Weekly Forecast: May 30 – June 3, 2022 – Mercury Retro Last Gasp, Gemini New Moon!

boy heliosDoes it seem as though this Mercury retro period is the worst? It feels to me like the worst. However, I also know that sometimes we only get the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes we’re protected where we can’t see, however it appears on the surface.

Mercury nearing the end of its retro time heads back into square with Saturn and sextile to Neptune, but these aspects won’t perfect before direct motion early Friday. After that, Mercury heads back into trine with Pluto.

Saturn and Neptune connect behind the scenes as they move along in semi-sextile, shifting reality the tiniest bit. Neptune softens the consequences, erodes the barriers and breakwaters. There’s fog. It obscures, hides boundaries. So where Mercury treads we understand, observe, experience through our senses. Then we form opinions and attitudes and communicate. We question and converse. Those areas are still in re-tread but also still unclear.

For better or worse? For better AND worse? Probably for better, actually.

Early Monday, the Gemini Moon joins the Gemini Sun for the new moon. Mercury rules Gemini: So you can see where our fresh start starts… or you can’t. In any case, TIME is at issue. Don’t set your opinions and attitudes, particularly those that influence outcomes, in stone. Keep it in flow, in flux. At least for now. Power forward later in due time.

Surely by the time Mercury enters Gemini things will pop, if not before. This happens the day of the full moon in Sadge.

On Tuesday, Venus in Taurus semi-sextiles Jupiter in Aries. Desire has fire on its heels – soft but eager. Venus moves into exact semi-sextile with Mars in Aries by Friday – linking the two by way of their midpoint through the week. Lifted up and ready to go… go get what you want. How perfect that Venus aids Taurus Mercury as it stations direct. Fire moving earth, moving earth.

Tuesday’s Gemini Moon squares Neptune and trines Saturn. Measure twice and try not to cut at all if you don’t need to. Use this mood mod to take notes, brainstorm, and place yourself in time.

On Wednesday, the Cancer Moon squares Jupiter and Mars and goes on to sextile Venus. Though the mood meets challenge over gut feelings for action, both the Moon and Venus are elevated (both are in a sign they rule). Turn out of turmoil into magnetic attraction: follow pleasure. Soothe that tummy with yum. You don’t always have to start something just because you can.

Thursday the Cancer Moon sextiles Uranus and squares Chiron. We can use that feeling of not being entirely satisfied to turn a supposed weakness into something we can excel at. You’re anxious or unsettled? Consider WHY. What does it point to that you’re observing, aware of? WHY? There’s one possible avenue to finding a superpower that’s personal to YOU.

Friday has a lot going on, early. Mercury direct, trine Pluto, cardinal Moon (Cancer), Moon aspecting Neptune-Mercury-Pluto. Find the flow and pay attention to your emotional regulation (quincunx Saturn). Stay on an even keel and later you’ll get that chance to show out. Find your center.

Afternoon brings a Sun-ruled Leo Moon and a trine to Jupiter. If you stayed even on your board, now you rip some waves with style. The Moon goes on to trine Mars and square Venus overnight, so there’s a wee bit of drama with that killer cruise (but not so much you can’t have fun).

The new moon occurs at 9 degrees Gemini early Monday with ruler Mercury at 26 Taurus all week. Where do these impact YOUR chart?

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  1. Satori, I loved reading this, perhaps especially because my natal Sun is at 27 Taurus. Thank you for your posts and for being such a blessing to Elsa.

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