Weekly Forecast: March 20-24, 2023 – New Moon In Aries, Pluto In Aquarius

red string ZacThis week we have some unusual movement. The Sun shifts from the last degree of the zodiac to the first on Monday. On Tuesday it meets the Moon at zero degrees for the new moon in Aries. Pluto and Mars change sign on Thursday and Saturday (respectively). All week, Mars quincunxes Pluto – from one sign to the next, for both.

Saturn has already entered Pisces, so while the brakes aren’t off – they’re not apparent.

The quincunx of Mars and Pluto shifts from air to earth, air to air, then water to air. The action end of that lever is first ruled by matters of the mind and senses, mutable; then on to Cancer, heart and hearth, cardinal. Taking charge. The angle remains the same: requiring effort to succeed.

Throughout the week there is a powerful balancing act in progress. Some are laboring to push through an agenda with two faces. The power to achieve is available, but how nimble is your approach? Try again! Tectonic plates don’t shift on their own; it’s pressure and eruption that create this movement. A type of flow can be achieved, though it requires continued activity.

There is a flow of information, communication, facts and misinformation/disinformation. These are manipulative. Manipulation is not always to one’s detriment. It just IS. And it’s already in process.

Monday morning, Venus moves over the north node in Taurus. It’s healthy to want something solid and beneficial, familiar. Also Monday, the Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus and the Sun heads into Aries. We are pulled into flow with new values and goals and the chance to sync up to our core as we begin again a Spring. Overnight, the Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune. Old dreams, new dreams.

On Tuesday, the Moon finishes up in Pisces, and Venus conjoins Juno. The Pisces Moon squares Mars and sextiles Pluto. Passion for pleasure accompanies the urge to affect change. Then the Moon leaps ahead to Aries, joining the Aries Sun in new moon conjunction. Passion, desire, and sensually intense action dominate this seasonally fresh start of the Moon cycle. After the Moon is new, it goes on to cross over Mercury as well. A simple VOW.

Contemplate what is happening in these moments: both internally and externally. Both for you and for the collective. Venus begins to sidle up to Uranus in time. Things that seemed strange may soon feel new and desired.

Wednesday, the Aries Moon runs through Chiron, Jupiter, and Vesta. The mood picks up speed as it tests its legs – find your pace and lock it down. Excited, exciting, leveled up and fired up.

On Thursday, Pluto hits Aquarius, and the Aries Moon finishes with a sextile to Mars in Gemini. Look to what’s happening with power in the collective. How is that power being used? The mood is ripe to make something of it. When the Moon moves to Taurus, it squares Pluto. How do you feel? The challenge is new, but the gut feeling is old: Old plus new equals new here. Take care of your belly and the quiver in your throat.

Early Friday, the Taurus Moon conjoins Venus. It goes on to roll over Uranus in the afternoon. With Mars-Pluto in quincunx, now out of sign but in element- keep action theoretical but soothe your nerves with something tangible. Acclimation happens as we go.

The new moon takes place Tuesday at 0 degrees Aries, the beginning of spring AND the fresh moon cycle! Where does it hit your chart? Where are YOU beginning or beginning again?


Weekly Forecast: March 20-24, 2023 – New Moon In Aries, Pluto In Aquarius — 4 Comments

  1. I have natal moon in aries with jupiter further along in aries, maybe 14 degrees. I’m more concerned about saturn going into pisces. I have sun 7 degrees in 10th. I think it might be a steadying influence, but then again, I might retire! Depends how quickly saturn moves, and if it retrogrades. About 28 years ago, when saturn transited my 10th house sun I was in nursing school.

  2. New moon in 3rd house for me. It feels intense still. Will need to evaluate and make changes. Taking my time deciding how to proceed. Liking Venus in Taurus:)

  3. As soon as Pluto entered Aquarius, there was a level 4 (severe) Geomagnetic storm that caused auroras everywhere

    The solar storm was emitted from a small and benign sunspot that was facing AWAY from the Earth.

    At the same time, the Earth’s magnetic field suddenly SHIFTED South, which caused a crack, allowing the Solar Storm to filter through and trigger auroras.

    Nobody saw this storm coming. It was a completely unexpected blindside.

    We can’t get a bigger announcement of Pluto in Aquarius!

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