, but Mercury’s turn in make it pretty and make it fair Libra takes the cake.

Let’s be real. It doesn’t matter what the astro conditions are. The US elections are spurring multiple higher court rulings just to proceed as “normal”. So let’s not be faux shocked that it’s chaotic. It’s violently poetic.

Monday the Gemini Moon, ruled by Mercury, sextiles Aries Chiron and trines Libra Venus. Be for real and the mood to choose well is an avenue to success.

All week, Venus moves into opposition with retrograde Mars in Aries. It’s what do you want versus what you can do. Or what we can redo, retrofit, make do with. Do your best from your best intentions! Do your best, then recharge your batteries and do it again. If the goal posts move, you move too… if that fits with what YOU want. If it’s someone moving them to move you, don’t go. Do an end around. Look for the opening, it’s there.

Tuesday, the Moon continues in Gemini and into sextile with retro Mars. Move on instinct. Mercury stations and the Mercury-ruled Moon passes over the north node. Trust fate. Don’t fret. Just do your best. The Moon squares Neptune. A passing mood may challenge your faith, but don’t believe something that makes you feel hopeless. Be of two minds about the mood and shift to whichever one works. A bit of baseless optimism is fine in small doses, possibly even medicinal.

Jupiter continues to move closely with Pluto. Don’t fear the inflation of destruction. Trust that fate will do the heavy lifting, so look to a longer timeline for justice in power.

All week, the Sun moves into trine with Neptune, Scorpio to Pisces. Higher consciousness has an avenue of flow into daily life. Believe.

Also in play throughout the week, Mercury heads back into square with Saturn, exact early Friday. Mercury moves SLOWLY this week. That’s enough of a challenge without extra – so don’t worry that it’s extra. Slow your expectations down and you’ll fit the energy nicely. Don’t look for offense and take things at face value… if they don’t affect your safety. If they do affect your safety, still evaluate them with care and time, but ask for a second opinion.

Wednesday morning, the Moon finishes up in Gemini with a trine to Mercury. Catch up on the news, but keep your mood breezy. Remember we’re playing a longer game than usual. When the Moon moves to its own rulership in Cancer, it picks up a square to Chiron. The mood has sting to it, so hold on to that earlier bit of perspective. It’s not the best time to act on emotion.

Thursday, the Cancer Moon squares Libra Venus. A feeling of “It’s not fair!” is apparent from some corners. Expect it. The Moon also heads into square with retro Mars. Don’t let emotion drive action unless you’ve a clear and reasoned out plan. That plan should be one that makes sense over time, not something whipped out on the spot because it sounds good in the moment. We’ve probably got more than one plan stashed away over the last few weeks. Perhaps you’ve already got this handled.

Also Thursday, the Moon trines the Sun and Juno in Scorpio. Look for the enduring passions and reminders of genuine loyalty and worthiness. The world is NOT all going to shit. If it were, why would we bother? We bother because there’s deep meaning and value to what we have, are, and do. Remember that, feel it deeply.

Early Friday, Mercury perfects its square to Saturn as the Moon trines Neptune. Both of these peak overnight. Trust the flow to put things right. Later, the Cancer Moon squares Mercury, but Mercury is starting to gain some ground.

There’s a t-square in cardinal signs with retro Mars in wide orb of a grand square. That’s big guns tension over action, plans, structure, and emotion. It’s a powder keg where action is the weak leg. Cardinal signs have the purpose of starting something. Moon in its own sign and Saturn in its own sign are at home. Mercury coming off its retro period and Mars still reversed are not at their most masterful.

Find flow in your heart. Find solid earth underfoot. History may be vast and bloody, but it’s also long and dusty. Not everything has to happen RIGHT NOW. Starting something can also mean calming down and finding your calm in the storm. Do that first.

I have a fermata tattooed on the inside of my wrist. It’s to remind me to hold my note till I’m calm. I suggest you do that too.



Weekly Forecast: November 2-6, 2020 – US Elections And Mercury Direct — 8 Comments

  1. I flipped my very heavy mattress alone this morning (the iron pills must be working). I got halfway in and thought, “Wow, this is an epic fail.” But I made it out the other side without getting hurt or crying or shouting. So that just goes to show that “take it slow” can work, even when things feel dire and you’re up a creek.

  2. Wiki: A fermata (Italian: [ferˈmaːta]; “from fermare, to stay, or stop”;[2] also known as a hold, pause, colloquially a birdseye or cyclops eye, or as a grand pause when placed on a note or a rest) is a symbol of musical notation indicating that the note should be prolonged beyond the normal duration its note value would indicate.[3] Exactly how much longer it is held is up to the discretion of the performer or conductor, but twice as long is common.

    • I love that you flipped the mattress (safely) and then I sought out an image of ‘fermata’. I love it. Somewhere in my old brain, I remembered the image, and the stomach flu-iness I’m weathering is, perhaps, fermata slowing me down after a very robust-for-me and everyone else week.
      Surely, knowing all this caring is because this life is worth the deep feelings. That musical hold is meta-morphic and I could use it. xo Thank you.

  3. Brilliant Satori.
    Fermata… a perfect symbol for what needs to happen this week.
    I don’t live in the US but am following the election closely as are many across the world.
    Big hugs to all of you who live in the US.
    Hang in there, from Sydney with love xxx

  4. Satori, these are the EXACT words of wisdom I needed this morning. As always, so grateful for your generous spirit of sharing and keeping it real.

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