Weekly Forecast : May 14-18, 2018 – New Moon In Taurus

Monday morning the Taurus Moon moves through a trine to Saturn into sextile with Neptune and opposition to Jupiter. By the end of the day it trines Pluto. The mood expands to fill its environment. We run the gamut of emotions and connect to something greater, but the underlying energy is disturbed by the ongoing Mars-Uranus square.

Mars in Capricorn won’t square Uranus in Aries exactly. Both are poised to change sign with Uranus going first on Tuesday, after the new moon conjunction in Taurus. So in the dark of the Moon, engines rumble underfoot. Everything feels like the day we are used to having, but what is that tremor? It’s a quick but even vibration, for now.

Does that sound ominous? Some will feel that. Others will only notice the blue sky, oblivious to the earth’s hum.

Tuesday the Taurus Moon conjoins the Sun, a new cycle, a new moon. The conjunction applies into trine with Mars, and the Moon closes the asepct midday. But before that happens, Uranus moves to Taurus, joining the Sun and Moon, all three now ruled by Venus, currently in Gemini.

The new moon opens with one foot on a frustrated Mars in earth. It goes on to trine Mars and head into Gemini to sextile Chiron. The mood shifts to a crisp, entertaining, healing lift. The discomfort of the process of tectonic shift feels worthwhile somehow, hurts so good.

Late Tuesday, Mars moves to Aquarius. Where previously Uranus had been ruled by Mars (action oriented), now it is not. Now it is ruled by Venus. Where previously Mars had been ruled by Saturn (stabilizing), now it is not. It is ruled by Uranus. The planets shift sign, rulers, elements. Mars treads on air. It’s zippy. It also maintains the square to Uranus but on changed turf.

The change will affect everyone differently, but some broader effects will be shared. Like an earthquake. Parts will be tangible, literal. Parts will be intellectualized, theoretical. We shall see soon enough.

All week long, Juno in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. Wednesday morning, the Gemini Moon sextiles Juno and quincunxes Saturn. Juno square Saturn brings tension to our committed positions – what’s right versus our passionate attachments. If you’ve split along these lines, Wednesday’s mood brings escape. This is especially so as the Moon moves to aspect Neptune and Jupiter. Feel what’s possible. Make a higher connection that draws you closer to your genuine desires.

Thursday, the Moon moves over Gemini Venus in mutual reception to sign ruler Mercury in Taurus. Mercury moves closer into trine with Saturn. Find delight where you can. It’s available. Let it soothe you, stabilize your perception and senses.

Later Thursday, the Moon moves into its own sign, Cancer, and into sextile with Uranus and Mercury. That sextile to Mercury holds into Friday as the Moon moves to oppose Saturn and square Juno. It’s challenging to take in the weight of responsibilities. It’s a lousy time to nail down relationships. Table commitments for another time if you can.

Later Friday, the Cancer Moon hits its stride in trines to Jupiter and Neptune: grand trine flow in water. Move toward a better feeling story of connection. Remember what it’s like to flow around the feeling of burden and find a smoother route to the heart of the issue.

You don’t work harder to get there. You relax into the flow and simply find yourself there.

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Weekly Forecast : May 14-18, 2018 – New Moon In Taurus — 4 Comments

  1. “You don’t work harder to get there. You relax into the flow and simply find yourself there.”

    If THAT doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does…

    BRAVO Satori / priceless words as usual!

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