Weekly Forecast: March 23-27, 2020 – Active Aries New Moon In Quarantine

moon-sunWe have a string of train cars lined up in Capricorn – Pallas/Jupiter/Pluto/Mars – ruled by Saturn. Saturn is one sign ahead in Aquarius, moving into square with Aquarius ruler Uranus in Taurus (a revolution or shock to resources). Early Tuesday morning, the Aries Moon sextiles Saturn before going on to conjoin the Sun: the new moon in Aries.

Monday, the Moon finishes up in Pisces, sextiling each Cap placement in turn before its nighttime move to Aries and that Saturn sextile. Monday is the dark of the Moon with a feelin’ of forebodin’. It’s a BIG-BAM-BOOM setting up, and that train has Mars as its engine – Mars, the ruler of the new moon.

That train is composed of Mars in lead; Pluto full of power; Jupiter pulling the whistle, yelling FASTER; and Pallas Athena pulling up at the end. Pallas Athena is a gender-irrelevant warrior whose greatest power is higher intelligence and the ability to spot patterns. The train is ominous in its ability to wreak havoc. However, it is unparalleled in its potential force for… anything. Unknown but exciting.

The new moon beginning tunes to Mars and the train. Mars hearkens to Saturn… and so on. The only thing certain here is big change. It certainly looks and feels fated, but don’t let that stop you from playing your own personal part. That’s personal control, that is. Take it. Do you remember how that feels? Many of us have had our personal controls ratcheted down, but have we really? As a community there’s control and restriction (Aquarius Saturn), but I have more possibilities inside my house than I could address in the rest of my life. The number of books alone is staggering. Some actions remain in the personal realm. Taken as a whole they create momentum in the collective. What will your part be?

Tuesday morning, the Aries Moon passes over the Aries Sun and heads over Chiron and Black Moon Lilith. It’s a new cycle of action. Even though action may feel restricted right now, it’s also unbelievably potent. It’s potentially explosive with Saturn square Uranus. But that will unfold over time too. Start new and learn something. Heal yourself. Take back your inner wild person, and use that to advantage your mood and sense of self.

Wednesday, the Sun makes its exact conjunction to Chiron and the Moon in Aries squares the Capricorn stellium. It’s possible we get increased restrictions, but it’s more likely we chafe at the general lack of broad movement and continued restriction regardless of its level (increase/decrease/same). A Mars mood needs action and movement and physical challenge. So find some to burn that off. Have you got something to teach others? It’s a good time to be helpful as that also burns up the excess Mars energy as well as stimulating ego health.

Thursday, the Moon finishes up in Aries and moves to Taurus. It immediately squares Saturn then moves into conjunction with Uranus. By this point, you’re probably fully aware of what’s missing from your home base and feeling the sting of that lack. Now is the time to experiment as the Moon moves into sextile with Pisces Mercury. Necessity is the progenitor of invention and improvement.

All week long, Venus moves closer into trine with Jupiter, exact Friday night. Desire is increased; we want it all. Friday’s Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune then heads in conjunction with Jupiter, lighting up Venus. The longing is penetrating and the hunger is pronounced. Desire is rich and expansive. It’s possible to get yourself into trouble over it, but the urges are compelling and delightfully tantalizing.

Where does the 4 degree Aries new moon hit your chart? How are you faring under 0 degree Saturn strictures?



Weekly Forecast: March 23-27, 2020 – Active Aries New Moon In Quarantine — 11 Comments

  1. Where does the 4 degree Aries new moon hit your chart? How are you faring under 0 degree Saturn strictures?


    My SOUTH node is at 4 degrees Aries in my 3rd house. Someone said: “The third house stands for valor, heroism, prowess, courage and firmness.” I have done “this” (deal with major crises) many times both in this life and in previous lives. Therefore, the current situation comes easy for me. Good thing because right now I am in the thick of the action (grocery worker, with essentially no PPE, although I hear we will getting some rudiments thereof). I’m like a mercenary soldier who can be deployed anywhere and will be able to face whatever s/he is confronted with, with their own weapon (so far, I have been buying my own gloves – this is supposed to change in the coming week).

    As for Saturn, it is about to cross my ascendant at 1.57 degrees Aquarius. I am being called (timing, Saturn) to show great discipline (Saturn) in service to the collective (Aquarius). I am happy to answer that call.

    I see the strictures (Saturn) as being for the collective’s (Aquarius) greater good, and wise (Saturn) and fast-changing (Aquarius) decisions will be made this week. I am ready to heed them. This is NOT the time (Saturn) to rebel (Aquarius).

    In my previous career (a professional and Aquarian one, btw), I was known as a “parachute employee”. I could be dropped into any raging inferno and be trusted to put out the fire. Not sure that I can “put out” THIS fire, but I will be one of the ones fighting it and keeping people alive. I am proud of this. (Haven’t been proud of anything significant in a long time. This is nice for a change.)

      • She is in my Gemini 5th house. I guess she and I will be putting on a show (5th house)! ~giggles~ (Thanks for the visual you have provided, Moki! You too, stay safe.)

    • Happy Birthday Stargirl and to all my fellow Rams!!
      We are celebrating the Fire 🔥 now The New Year and New Beginnings and will leave this isolation and Pandemic behind us soon. Let us lead the way in courage to all our brethren who need us in any way at all. Yes, we are first and that includes service to all we encounter. There is good out there, and we will find it and do it and celebrate and share it! Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎂 Aries🐏♈️
      Aries Rising

  2. There was this weird buzzing sense of collectivity during Pluto in Sagittarius which I hated.. partly due to the proliferation of the internet.. and there was this one band Matthew good band I really liked (I turned to Canadian music tv after MTV started playing Britney spears and nelly).. they used to have these prescient intense songs like ‘the future is x-rated’ (clearly a meditation on the internet, porn, and consumerism) and this one song apparitions that I loved. There was a busy, herded electricity to the time.. you could see it in some of David foster wallace’s essays. I was pleased that these songs became less applicable during Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, there was a dawn of music that was deeper and more internal and more optimistic of human connection starting for me with Frank ocean. Anyway, I found myself listening to apparitions today. Maybe because Saturn transitioned to an air sign I sense the similar collective, technological electricity and threat of the internet swallowing us up. I don’t know how to describe it. I am also pulled up and a tiny bit more external because Saturn moved into my 1st. I desperately want to continue the goals of my 12th.

  3. The David foster Wallace essay I mean the most is the AVN awards. There is certainly a collective technological and existential threat that is beyond us now. I love how Russell brand summarized it. I seem to always look to comedians and podcasters to metabolize what’s happening in the moment. They are gifted at turning to art at these times. I wish I was too.

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