Weekly Forecast: March 2-6, 2020 – Venus In The Spotlight

bearOn the heels of Venus square Pluto we now have Venus square Saturn, exact on Tuesday. Venus square Pluto speaks of obsession or compulsion and pulling out the stops to draw in the desired object via manipulation – whether through heavy-handed seduction or outright power-play. Venus square Saturn can be a cold, hard door slammed in your face.

It doesn’t have to be. It can also be a Venus-Pluto desire so deep and entrenched that when Venus aspects Saturn, it finally comes to fruition. Every stalker thinks that will be their outcome, but I’m not talking about stalkers. Sometimes people weather unreasonable trials before they get what they want. Their purity pays off. Sometimes people maintain their purity of desire and it still doesn’t pay off.

All you can count on with Venus square Saturn is desire complicated by blockage over time. The outcome will depend on how those placements sit with your chart. Venus in Aries with the other two in Capricorn make the square cardinal, controlling and an agent of change. In general and in particular with Saturn in Capricorn, purity and righteousness matter. Do the right thing. That’s a pretty good spot to frequent regardless.

Mars is also in Capricorn, moving up on Jupiter in the sign. Doing the right thing might not pay off today or tomorrow or soon, but it will pay off in time.

Early Wednesday, retrograde Mercury moves from Pisces back to Aquarius. Aquarius Mercury sextiles Aries Venus, both at 29 degrees. This holds till evening when Venus moves to Taurus, one of the two signs it rules. Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces has been fraught with confusion and obscured information. This shift of Venus and Mercury as they hold an aspect of opportunity is like a holiday cracker of goodies. Something is about to pop and drop, but you never can tell what that will be. It could be delightful or shocking, or both. Even the shocking may be delicious.

Whatever drops may not be the final word on the subject, but it should be something novel to chew on. Coming on the heels of Venus-Saturn, it could bring a consolation prize or unexpected perspective that ends up being quite satisfying. On Tuesday night, the Moon aspects the Venus-Saturn square, then moves to Cancer. Wednesday the Cancer Moon moves into opposition to Mars and trine to the Pisces Sun, carrying the emotional impact as impetus to movement and motion in daily life. People may need help, and helping is satisfying.

Mercury retrograde at the end of Aquarius separates from Venus at the beginning of Taurus. Forward thinking arrives in broader strokes and outside the norm while the desire quotient favors seeking material comfort and the status quo.

The Moon continues in Cancer through Thursday night, opposing Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn and trining Neptune. The mood is strong, but outside influences have an impact. Grace is your best support. Considering the mechanism of the self-fulfilling prophecy, why not try belief? Give it time and things tend to work out. Stress and leaning in to stress is a known component to things not working out as well as they could. So believe, hope. Trust. It satisfies.

Friday, the details are hanging in the air, but a Leo Moon brings out the sunshine. Initially the Moon squares Venus and Uranus, but it also trines Chiron before shining out into the expanse of the day. Get creative with how you approach the day. A good mood can be put on like a sweater. Sometimes it can. It’s a good play to do it when you’re able. If you can’t manage it completely, you’ll still benefit from being generous with yourself. It is YOU you’re putting on a sunny mood for. This Moon makes people want to want to play, even if a few rough edges intrude.

Where are Venus and Mercury transiting and changing sign in your chart?



Weekly Forecast: March 2-6, 2020 – Venus In The Spotlight — 3 Comments

  1. Rx Mercury will re-enter the Aquarius portion of my 1H. I am looking forward to “clearer” thinking and ready to make some decisions.

    Tr Venus will ingress into my Taurus 3H. It will be conjunct Tr Uranus on March 8th. I already experienced the Venus/Uranus effect as I made some impulsive clothing purchases this weekend! Oh, that’s why! The Venus/Uranus conjunction will also oppose my natal Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. I hope Rx Mercury in Aquarius will add some clarity – and I’ll keep my credit card home!

  2. Venus in 12th and Mercury in 10th.

    The Venus/Saturn square forms a T-square to the exact degree of my Sun in Cancer. Saturn exactly opposes my Sun on Wednesday morning. I have been struggling with a major, life-changing decision involving a job opportunity. I’ve been so focused on Saturn-Sun, I hadn’t even realized that Venus was involved in this, but it makes so much sense because money is a major factor in the situation. As is the 12th house! And its interaction with Saturn in the 9th and my Sun in the 3rd…I can’t even believe how much this all adds up now that I think of it.

  3. Do the right thing ,thanx mom
    Best to live true to oneself , be honest
    I am studying appraisal;!the most profound find for me, value is opinion !!
    Economy built on land values
    All opinion, striking for me the power and guidance of ones true opinion
    I think it is spinning our universe

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