Weekly Forecast: March 12-16, 2018 – Observing And Expanding Our Limits, Venus-Saturn

alethiometerYou know those wind up toys, or really anything you wind up with a key? When you;re turning it and get toward the end of the winding capacity, you can feel that tension. You can feel how close it is to not turning anymore. The tension makes it feel as though it may snap. But it usually doesn’t snap. That’s this week.

Mars at the end of Sagittarius has been winding up the Pisces stellium for weeks now. Tuesday night it squares Chiron at the end of Pisces and keeps going. This is where we hit the limit and move past. Sadge Mars knows how to go. It’s not so good with stop. Stop is in Capricorn at the moment (Saturn) squaring Venus (also exact Tuesday).

Sadge ruler Jupiter is newly retrograde, turning back to trine the Pisces Sun, exact Tuesday. I’d say we’re all pretty wound up. It’s not a bad thing. But Venus square Saturn could make it seem so. Venus-Saturn can impact like deprivation, unfairness, disappointment. It’s “not now”, and that rarely hits us right. So we’re wound up, and we get “not now”.

That energy has to go somewhere. It can’t go outward yet, so we have to go within, or higher and above. Find a different direction to expand. We may have to invent one.

Monday and Tuesday the Moon is in Capricorn and Aquarius and makes supportive aspects to Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. Then Venus squares Saturn, and Mars squares Chiron, with Jupiter pushing the ego – even in easy aspect. The mood is grand till something snaps. Keep that in mind. You don’t have to snap with it. It’s just a day. We’re so good at soldiering on that sometimes we fail to note that we’re nearing a personal limit.

Tuesday, the Moon crosses the south node… another limits indicator.

Watch for that, this whole week. Nearing a personal limit. We like to think we can always stretch further, but everyone has limits. We are human. Try not to ignore yours. They are there for a reason – to keep us healthy, keep us in play.

Wednesday the Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter and hits the midpoint of the waning Mars-Uranus trine, sextiling each. This is the other side of being wound up tight. Once you notice it’s uncomfortable, you’re more able to find an innovative road OUT. Find a workaround. The mood is ripe for sending yourself outward and helping others or seeing another side to what’s happening. It will feel better to move out of yourself and how it all affects you.

Thursday the Moon moves to Pisces in anticipation of Saturday’s new moon. The Moon sextiles Saturn. Limits start to feel supportive. There’s a reason we have them. It’s easier to relax and get in tune when we feel supported and validated emotionally. Ground your expectations and flow around obstacles.

Friday the Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune, sextiles Pluto, and trines Jupiter. It’s the dark of the Moon, but it’s also time to get in tune with something bigger than ourselves. Take a deep breath, spread out into areas outside mundane limits. Relax in anticipation of another new start.

Venus square Saturn happens at 8 degrees cardinal. Where do these hit your chart?



Weekly Forecast: March 12-16, 2018 – Observing And Expanding Our Limits, Venus-Saturn — 5 Comments

  1. My ex-husband (with whom I am still close because we co-parent a special needs child) has his sun at 10 degrees Aries in his 12th and his midheaven at 8 degrees Cap. He’s trying to locate a surgical oncologist who can do a specific high-end procedure for his form of cancer and encountering numerous road blocks because of his insurance coverage, so this is how I think it is manifesting in his life. In my chart, transiting Saturn in the 4th is opposing my 13 Can sun and transiting Venus is in my 7th, trining my 14 moon in Leo and sextiling my 9 Aqua Saturn in the fifth, which I always associate with our son. I thing that reflects the impact this is having on our family as a whole.

  2. Too late! I’ve been snapping at ST lately, and we both know it’s because I’m exhausted and we’re stressed out. Not sure how much longer I can take this. Feel like I could nap for a week! 😴

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