Weekly Forecast: November 13-17, 2017 – Sun-Chiron And The Authentic Self

handsThis week the applying Mars-Pluto square continues, exact on Sunday. It’s hard to make nice when experiencing a lack of control. But don’t worry, you’ll find yourself in situations where it’s necessary. It’s not so bad when you recognize it for what it is and that it will pass. It also ratchets up the sexual energy, already high with the stellium in Scorpio.

Included in the Scorpio stellium is the slowly widening Venus-Jupiter conjunction that spreads into trine with Pisces Neptune (Venus-Neptune exact Thursday). Our deep desires are exacerbated by Jupiter’s influence, but we also find pleasure and comfort in sweet connection when we find we’re not alone in our longings and aspirations.

The Scorpio Sun moves into trine with Pisces Chiron. Exact alongside Venus-Neptune, this trine takes up their energy and folds it into an emerging ease with the authentic self. The whole self finds resonance with the collective. All are part of a whole, even as each is damaged or dark in some way. There’s a rising will to acceptance of self. Just as one is.

When we feel shame, we hide that part of our self – and it festers. Everyone has something “wrong” with them. Clean it up and integrate it back into your concept of self. It becomes a powerful ally rather than a dark secret or wound.

All week, Sagittarius Mercury moves in sextile to Libra Mars (exact Friday). Though the longer game shows a blockage of personal control (Mars square Pluto), this little aspect is the end-around. Keep your eye on the action, your senses primed, your planning agile. With a smile on your face, you’ll be ready to pounce on small opportunities to gain ground as they arise. And they will arise. Stay on your toes, be polite. The big plays may be blocked, but this week’s game relies on quick carries that march us down the field bit by bit. You may even slip a breakaway streak to a score!

Cleverness abounds and it makes all the difference to getting ahead. Pay attention and act when it makes sense. Be yourself, warts and all. If you don’t show your warts, you won’t find your tribe – and it’s out there looking for you. Also it’s not warts. It’s details that make you you – and make all of us all of us. We are awesome. You are awesome. Why was it we didn’t think so? I don’t remember. You might consider forgetting as well. Free your mind and your body will follow. Join us in turning our authentic selves into the best things about us. Real is relatable, and lovable.

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Weekly Forecast: November 13-17, 2017 – Sun-Chiron And The Authentic Self — 6 Comments

  1. Great post, as usual, Satori!

    Love the last paragraph, especially, “…if you don’t show your warts, you won’t find your tribe – and it’s out there looking for you! …” Funny you should write this because I am going, for the first time, to an art community in my new neighborhood today. For the past few months I’ve been relentlessly searching for “my tribe/community.” Fingers crossed!

  2. Okay, it is only the 14th of what looks to be a very long week, but I have already had a blinding revelation- (All that Aries and Leo? I am * so selfish*. My poor Pisces Sun is completely eclipsed by the weight of it all.) Suddenly it illuminates everything and no, it isn’t pretty. Thank goodness I had read your post earlier. Came back to re-read it. I am making myself write this even though I want to hide – you are right, shame keeps it stuck. Okay everyone, here I am – warts and all! Not fun yet, but I look forward to finding the powerful ally part of this. Thanks Satori for the life line! Love, ME ME ME

  3. Satori,

    I love your writing. Meeting a new guy from online dating for coffee this week. So far, have shown him my true self (rare for me). Vulnerability (“warts”) and all. 🙂

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