Weekly Forecast: June 13-17, 2022 – Sagittarius Full Moon Berry Blast

fruitI don’t know why I put BERRY blast in there. I mean, ruler Jupiter in Aries is the blast, but I just like berries. They seem like a good kind of late spring thing. Also I’m out of berries and only have plain oatmeal till I go to the store. That feels like a full moon tragedy to my mouth.

I’ll probably feel like going to the store on Monday, because Mercury will FINALLY move from fixed Taurus to mutable Gemini, one of the two signs it rules. Mercury piques interest and Gemini Mercury brings multiple choices and attitudes. Also, the Moon will be in Sagittarius, fiery, needing to GO GO GO.

The Sadge Moon trines Mars and Chiron, so I’ll be able to power through the worry that the woman with the 80’s mullet at the checkout (it’s rural, there’s one checker) won’t give me the stink-eye for existing. And if she does, it could be the time that I get over caring and just keep going to do the thing.

Mars-Chiron: Just do it. Even if last time it hurt. You do it because it needs to be done and it gets easier every time. There is a bit of triumph in that. It makes you feel like a warrior. You start to love that feeling more than you think about the bruise.

Yeah I’m talking about me and my stupid woes, but it’s a metaphor thingy. The Moon also kicks up a quincunx to the past-exact Uranus-Venus conjunction, so it’s a great mood to boot old insecurities down the road.

Tuesday morning the Sagittarius Moon opposes the Sun in Gemini for the Sadge full moon. That Moon sextiles Saturn and squares Neptune. Jupiter is the full moon ruler, and Jupiter in Aries is forceful and direct. Sadge is known for its free legs and free mouth. Jupiter here pulls in Mars in Aries in conjunction to Chiron.

The general situation is muddled, unclear, but it’s also high time for comeuppance, for a showdown. Time to bend reality to suit what ought to happen. Mars-Chiron puts firm action on the table, action informed by sadder but wiser experience. Jupiter is BLAST.

Shape reality, even if you’re not sure where it’s going when you start. You’ll know it as it takes shape. Change minds, even if you have to backtrack and change your own right smack in the middle.

Use this big, full moon energy to MOVE, move out of the fog. Get to solid ground.

Tuesday overnight into Wednesday, the Moon moves to Capricorn and squares Jupiter. Volume up or down – whatever suits, keep marching forward.

On Wednesday, the Capricorn Moon squares the exact Mars-Chiron conjunction. Consequences, but failure and mistakes are the BEST way to learn. That’s no joke, no consolation prize. It’s REAL. There are some things you just cannot acquire without a rough tumble. And this is just a morning! Take the win with the bruise.

The Cap Moon also trines Uranus (upgrade!) and goes on to trine Venus overnight (SCORE!).

On Thursday, that trine to Venus leads into a sextile to Neptune. When we’ve learned and we’ve ached, we get a chance to enjoy the moment after and remember what sweet options taste like. They taste like things feeling better. It’s that moment of floating at the top of a swing.

Afternoon brings a Moon move to Aquarius and we keep on floating – like the mood paused and led us into a dream. That dream is a waking dream with Aqua Moon trine Mercury. So many possibilities, and here we are with time paused! The mood plays on with the Moon sextiling Jupiter overnight. Whoosh… up and up and up…

Friday morning moves with breezy momentum. As that moment peaks and falls, the Moon finds another upswing with a sextile to Chiron and Mars. A little muscle memory and we find a way to keep our streak. It also squares Uranus, so a little goes a long way and surprises abound.

It’s a sneakily social night, as in you may not realize how low you are in your social tank till you run completely out. So have a plan for an end. Have two plans.

All week, Venus draws closer into square with Saturn and moves into orb of sextile to Neptune by Thursday. Money’s tight? Love is slow? Hang in there for the open window, look for it. Something sweet is upstream and will find you when it’s time.

The Moon is full on Tuesday at 23 degrees Sagittarius. Where does that hit your chart? Where are you getting free and how?

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Weekly Forecast: June 13-17, 2022 – Sagittarius Full Moon Berry Blast — 6 Comments

  1. Poetess of the Stars😊♥️ This full moon (as well as the next one, **weeeiird***, falls in my 4th House. On Tuesday, I am supposed to negotiate a 7-year old unfinished issue that made me lose a lot of money.. fingers crossed, and a big thank you for your infaillible guidance🙏♥️

  2. I am still in the jello however Called my realtor and set a date at the end of June to post my house for sale. Still feeling ambiguous about it, but feel it Has to be done.

  3. This full moon hits on my solar return!! My Sun in the 11th and full moon in 5th! Plus I’m moving into a Jupiter-ruled 8th house protection year with this Jupiter ruled moon. Oh, the possibilities!

  4. I can only move towards and if possible through the fog. 🙂 Full moon in my 12th house. I had to say goodbye to a part of myself. Maybe make room for something else. Feeling a bit lost and empty in the big picture. But it’s gonna be ok, right? Sleep brings clarity.

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