Weekly Forecast: May 16-20, 2022 – Kicking Fate Into Gear

harpy tempestYou know how waterfowl look so elegant skimming the surface, slipping under and bobbing back up? What you don’t see is the effort, the struggle, and the mad paddle. That’s Mars-Neptune in Pisces this week, exact Tuesday morning.

It can also be that feeling of gearing down as you take off waterskiing or on a jet-ski, where you sink down and for a moment you’re held and feel the weight of the water… only to pop free and ZOOM, skim, skid. Mars and Neptune travel along together in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn as the Taurus Sun (post full-moon powerful) trines Pluto, exact on Thursday. They work together: a powerhouse, a battery, a rudder, and a motor… and divine, fated intercession. Look for your own shot, your own chance to jet ahead. But do it with the calm grace of the above-water part of the hopped-up danger goose.

You don’t need to make anything happen. Wait till it’s right, you see it’s right, then GO. Let it look simple and strong. Like a goose. They don’t bother with you till they do. Geese are terrifying but badass. Often elegant.

All week, Mercury (retrograde) heads back over the first degrees of Gemini in sextile to Jupiter. On Thursday night that sextile peaks. Perhaps we find something we missed. In poring over the details we either make sense of something already discovered or find the missing piece that brings it all together. Jupiter broadcasts. Jupiter intensifies. Whatever it is, it’s BIG. Could be shiny too. And actionable.

Friday night, the Sun joins Mercury in Gemini. Curiosity reigns, even if it has to take a back road and change busses a few times. The Sun also picks up a sextile to Jupiter, so opportunity for fortune arrives for those who keep their senses peeled.

The week’s Moon breaks away from its full mood early Monday, but that intensity is an undercurrent that heightens everything as it recedes – through Sadge (bouncy optimism!), into and out of Capricorn (bit of a slog), winding up Thursday and Friday in Aquarius (breezy, buzzy – making discoveries and meaning feel less burdensome, more foundational).

Monday, the Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter and opposes retro Mercury, spicing up their sextile. The need to roam and groove brings the senses right to the scene of the party.

Tuesday, that same Moon trines Chiron and Venus, sextiles Saturn, and squares Mars and Neptune in the night. Let the mood take you where you need to go, want to go – feel drawn. It slows up a bit, but that’s where you bog down to ramp up.

Wednesday’s Capricorn Moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Juno. Slowed down is not so bad, but when you want to GO or change gears it’s a challenge. Still, passion is stoked by this friction. Grab it.

On Thursday, the Cap Moon squares Chiron, trines Uranus, squares Venus, then sextiles Neptune and Mars. It conjoins Pluto overnight. Fresh start vibes after the full moon have a premature feeling, but when the time comes it’s TIME TO GO. Power moves start inside.

Friday morning, the Cap Moon finishes up with Pluto and a trine to the 29 degree Taurus Sun. Have a hearty breakfast? Things are about to pick up speed and you may forget to be in your body later. Once the Moon hits Aquarius it trines retro Mercury and sextiles Jupiter in Aries. There’s so much to investigate!

Nighttime brings the Sun into Gemini and the Moon heads into square with Aquarius ruler Uranus. So much going on, in so many directions. Shocking, I know!

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Weekly Forecast: May 16-20, 2022 – Kicking Fate Into Gear — 4 Comments

  1. Love it , time to go! Sounds huge from my corner😘
    Time to shake that fear and anxiety it has felt like a tight hold on my ankle pulling me under , I have been feeling that water enter my lungs almost snuffing my soul , but what’s this ? A damn big planet(me,inside shaking her head)going for a king fu kick#!?! to the hand that pulls me down under , oh yes!!! look at that swan ,she is ready++++

  2. Important meeting Tues am … channelling my inner calm goose! It’s not my natural disposition! Can I make my mercury in Taurus look graceful?! It can be a bit blunt!! And Taurus sun easily comes out if a red rag is dangled! Wish me luck!!!Will re-read this before I go in!!! Love it!!! Tu xxx

  3. Thanks Sartori
    I just lurrve the Title*Kicking Fate into Gear*
    That’s all I have been trying for the past 2 years.
    I have plodded,worked hard, thought of nothing else.
    And now KABOOM!;!
    Its gonna happen.
    Having a Taurus Sun and Leo Rising.
    The Time is Now.
    I have had so many eclipses in Taurus.
    Its gotta amount to something.
    Something BIG and something GOOD

  4. there’s some geese near by at the park that just had babies, so that made me laugh… cause mama goose don’t play around! She’s def a badass 🙂

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