Weekly Forecast: November 11-15, 2019 – Full Moon In Taurus, Venus Square Neptune

simon and garfunkelMonday the Scorpio Sun and Mercury conjoin and separate, the Sun in forward motion and Mercury retrograde. The Taurus Moon heads into trine with Saturn and sextile to Neptune. The Moon moves through an opposition to retrograde Mercury overnight. The Venus-ruled mood draws in the undercurrent of the building square of Venus to Neptune (exact Thursday).

The mood leads us to re-cap our recent reality as it refers to our resources and desires. Just like a tv show re-cap prepares us to fully resonate with a serial story, this resonance lays the groundwork for our wholesale emotional participation in Tuesday’s full moon. So Monday, check in with what feels important to note. This may include fielding information or conversations that may or may not feel comfortable.

What they will do is make you FEEL. Pay attention to what you feel and absorb what you’re able to discern from it – either intellectually or on a gut level. It can be helpful to check in with someone who gives authentic feedback and contributes meaningfully to your understanding. The point is to prepare, not to put something to rest. It’s okay to be disturbed. It’s okay to feel however you feel. It’s a precursor to resolution. Don’t try to reach validation. Sit with the ripening moment.

Tuesday morning the Taurus Moon opposes the Sun for the exact full moon. Venus in Sadge moving to square Neptune leads in challenge to wish fulfillment. We can break away from bad habits now. We can escape cloying attachment to an illusion or addiction.

We may realize what we thought was an addiction or compulsion is something else entirely. Sometimes the ugly duckling is on its way to be a swan. “Mal-adaptive” is in the eye of the beholder.

Mars in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius aids this dynamic. The desire is tense, but the drive is SWEET. And its got plenty of juice. There’s an ending or culmination to be solidified. The will is there to catch, carry, and win. Mercury moving back into aspect with Saturn and Neptune will aid in making sense of things as we go.

There’s an air of disillusionment or pining to this full moon, but it’s elegant and potent. The Moon goes on to trine Pluto, drawing power and potency into the full moon’s wake. If there’s something you need to quit, there’s no better time than this. It even incorporates choice. Not all endings have choice, but you can always follow up with purposeful direction.

Mars sextile Jupiter and Mercury sextile Pluto is a chance to add to whatever happens that’s bigger than you, to add your own wish after the fact – like the final fairy wish at the christening. You get the last pop, if you take it.

So listen to your heart and consider what you’re hearing, thinking, feeling, and sensing in the run-up. And know you have a wish in reserve.

Wednesday, the Moon moves to Gemini, Mecury-ruled, sextiling Chiron and trining Juno. Moon ruler Mercury makes its exact retro sextile to Saturn and trine to Neptune. The Moon goes on to oppose Pallas. We feel the balance of our choices favoring one or the other: people pleasing to endear ourselves and strengthen our attachments outside of authentic expression of self, or independence at the cost of secure attachment. It’s easier to feel where our mix is off and find a satisfying pattern in balance. A different but wise perspective is helpful here.

The Sun sextiles Pluto and we have the opportunity to sink into the agency of our own power.

Thursday, the Moon opposes Venus and squares Neptune (a t-square). The Venus-Neptune square becomes exact. The Moon goes on to oppose Jupiter. That differing perspective sinks in as the veil is lifted and our eyes opened. We can fill our hearts and embrace the wisdom offered, or stand apart – exciting and dynamic.

Friday morning, the Gemini Moon finishes its opposition to Jupiter, trines Mars, and heads through the end of the sign. The mood is a great launch for activity but may be a bit too fragmented for true productivity. Enjoy the momentum. Not every action needs to be a big deal to be a big success.

When the Moon moves to Cancer, it picks up a sextile to Uranus and squares to Chiron and Juno. Emotional distraction from life’s larger questions is just fine. Everything in its own time. Don’t grizzle too long before you let the zip in. The Moon moves toward trine with Mercury for the rest of the night and approaches the north node. Enjoy your senses and the “little things”. Sometimes it’s necessary just to seek satisfaction and feel at home in your heart.

The full moon takes place just shy of 20 degrees Taurus. Where does this hit your chart? Are you feeling the Venus-Neptune pull of longing? With Venus in Sadge, are you wishing for freedom or more of something?

Do you have the new holiday season guide? The first transit it covers is this Thursday’s Venus-Neptune square. From there we go all the way through the big one – the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

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Weekly Forecast: November 11-15, 2019 – Full Moon In Taurus, Venus Square Neptune — 13 Comments

  1. This full moon aspects my Taurus Sun exactly at 19° 43′ which opposes my natal Uranus. Not sure what to expect! I’m definitely wanting freedom and flexibly these days.

  2. The full moon is conjunct my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. That’s in the 9th/3rd house.

    It’s amazing. It’s glittering, glistening and sparkly. It rains fairy dust on my natal larger-than-life constellation 😀
    Venus-Sun-Jupiter is already tied up to “Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it (as you have the power to manifest it subconsciously)!” – and I have two dreams, so hopefully I will – sometime in the future – get my second wish fullfilled.

    Moreover – I will have this constellation in my Solar Return chart the whole year, as my birthday is tomorrow, on the Full Moon.
    Powerful stuff! 2020 will be a year of wish handling I think…

  3. This full moon will activate a t square with my Mars in Leo. I have Saturn in Scorpio at 22*. Things have been shit. I don’t fair well when the sun in in scorpio.

  4. It will be opposite my natal Neptune in Scorpio and trine my Moon. Venus is leaving me alone thankfully except she wants a Withings hybrid sportswatch.

  5. This is exact my ascendant, sandwiched between my Mercury and Venus all in Taurus. This week has been peak activity with one major loss and multiple concurrent demands and I am feeling emotionally and physically depleted. I hope I’m not too out of it to notice any magic. Is the moon’s effect just magnified?

  6. My natal Moon is 16 degrees Taurus, 5th house.

    The closest applying aspect in my chart to the full moon will be Mercury at 23 Virgo (9th house).

    Are these degrees close enough to the full moon to matter?

  7. These are just the most amazingly dense and rich posts I read on the state of the sky. Beautifully interwoven poetic but practical. Brilliant and heartening total lifesavers for me.
    I just complimented the wrong person who wrote on what it’s like to be a Pisces, assumed since it mentioned Sun in Pisces it was you! Anyway happen to be triple myself (new moon in first house) and do believe your sunsign does have a lot to do with it. Thank you thank you thank you, Satori!

  8. 11/12 pm PST – an old personal affirmations soundtrack I made years ago with my own voice came up on my playlist on the way home from my ballet class, moon shining big and bright above my car. gotta think that has some power there.

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