Weekly Forecast: May 3-7, 2021 – Venus And Mercury At Home

saturnVenus will head into Gemini on Saturday, but for now it’s in its own rulership in Taurus. All week, Venus squares Jupiter in Aquarius and trines Pluto in Capricorn (exact Thursday). Desire and longing are increased, broadcast, spinning out and spitting gravel.

What’s theoretically possible doesn’t always match up with what we can put our hands on and pull down. Just because we want something, doesn’t mean we can make it fit into our life, even if it seems like a great idea.

Venus with Jupiter ups the longing. Venus with Pluto, particularly in Capricorn, makes it visceral and deep-seated. In Capricorn, there’s some history. It’s likely we’re reminded of something we’ve been wrapped up in desiring for a long time. OR, something sexy or taboo from our past turns up unexpectedly, churning those dormant cravings.

Mars in Cancer squares Chiron all week and moves into sextile with Uranus on Thursday (just as Venus trines Pluto exactly). We’ve got to get real about what we need NOW, not what we need in theory or what we needed and didn’t get when we were younger. All this heightened focus on desire fires up a watery Mars to its boiling point… our actions, once activated, fuel innovations that can feed and sate that deeply thirsty root of yearning.

With Mercury hitting Gemini on Monday night, the collective mind is RACING on multiple tracks. This airy bank of senses and clever mental tap-dancing greases the skids to properly address our hungers and desires. We need a plan, lots of plans, forward plans and backup plans! We’ve got it. Clear your own senses, breathe, and tap into that extra capacity for more zip.

Monday’s Aquarius Moon squares Uranus and sextiles Chiron at the exact same time. This happens with Mercury at the very end of Taurus. The mood helps us to the very edge of a mental cliff with our wings strapped on and open. Feel the lift, the danger. It’s thrilling, but it also shows us our capacity.

Tuesday, the Aquarius Moon squares Venus then conjoins Jupiter. Exciting… and another way to gauge your level of interest in needs versus wants. Nighttime moves the Moon to Pisces and a square to Mercury in Gemini. Shivery, but also exhilarating. It adds another layer to the Venus longing, but it’s not the best influence for decision-making or design. Better to wait till it’s passed and use it as food for thought when better rested.

Wednesday’s Pisces Moon trines Mars. Okay, NOW is a good time to start taking action, even if purely for yourself, for your mood. Allow yourself to be inspired through your connection to something meaningful, magical, or mysterious. As the Moon sextiles Uranus, Chiron sits on their midpoint. With the mood as your compass, action satisfies the need for something new as well as incorporating your own special talents.

Thursday the Pisces Moon moves over Neptune and into sextile with both Pluto and Venus. It splits their difference. Sensual and satisfying, it’s a ripe peach of day.

On Friday, the Moon moves to Mars-ruled Aries, picking up a sextile to Mercury and a square to Mars. That peach is already plucked and eaten, but a sense of satisfaction remains in the mind and influences the senses and communications to draw us forward. It may be tough to pivot that mood; but when you know that, it’s simpler.

All week long with Venus and Jupiter moving to hit 29 degrees, it can feel as though we’re pushed to finish something up or are bombarded with a multitude of requests for our resources. It’s helpful to remember that it won’t last forever, and that with Venus-Pluto in effect, we’re gaining power from this challenge.



Weekly Forecast: May 3-7, 2021 – Venus And Mercury At Home — 3 Comments

  1. Thanx; my momma used to smile
    When we cried hungry
    She say” it’s good to be hungry you can imagine all the things you’re hungry for “So if this week I’m going to be longing I’m gonna be longing for all of the goods ;I’m gonna let my imagination feed my hunger and practice on every drinking, every meal ;to sip and nibble slowly
    So when desire meets love I will make it happen slowly ,same way
    I am going to work this morning ,already dreamin of steamy Thursday

  2. when you have been longing for some things for so long, it becomes really difficult to sit back and do nothing. I just hope the time brings unfulfilled desires to completion.

  3. spot on! and very well summarized in the final paragraph. Considering I natal placements triggered by these players (transits) in key houses… I FEEL IT. thkx !

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