Weekly Forecast: March 30 – April 2, 2020 – Mars And Venus Change Sign

emThis week, Pallas Athena moves through the few degrees in Capricorn where Jupiter and Pluto abide. This happens as Jupiter moves closely into conjunction with Pluto. The deep rumble is building, but we’re likely to find more patterns in the tumult. It’s possible something useful could emerge.

Mercury in Pisces is out of its retrograde shadow and heads into conjunction with Neptune, exact Friday night. So there’s an exponentially increasing, volcanic situation. If we’re smart about it and listen to creative connection, our senses hold the key to understanding invisible wisdom.

Monday, the Gemini Moon squares Neptune. Mars moves to Aquarius by afternoon, into conjunction with Saturn (exact Tuesday). We can’t rely on previous impressions. Feeling pulled one way and the other won’t be unusual, nor will feeling unsure. This comes along with blocked action, so the mood is prone to boredom and irritation. It’s easy to be distracted under this influence. It’s also easy to be clumsy and pick up some bumps and bruises. Don’t punch any walls. However, there is also the possibility to slow down and stimulate some magically inspired moments of creativity and inspiration.

Tuesday, the Moon moves to Cancer with a square to Chiron and a sextile to Uranus. Mars in Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and both Mars and Saturn move toward square with Uranus. Try something new, but take it slow – or at least be measured and serious. Mistakes are how you improve. If you go mindfully enough and expect things to be elusive, you can spot the mistakes early and work it into a satisfying groove.

Mars makes its exact conjunction and moves past Saturn on Tuesday. Mars-Saturn connotes a possibility of cruelty as well as impediment. One could bring out the other. In Aquarius and square Uranus, this can come out of the blue or from unexpected sources. Luckily with Mercury moving into Neptune, forgiveness and grace are possible. Apply fairy dust when needed, and look for the hidden meaning in people’s words and actions. Vulnerability is visible in flashes. Growth is possible.

Wednesday, the Cancer Moon squares the Sun early, trines Mercury and Neptune, then goes on to oppose Jupiter and Pluto overnight. Here between the new moon and the next full moon, tune your heart in to your mind and senses and open up to quiet impressions. It stands as a counterpoint and balance to the intensity of the outside world. Take a bath, sing, howl at the Moon.

Thursday, the Moon finishes in Cancer with a sextile to Venus. Immediately after, it hits Leo as the Sun (ruler of Leo) opposes Juno in Libra. The status quo is challenged here but in a charming and productive way. The way we relate is in flux, but it’s also exciting and can be full of delicious enchantments. Get creative. Surprises don’t have to be complicated to be successful and satisfying. It’s a dance. Enjoy the dance for its own sake and affirm your commitments.

Friday morning, Venus moves to Mercury-ruled Gemini. The aesthetic of desire is airy and communicative, drawing on the vast pool of Mercury-Neptune for inspiration. There’s more than one prize to chase, and we want options. It’s a great influence to alleviate any boredom that was threatening. Venus closely trines Saturn and Mars. Pleasure is tuned in to the senses but also the mind. It touches action, but don’t expect to hold on to the moment. Saturn nails down a benefit, but moving forward takes it into a more intellectual realm, theoretical over tangible, at least in some regard. Over time a tangible reward can be realized. Experiment – that’s where the fun is. Get serious about enjoying yourself in the ways you can find or make.

Friday the Leo Moon trines the Sun. It’s a warm fiery mood that favors finding yourself on whatever path is available THAT DAY. Find love where you can. Be generous and revel in a mood to play.

What are your plans this week? Where are Mars and Venus transiting YOUR chart?



Weekly Forecast: March 30 – April 2, 2020 – Mars And Venus Change Sign — 5 Comments

  1. Me and the Robins (those early birds:) are making the most of spring vitality. I love this you wrote about Monday(today): ” However, there is also the possibility to slow down and stimulate some magically inspired moments of creativity and inspiration.” Mars moves in my 1st House, and Venus transits my 5th in a broad conjunction with my North Node. I have magic moving in and through me, sometimes fast and sometime very, very slow. The week will go as she goes, I hope to hitch a ride. xo Moki

  2. Thanks for all this wonderful insight, Satori! On Tuesday my wife and I are going to Cornell to volunteer sewing masks made from recycled surgical blankets – your message for Tuesday in particular is a wonderful gift to ponder ahead of time. I am glad to be able to volunteer but I admit I was a little anxious about doing everything right so your words, “Try something new, but take it slow – or at least be measured and serious.” are especially helpful and hit the exact right tone. Blessings to you and yours, as always many thanks for the amazing work you do here!

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