Weekly Forecast: June 6-10, 2022 – Mercury-Pluto, Extreme Ideas

orange Zac coatIt’s Gemini season, but at the moment only the Sun is in Gemini. Gemini ruler Mercury is beginning to pick up speed but still embedded in past territory in Taurus. We’re gaining understanding but not yet out of the woods (and onto the testing grounds of vibrant curiosity).

Mercury spends the week moving back into exact trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is a catalyst, for not just understanding but redemption, resurrection, the power to turn things around.

Mercury in Taurus communications and sensory input take on the flavor of Venus’ applying conjunction to Uranus: delicious but different (odd, off-putting, revolutionary, inspiring). One novel influence is the ability to take in some pretty fringe-y possibilities and hold them for consideration. Thumbs up or down: keep or kill. Keep this in mind when tempted to dismiss something out of hand. Someone is entertaining that tidbit, undoubtedly.

This is the time something itches in the back of your brain, something you might not ordinarily give much credence. But it’s correct.

Monday brings a Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon and a Moon trine to Venus by the end of the day. This on the heels of a Gemini Sun sextile to Chiron. A practical mood such as this is exactly what we need to consider the outlandish or strange. Virgo is amazingly MacGyver-ish. Use that mood for good. Helping others is another Virgo Moon miracle.

On Tuesday, the Virgo Moon trines Uranus (more intellectual shooting from the hip) and opposes Neptune (shoot for the MoooooOOOoon… but keep your balance). A little divine inspiration is gold in the hands of a Virgo mood. By nighttime, the Moon drifts into orb of a grand trine with Mercury and Pluto. Inspiration begets traction: powerful, practical, intense ideas. And communications, always communications, and service. But Virgo dreams mightily too. And Virgo follows through.

Wednesday morning, the Virgo Moon completes its grand trine, a morning mood of purpose and profound inspiration. When the Moon moves to Libra, it picks up an opposition to Jupiter that carries through the night. With so much going on mentally, we’re bound to whip up some good old mental desire. We know there’s more to all this, and the desire is fire. Desire is the first step to getting ANYwhere. Embrace it. Sweet words are extra powerful now.

Thursday morning, the Libra Moon opposes Mars providing the mood-fuel to get up and go. It goes on to oppose Chiron and trine the Gemini Sun. The mood to go and grab and enjoy finds some purpose in the ability to make something out of whatever you’ve got on hand – whatever skills you already have and what you can finesse through force of will.

By Friday morning, the Libra Moon trines Saturn in Aquarius, air to air – but Saturn adds ballast. The trajectory is smooth, and the target is steady. Mercury is ever so close to exact trine to Pluto then, and the crisp but politic mood is just right to draw in that aha moment – also devilishly delicious – as the Moon squares Pluto.

In the afternoon, the Moon moves to Scorpio as Mercury perfects its trine to Pluto. Vision narrows, targeted, as the impact spreads. The Scorpio Moon trines Vesta and quincunxes Jupiter as the mood amplifies the profundity of repercussion.

Mercury transits the area it occupied the last week of April, from 26 to 29 degrees Taurus. Where does this hit your chart? Is there a common theme?

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Weekly Forecast: June 6-10, 2022 – Mercury-Pluto, Extreme Ideas — 2 Comments

  1. I was re-reading my notes of the last week of April, yesterday, and indeed this period looks like a continuation (the second ripple?) Of what transpired at eclipse time, back then. 8th House, for me, and there was also a lot of turbulence in the collective. I am watching the story and History unfolding as on a big screen, all thanks to you, Satori. Your foresight is amazingly accurate. Thank you and bless you🙏♥️

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