Weekly Forecast: March 20-24, 2017 – A Great, Big Brain Pinata, Full of Plans and Stories

sagittariusWe have a couple of big astro-stories this week. First off, hello Aries Sun and spring! The Sun hits the first degree of the zodiac, the Aries or solstice point. It’s a fresh, active beginning. Ruler Mars is ahead in pleasure filled Taurus.

All week, Mars in Taurus moves into sextile with Neptune in Pisces. Go with the flow, go with god: Get some. And cake, get cake. You might even cry over how good that cake is.

The other big story is the movement of Aries Mercury into the cardinal t-square of Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus. The energy builds all week with Mercury square Pluto on Thursday and exactly opposite Jupiter on Friday with Uranus a few degrees ahead.

It’s a big story, a deep and powerful story; it could be an explosive story. There’s nothing to say explosive can’t mean awesome. Pinatas are terrific, and we have that divine opportunity with the Neptune, Taurus Mars, goodie-stuffed sextile. Whatever it turns out to be, it’s big and new, making something shocking of the old, the dead, expired. It could be news from beyond the grave. Neptune with Mars added… there may even be a tangible gift from the unseen. Though that may emerge later when that aspect is closer to exact – over the weekend or early in the next week.

The addition of Vesta at 21 degrees Cancer brings a sacred cow into the mix. Include Vesta with the t-square and we have a cardinal grand cross. Something of divine emotional importance, close to home, is at issue as well. This pops Tuesday into Wednesday with the Moon in Capricorn setting off the cardinal contraption. Some lids need blowing. Just be sure to keep communicating in a straightforward manner. Don’t manipulate – it’s counterproductive. Things feel important, close to the heart. Be a straight shooter and the air will clear fine.

Monday the Moon starts out in Sagittarius and moves to Capricorn. It squares the Sun then squares Venus. Things may feel jangly, but do proceed. The Moon also trines Mars and action fits the bill. Move. If something gets in your way, turn.

Tuesday the Moon squares Mercury then goes on to conjoin Pluto and square Jupiter. By Wednesday it squares Uranus as well. It’s a taste of the feeling of the tough talks ahead. But don’t let that fuss you. It’s fated. It’s getting you in the mood. Keep thinking, keep looking for more about how you feel. Take it slow; this isn’t the end. No feeling is final.

Wednesday evening the Moon moves to Aquarius and a sextile to the Sun in Aries. This lightens the overall tenor of the day and on into Thursday. It’s time to get excited for all the new stuff to come. Thursday the Moon sextiles retrograde Venus as well. This is happening as Mercury squares Pluto and moves into that cardinal square. Rise above, take a wider emotional stance and appreciate what is beyond the cardinal clash. It keeps perspective and it calms the heart and soul.

Friday as the Mercury cardinal square fully materializes, the Aquarius Moon brings cool relief and the ability to feel yourself outside the fray. The Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Mercury and Uranus. If you’re tense, take an emotional step back and power out with your mind. Rise above. See the bigger picture, then feel the break that bigger picture represents.

With Mercury in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra, long terms plans are highlighted. Plans of action will undoubtedly impact other people in your life, or you may be planning on acting with someone else. The course of such things never did run smooth, but it represents a crossroads, an opportunity to begin something great.

Mercury makes its biggest moves from 19-23 Aries. Where is that hitting your chart? Are you expecting news or working on a resolution? People with strong cancer should stay emotionally hydrated. Those with Virgo and Gemini should work on keeping their mind clear and responsive.

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Weekly Forecast: March 20-24, 2017 – A Great, Big Brain Pinata, Full of Plans and Stories — 8 Comments

  1. Ahhhh Spring – Hallelujah!!
    I will do everything you say. And I can do it because Welcome everyone to Aries season!
    Happy Birthday fellow Rams????
    Aries Rising

  2. I know my progressed moon is moving into Aries. There is a job fair Tuesday, I hope this means I can finally get the break I’ve been waiting for for the past nine years.
    I do have a strong Cancer, what does ’emotionally hydrated’ mean? How does one do that?

  3. Thank you Satori for the heads-up I’ll be alert on Friday. Wish you a wonderful joyful spring and new zodiac year ahead 🙂

  4. Spring and new beginnings!

    Got work interviews this week, hopefully it will work out. 🙂

    Something from the grave? Interesting; but be cool and work towards my future. Will do.

    I have a few things in store to manifest 🙂 and get the show on the road!

  5. It’s sextiling my Sun and Mercury in Aquarius and opposite Pluto in Libra (in my 7th house).
    I have no idea what this week will bring except plenty of work and doctor appointments.

  6. Satori, great post. Thanks.
    Having a conflict with my older sister (Sagittarius) and she want to “talk.” I (Pisces) do not. Don’t see the point of talking about it again when the behavior remains the same. I will keep myself under wraps until the weekend.

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