Weekly Forecast: March 11-15, 2019 – Mercury Turns Up Another Perspective

Venus and MarsMonday morning, the Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and conjoins Mars. As it does, it moves into trine with Saturn and sextile to the Pisces Sun. A pleasure-seeking mood in tune with inspired thought and movement gains momentum, laying the groundwork for future bounty. It’s a bonus that it feels good to do.

The Moon sextiles retrograde Pisces Mercury overnight for sweet dreams and a waking attitude of creative impulse. That carries us forward till the Moon moves to Gemini and we’re taken up by its sextile to Chiron. Amorphous ideas shake down to be shaped with a clearer eye for meaning and identity. We can make the casual motion of the day part of our learning curve, pinging off others, learning by social echo-location. Who am I in relation to who I am with others? Uranus lies on the midpoint of the Moon-Chiron sextile. It’s quick and effective, but will also embed to take shape over time.

Wednesday morning, the Pisces Sun sextiles Pluto, going on to square Jupiter. We’re pushed to improve. We’re called to shed excess baggage. Slow down to discern where you’re pushed and where you’re called. It’s easy to get flustered, but there’s no reason to give in to it. Down deep, you know what’s in your best interest to complement your highest self – and what else is just extra stress that pushes your buttons.

Consider taking the perspective that there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just shining yourself up so the gold shows. And it’s entirely at your own whim. Shame isn’t helpful. Stress isn’t helpful. Only go so far as you can without these as motivators.

Wednesday’s Gemini Moon conjoins Juno and trines Aquarius Venus. The Moon goes on to square Neptune. With Gemini ruler Mercury retrograde in Pisces, we get the chance to get our heart in tune with our desire and rethink some of our old choices. There’s something new in rethinking the old. Old ideas hit us differently, and today they FEEL GOOD. Enjoy the ephemeral. It doesn’t last, so inhale and utilize that sweetness while it does.

Thursday, the Sun conjoins retrograde Mercury, and Mercury passes over the Sun. Mars in Taurus trines Saturn in Capricorn (in effect all week). We’re having to rethink ego and purpose, but we really are getting somewhere with all this backtracking and bother. Details goes sideways, but it also helps to dissolve the patterns that have kept us in a stale shape too long. We see things from both sides if we dare to look. We can be led to look. Don’t miss the chance.

Mars trine Saturn keeps us on track, so there’s nothing to fear. We’re getting somewhere beneficial in the long term. Keep building, keep moving ahead. But do eat the daisies along the way.

Thursday the Moon finishes up in Gemini with a mutable t-square: an opposition to Jupiter and squares to Mercury and the Sun. It may be hard to keep up with the influx of stimulus. The timing is not always the best for comfort, but the mood does allow for shifting to accommodate. There’s plenty of excitement. Have you considered changing your mind, your attitude, your feelings about something? Whether or not you do, you’ll be be bombarded with options.

Don’t let it rush you to a conclusion.

The Moon moves on to Cancer and aspects to Uranus and Chiron. Just take it all in. We are pushed to expand, but then we need to adjust to what we’re experiencing.

Mercury continues its square to Jupiter, exact on Friday. It moves into sextile with Pluto as well. Mars moves into trine with Pluto all week. Something that didn’t quite fit into place the first time around is now coming around like a champ. It may not be the time or place expected, but you can’t argue with what works. Oh, well, you can argue, but it will still be excavated and maneuvered. Go with it.

You may not find the right words, or you may find there are too many. But if you let your mind flow, the actions that follow will find their mark. Whatever works, works. Go with what works. Don’t overthink. Actions are powerful.

Friday, the Cancer Moon trines Neptune and opposes Saturn, each in the sign they rule. You can’t beat that for feeling you’ve got magic on your side when fate comes knocking. You’ve got this; whatever comes: You’ve got this one. As the Moon moves toward sextile with Mars, that feeling morphs to a step on the right path.

All week, Venus zips through Aquarius, moving closer into square with Mars. Don’t waste resources trying to fix a problem on the fly. Take your time and the problem may resolve on its own. Or you may change what you want out of the situation. You can always buy the thing later if that turns out to be the right course of action. For now, work at figuring out what IS the right tool for the job or the right desired action or outcome. Spend money if you know you’ll enjoy it for its own sake now. There’s no need to spend ahead just in case. Don’t feather a nest you may not ever move into.

Much is going on with Mercury this week as Mercury plunges back through Pisces, back into the depths with Pluto and Saturn and Neptune. It’s not a stopping place but an opportunity to approach things from another angle entirely. Take it all in and marinate.

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Weekly Forecast: March 11-15, 2019 – Mercury Turns Up Another Perspective — 3 Comments

  1. I am not definitely feeling the marinade. Coyote stewing my attitudes, and this: “Have you considered changing your mind, your attitude, your feelings about something? Whether or not you do, you’ll be be bombarded with options.”

    We dug out our year-long hole (literally) last night and our wagon is now in that shifting perspective: what WAS north is now south; what WAS east is now west. When I stepped from the door I was looking at where we WERE.

    Yes, this Coyote Retrograde is some big shift. “Consider … there is nothing wrong … just shining up” Hah.

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