Weekly Forecast: June 14-18, 2021 – Getting Free

dylanRemember the Saturn-Uranus square, Aquarius to Taurus? Yeah, that’s still happening, and it’s happening big time on Monday. It snuck up on me personally, because I was so busy dealing with it.

So there’s a thing, then there’s the effect of the thing, then there’s our response. Pluto square Uranus, then Pluto-Saturn shook us loose from the foundation of what was rotten or unstable. Saturn-Uranus is taking us into the realm of theoretical stability, grinding it against what’s left.

After the tumult of the last several years, what’s left is pretty solid. That doesn’t mean it’s practical or desirable to keep it up, to take it with us.

Something might still work, but do you care? Are you interested, or could you have something else that’s a better fit? It’s like musical chairs and we’re down to the last chair. We’ve been so focused on getting a chair. DO YOU WANT TO SIT IN THAT CHAIR OR DO YOU WANT TO WIN.

It’s a folding chair: hard, metal, and cold. Or maybe it’s a comfy chair, but in reality it might be hurting your back and harming your posture. Or it’s entirely possible that your chair suits you, wining suits you, and that you’re just where you should be if you’re willing to make some final changes… like upholstery or something. Or maybe you’ve won and you can take it home or it needs to be moved to a new house.

If the focus is on winning or even enduring, it’s time to change focus. The focus should be on creating sustainable and desirable value now as you go into the future. Where you were in the past is no longer relevant.

A fool looks at the finger that points to the sky.

Monday night, retrograde Saturn makes another exact square to Uranus. It’s a good time to re-examine the foundations of your resources and what they bring to your life. Undoubtedly we’ve all been spending a lot of effort to revolutionize our values and our ideals. Where are the bits that don’t fit… and let’s be real, won’t fit.

Monday night, Mars in Leo hits an exact quincunx to Jupiter. Things take effort, but that effort shouldn’t have to be herculean all the time, nor should it be demoralizing. It should uplift and create pride. Monday night seems like a good time to listen to what the universe is trying to tell you about where to put that effort.

On Monday, the Leo Moon aspects Chiron and the Saturn-Uranus square. It also goes on to sextile retro Mercury. Purpose is speaking to us. It’s life affirming to listen and let it sink in. We’re worth it.

Tuesday’s Leo Moon sextiles the Gemini Sun before heading into Virgo in the evening to oppose Jupiter in Pisces. All day the mood roars, bringing us into tune with our options. It’s natural to shift mood with the Moon and let in some doubts, shouting doubts. It’s also possible to turn that around to have faith in the process.

Wednesday’s Virgo Moon moves onto the point of a yod from Saturn and Chiron and picks up a trine to Uranus. Who or what are we in service to? It is possible to serve others AND yourself. The key there is to put on your own oxygen mask and feather your own nest first, even if others call it rude.

Thursday, the Virgo Moon squares Virgo ruler Mercury then sextiles Venus. It goes on to oppose Neptune, trine Pluto, and square the Sun – midway to the next full moon. The mood presses us to sift through the sand of details and find the gold. Is it gold? Some of it is, some is not. What it is matters less than learning the process of discerning. Think about it, and let it sink in. That’s the real gold.

Friday, the Libra Moon sextiles Mars then heads into aspect with Chiron and Saturn. It’s a chance to pull back and concentrate on feeling better. That’s not to say that the rest of the world will accommodate, but if we’re real about what we need and draw a line, we can find a way to make that happen!



Weekly Forecast: June 14-18, 2021 – Getting Free — 2 Comments

  1. Absolutely excellent. And really timely. This really resonates. And my big Virgo stellium has been trying to keep serving, business as usual and yet, due to events the last few days, there’s actually a desire to pull back and draw a line in the sand once and for all. Because yah, this feels like this is not the right chair…

    So much here to ponder. Thank you for writing and sharing all of this.

  2. Yesterday was very aggravating. Electrical glitches and batteries draining and getting news of one of my husband’s relatives in the hospital for her heart. UGH! Lights flickering over our heads last night before getting back to our place. Other strange things happening on top of that.

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