Weekly Forecast: March 27-31, 2017 – New Moon in Aries

in your earMonday morning the Moon starts out in Pisces and a square to Saturn. Before long the shift to Aries helps shake off any feeling of impediment. Onward and upward! The day is spent with the Moon moving into conjunction with the Aries Sun for the exact new moon by nighttime.

It’s the first new moon of the zodiacal year, cardinal – an action-based, Mars-ruled starter. Retrograde Venus sits early in the sign and Mercury is just past conjunction with Uranus at the last bit. New moon ruler Mars is in Taurus, sextile Neptune and trine Juno and Pluto. These energies hold throughout the week. It’s a strong new moon with a long window for action. Aries tends to be about getting things going, but Taurus Mars here has the ability to lend staying power and follow through. Pluto adds power, and Juno leads to acting on commitments, particularly the ones that further cement those ties with pleasure.

The Aries stellium generates ideas to act upon. The attitudes that form now are ripe for fresh action. Think about what you want going forward. The plans are taking shape.

Tuesday the Aries Moon moves through a t-square with Pluto and Jupiter and on into conjunction with Uranus. Mercury’s trine to Saturn is exact. The mood is one of action and now now now. This can be a source of friction as these things are set to take place over time. The powerful feeling of urgency can bring frustration. Alternately that energy can be put into getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

Wednesday morning the Moon joins Mercury and trines Saturn. Getting fired up about the possibilities is stabilizing. Planning benefits, and the Moon moves to a less frenzied, more relaxed mood in Taurus. Capitalize on that momentum.

Thursday the Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune then goes on to join Mars in trining Juno and Pluto. Put simply, action feels good. Action on a plan, toward a goal feels positively splendid and empowering. But you don’t have to do it all in one day. Pace yourself and enjoy the moment.

Friday’s Moon moves from Taurus to Gemini – Venus-ruled to Mercury-ruled. Friday starts out with Mercury at the last degree of Aries and retrograde Venus on the edge of the first, both Mars-ruled. Wanting action, thinking about action… as the Moon moves to Gemini the mood echoes this. Then Mercury shifts to Taurus and the collective attitude shifts to desire-based rulership as well. The senses slow down to appreciate the environment. Stop and notice your beautiful surroundings. Nature fills a need.

The Moon sextiles Venus. The mood fosters the opportunity to really understand what will bring pleasure. With retrograde Venus, there’s an element of identifying what to keep in the pile of things we’ve marked for destruction. As the Aries stellium shifts to a stellium in Taurus, we may decide there are some things we definitely want to hang onto… or possibly some things we want to upgrade.

By nighttime, Venus moves back to the first degree of Aries, the Aries point. Tune up your aesthetic; it’s a whole new ball game. Re-imagine what you can have. Reassess what you already have.

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Weekly Forecast: March 27-31, 2017 – New Moon in Aries — 3 Comments

  1. Ive got a lot riding on this new moon. How do you find your calling?

    Im already 30. Maybe it’s too late cause i blew my saturn return.

    • Dont think you blew it. Its all about lessons. I’m 65 and finally got my stuff together, but trying to be rid of annoying people who dont understand i’m not interested in them.

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