Weekly Forecast: November 18-22, 2019 – Mars Into Scorpio As Venus Conjoins Jupiter

stallion landscapeLast week, Venus in Sagittarius completed its square to Neptune in Pisces. At the end of this week, Venus will conjoin Jupiter. Last week the energy conveyed a sense of longing. As we move through the wrap-up of that aspect, we engage in an inflation of our Venus story.

With Mars at the end of Libra, it hearkens to Venus. Mars came off some rough cardinal squares to Saturn and Pluto, shaking up the dynamic of action and agency in regard to partnership and desire. With the closure of the Venus-Neptune square, one outcome is a confrontation with the meaning of longing… what we’re to do with it, how we are to act on it.

Myself, I realized that longing is not loneliness. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio digs up meaning. It’s a root down to the cause in cause and effect.

This week, all the way through to Sunday when it is exact, we experience Venus moving into conjunction with Jupiter – inflation of desire. So it’s good to have some illusions already addressed and uncovered.

On Monday, Venus semi-sextiles Pluto in Capricorn for a bit of a purge, then Mars moves into Scorpio overnight into Tuesday. Expect some trickle down understanding as Pluto rules the sign Mercury transits, unearthing meaning and last-gasp perspective. When Mars hits Scorpio, we’ll no doubt find ourselves with another type of motivating drive as Mars’ rulership shifts to Pluto as well. But Venus – Venus brightens. It’s LIT.

Venus in Sadge moving into conjunction to Jupiter is excitement and freedom and PUSH to inhabit your own storyline. It’s less about partnering now, more about launching your own chapter. The yearning gives way to lighting a fire under the rocket to achievement. And possibly a few spin-outs as we get going.

Mars in Scorpio is tight and masterful. It fills in where needed. It’s a nice placement to have in your back pocket, together with Mercury in Scorpio. That’s planning and execution in smoldering Scorpio. You say manipulation like it’s a bad thing. Mercury deep in its retrograde has gone about as far as it goes. On Wednesday morning it stations direct. Mind, body, and desire are set to come out sizzling with all the calm of water… with all the ducks in a row. The action won’t be obvious, even if the drama is. Lay back a bit, if you can, and watch for the right opening. The timing is coming back online, so don’t jump till you see that opportunity present.

Mars in Scorpio builds into a quincunx to Chiron (Thursday) and opposition to Uranus (Sunday, after the Venus-Jupiter conjunction). The action potential loads as we take aim through learning and healing. The target emerges as something new. The target isn’t even visible yet, so stay tuned in till it is.

Friday morning, the Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, creating a stellium in the sign. Take the time to skillfully and tactically uncover all the information and paths to action as you go. Be a calm, observant detective. Let your mind lurk in the shadows as the smiling bit of you flashes ahead, seeking the genuine real deal to pursue. When the Sun hits Sadge, we move forward into the adventure of our own story. The timeline is fiery but with the depths of conviction to drive the action. It’s a bit of film noir with a charismatic cowboy for a hero. Time to shake things up!

Monday the Leo Moon squares retrograde Mercury for some fun fireworks. Mars moves into Scorpio overnight.

Tuesday, the Moon trines Venus then Jupiter and squares the Sun. It’s upbeat pleasure and an emotional rush as we move between the past Taurus full moon and the upcoming Sadge new moon renewal. Later the Moon hits Virgo with a sextile to Mars and a trine to Uranus. The urge to act is smart and quick. Whatever you start is likely to fare well in the future – or it just may be very satisfying in the short term… or both.

Wednesday, Mercury gets back in forward motion, and the Virgo Moon, Mercury-ruled, sextiles Mercury. The Moon goes on to oppose Neptune and trine Saturn. Handle all the little details as they come trickling back in – but first of all, keep your calm. Emotional regulation brings a feeling of ease and achievement. Believe you’ve got it and it’s easier to relax into the flow of data. Handling that data flow brings further reason to rely on your sense of achievement in greater ease. Go with the flow and it creates concrete reasons to believe in the flow.

Thursday, the Moon finishes up in Virgo with a trine to Pluto, square to Venus and Jupiter, and a sextile to the Sun. Continue to get back on track and finish up with a strong ethic – even if you want to jump ship. At the end of the night, the Moon moves to Libra and an opposition to Chiron. Stay true to keeping up your end, and stay true to yourself.

Friday the Sun moves to Sagittarius and the Libra Moon conjoins Juno. Appreciate and explore the broader field, but keep on with your commitments for full satisfaction through cooperation. Through the end of the day, the Moon moves into a square with Saturn. Sometimes more is demanded than we’re able to manage all at once, so take it one responsible step at a time.

Where is Mars transiting your chart?



Weekly Forecast: November 18-22, 2019 – Mars Into Scorpio As Venus Conjoins Jupiter — 2 Comments

  1. MY progressed mars is in scorpio, natally in libra. I need to be aware, repressed anger may be bubbling up from below the surface.
    Aries ascendant.

  2. Thanks for this detailed forecast, Satori.

    I’ve been looking forward to the Venus Jupiter Sagittarius conjunction for months now. It’ll trine my MC and my natal Jupiter.

    Mars in Libra transited my 12th house. In Scorpio it transits my first house (using whole sign houses.)

    It’ll be good to feel my energies being directed in a more clear cut manner with my rising sign’s co-ruler Mars supporting the first house now.

    I’ve felt a loss of direction and motivation lately in some life areas so this transit is welcome.

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