Weekly Forecast: May 24-28, 2021 – Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

All week, we have Mars in Cancer drawing closer into trine with Neptune in Pisces. It’s an influence that helps us all get into the flow and stay with that wave. The flow is that current of energy that takes you somewhere fast. Once you’re in it, you’re on track and connected.

There’s a feeling that you’re headed somewhere special, somewhere fated you need to be. It can feel like getting in tune with what the universe wants. In reality, the results don’t always feel ideal, but they often do. If you’re off your game, this is where you get a chance to get back on. This whole week is the time to look for on ramps to the flow. You may not even have to look if you’re not actively avoiding where you ought to be going.

I remember being outside the wake when water skiing. It’s bumpy and scary to cross the wake, but once you do, it’s smooth and easy. If you choose a path this week and you end up somewhere smooth, that’s the flow… even if there are some sketchy moments before you’re fully up and running. With Jupiter in Pisces, a little faith goes a long way here.

Also in effect all week, Venus creeps up on Mercury in Gemini, edging closer and closer until they conjoin late Friday night. Mercury slows in prep for its Saturday retrograde allowing Venus to catch up… as Venus squares Neptune (exact Thursday).

If your plans are falling apart or if you find yourself increasingly confused about what you want or even what’s going on, don’t worry about it. Just pay attention. Paying attention won’t make you less confused, but it can help in staying in the present. When something ridiculous happens you’ll be able to say: “I don’t know where it came from, but it certainly looked like a giraffe.” If you’re down for anything, it can actually be a hoot.

I think the worst thing you could do this week is be inflexible, with your actions, with your thinking – especially with how you choose to see things. Just let it be what it is. Description works better than judgement. For instance, instead of calling someone a horse’s ass, describe the traits and actions that make you think that. It makes no difference to the horse’s ass, but it makes YOU a richer character.

It also helps you get into the flow. If you’re flexible, any little clue, any push or pull can shift you into the exact place you need to be. When we act in this connected spirit, we can get somewhere magical. Maybe not quite yet, but we get in the wave that’s going there.

Monday the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus and squares Saturn, a fixed t-square. Let’s start right off with a challenge to flexibility! So I guess we should be flexible about being flexible and be ready to respond out of the blue.

Tuesday the Moon goes on to trine Mars then trine Neptune, linking them in a grand trine in water. Relax and float. Is it possible to actively relax? Use your imagination and move your body; the mood is deep and naughty as the Moon heads into sextile with Pluto.

The Moon heads into Sagittarius by nighttime, squaring Jupiter. Time for something different, something bigger, something MORE. Venus’ square to Neptune under this effect can add some pining or dissatisfaction to the mood, but it’s short lived.

Wednesday morning, the Sadge Moon heads into opposition to the Gemini Sun, setting up the full moon eclipse. It’s closest aspect is that past-exact square to Jupiter. It’s likely that whatever bittersweet thoughts affected the prior night’s mood, those are involved with the current turn of events.

Something is culminating, ending or coming to a head; we feel it big time. Still, flexibility is the thing. Soon we’ll be looking back at all these details, reviewing and reordering our plans and our desires. Life is change. We don’t want to be boxed in to one thing and unable to grab something better when it comes down the pipe. If something skedaddles, don’t chase. Pay attention. Grab all the info you can.

The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn in Aquarius. Everything is a trial run for what comes next. It takes time for experiments to show results. Keep at it, and don’t lose heart. Optimism is smart and it lays a foundation for the future.

On Thursday, the Sadge Moon pops up the Venus-Mercury-Neptune square, a t-square. Being free is fun, exhilarating even. Don’t expect everything to make sense right now. Just stay flexible and listen without judgement. Everything makes sense in the end. This isn’t the end!

Nighttime brings the Moon into the early degrees of Capricorn and a sextile to Jupiter. It’s cozy and an opportunity knit some of those details into an early hypothesis. Making sense of things makes us feel better. Keep adding to your stash of data. It feels like security. Being optimistic about the future makes us feel more secure too!

Friday the Cap Moon squares Chiron and trines Uranus. Everything old is new again and we have to square that up with how we feel about who we are on the inside. And we can. Venus moves over Mercury in the night. Pleasure moves through the senses and we try to make sense of all those possible ways to scratch where it itches. Everything is always in flux, but in between this eclipse and the next, as Venus blends with Mercury – we see it… and it tickles.

The full moon eclipse takes place at 5 degrees Sagittarius. Where does it hit your chart? How are you feeling?



Weekly Forecast: May 24-28, 2021 – Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius — 9 Comments

  1. The Full Moon Eclipse will conjunct my natal Jupiter and Venus conjunction, three-in-one … in the 11th House. We’re settling into our new place, getting a feel for what it’s like to be home with a community, and a neighborhood. The two aren’t exactly the same thing but as you suggest if I’m flexible in my thinking the two could just be what they are. THAT’S CHANGE, for me. big change.
    I’m feeling a lot. Deep upheavals, or revisiting old decisions that flavor my everything. I’m immersed in an ancient revisiting of what voice and relationships are made of; and it feels like home. That may help with the other feel for being home. Different/same.
    Thanks Satori, full meal deal week ahead: “It takes time for experiments to show results. Keep at it, and don’t lose heart. Optimism is smart and it lays a foundation for the future.” This sounds good for when I get rigid. xo

  2. Falls square dab on my Uranus in the 9th house. My MC is only 3 degrees away though, so this could see a big change coming in regards to my status or something along those lines.

    It’s also sextile my Ascendant.

    So, I guess, good things could come from this, as Aquarius rules my Ascendant and my 1st house.

    I have no idea what though. My sister is getting married the coming Friday (a city hall wedding), and I will meet my mother for the 1st time in a year on that day (we have cut off contact by her choice for 2,5 years now)

  3. I have heard from a few people yesterday that are sick and having really difficult times. The past several days have been awful for me as well. A person that I consider my second mother, [my husband’s last remaining aunt] was just diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease. She and I write letters to each other and talk on the phone a lot.

    My nodes are tied into this eclipse and so is my midheaven.

    Jupiter can exacerbate issues and make them worse. To me, it is not all good due to it can compound what is a molehill and turn it into a mountain of problems. I have seen this a lot.

    Frankly, I dread this thing, because Full Moons bring endings. Blah. I am so tired of endings at this point in my life. On the other hand, I wish it would just hurry up and get on with it. At times, I feel it will be the end of me myself. Sigh.

  4. Almost conj. my Sag moon at 4′ in 9th. Natal T-square with Pisces Asc. and Pluto in Virgo on Desc. No partner so I wait to see how this plays.

  5. Here in the UK the Prime Minister’s former chief advisor has been on TV all day being completely honest (as far as we know) about all the mistakes the Government made during the pandemic in 2020. Good timing for a Sag Full Moon!

  6. “ everything makes sense in the end this is not the end“ The movie screen says the end of the river not the chorus nor the heartbeat and even with the movie there’s that option I repeat OK I’m going to make like the wind and breeze around my tiny island with your beautiful words popping in and out like
    Wondrous clouds,I feel sticky like pollen not able to clear my emotions
    From spring and it was hot like Africa hot yesterday I have lots of seeds to plant but my moon chart is telling me Monday,today might
    Find me napping like the cat kisses my friends

    • I love “I feel sticky like pollen not able to clear my emotions” … maybe that’s what happens to me too during pollen season. So many emotions pile up on top of each other. Sorting not possible, all too sticky.
      Hoping to plant beans soon, in our new sandy bottom place. Into big pots yet to find this first time. Scarlet Runners in a pouch from a pal, waiting for the moon that is right.

  7. Love how some bean plants shoot a flower like a sweet pea , so scenty
    Tuesday and Wednesday are a pisces moon, that’s when it’s going
    To go down here, I have like 15 lbs.
    of seed to plant!!!feels a little late the heat will make them play a fast catch up
    To having planted early and temps being fickle plants would have little growth, yesterday like 97, today like 47 freaky

    My garden ,I have turned over twice but
    Raining now and I can see green stripes popping up again, boogers:(
    Perhaps I can do a little touch up
    I plant zinnias: dark red and purple king, orange , salmon, and mustard
    Ivory ,and Carmine ( a flashy hot pink,
    Like small wild roses) so excited
    I , these days, only plant single colors
    As when mixed I find less developed flowers, I believe some territorial
    Sideways rooting goes on, whereas when grouped by color, roots go down straight and find cooler temp
    And colonize better and are stronger, more developed
    Stands of flowers.Hope you have
    An ez Sunday

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