Weekly Forecast: June 11-15, 2018 – New Moon In Gemini (Revolutionary Beauty)

janeWith Uranus at the beginning of Taurus and Chiron in early Aries, every time a planet changes sign it takes on aspects to both. On Tuesday, Mercury moves to Moon-ruled Cancer. Wednesday after the new moon in Gemini, Venus enters Sun-ruled Leo.

The thinking planet, ruler of the new moon, moves into emotional and parental Cancer. The asset and desire planet shares space till after, then dries off in the creative ego-based sun via Leo.

That’s a lot of focus on considering emotion. The senses take hold through an emotional filter. Feelings inform what is wanted. A new cycle of the Moon in relation to the Sun begins – high and dry in Gemini but tied to emotional evaluation.

Mercury sextiles Uranus and squares Chiron. We consider change and it makes sense… but we may not be ready to roll it out. For one thing, Mars in Aquarius is typically ready to improve on the present, bring it into the future; but it nears its retrograde pivot, just past the south node. Revolutionary action in this moment links up to undoing, redoing – or a retread of something that no longer works. And its aspect to Uranus is not supportive.

Simply put: Short term action may be thwarted, wasted, or unfruitful in some way, but thinking about future action is far better suited to success.

Come up with some options – especially way out there options!

Wednesday’s new moon in mutable Gemini aspects the cardinal square of Pluto to Juno (in Aries). The new moon sextiles Juno and forms a quincunx to Pluto. There’s a desire for “out with the old and in with the new”, but it is not the time to make that happen. Rather, it heralds a desire for change that is better considered than implemented. We can tune in to what works in both the old and new and add those elements to our eventual fresh start. We can mentally amalgamate rather than amputate.

Think alchemy, particularly as Neptune and Jupiter still hum in trine in the background. Mental alchemy.

Before we figure in the Mars siege of the summer, we should consider what effort we really deem productive or necessary. Some things we must do. They won’t wait. However, many think that effort always precedes reward, because they worked really hard before they got anything. But correlation is not causation. Some people work really hard at shooting themselves in the foot. It’s better to figure out what the job takes before you waste effort doing NOT the job and expecting it to pay off.

Measure twice, cut once. Or better yet, just keep measuring and taking notes. Measure lots of stuff. Use all your senses.

Sometimes Mars energy can be utilized to grasp new tools or to work differently than what is normally considered “work”. What if you can use that same old tool to do something completely different? It’s a time to experiment. Doing what we’ve always done will not necessarily pay off as it always has (under this energy).

And then Venus moves to Leo. Leo is a wealth of creativity and generosity and personality. Venus then trines Chiron and squares Uranus. We can learn from the bright-crazy-loud-fire. The revolution should be beautiful, meaningful, healing, and FUN. If we’re going to work at something, shouldn’t we take the care to make it personally meaningful, an expression of warmth and love, of style that warms and heals? We can learn to change AND grow beautifully.

What is utilitarian is cheaper, but there’s value in beauty and creativity. We should consider where we invest. But neither should we waste assets on garish frippery. Make sure there is value and meaning and originality. There is beauty in what’s common as well as in what’s rare. Find a way to meld appreciation of both.

With Mercury in that mix with Chiron and Uranus, we’re designing our tools. Design with the heart in mind. What satisfies?

Friday, Mercury opposes Saturn. We may be pressed to choose. You still get to choose what that means. Venus moves closer to exact opposition with Mars. It moves closer to the Moon’s north node. Don’t rush anything. Meaning matters. The design is the thing. Fire up your creativity. Plan from the heart.

The new moon takes place at 22 degrees Gemini. Where does it impact your chart? Also, where is Leo in your chart? Where will Venus light a fire under you?

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Weekly Forecast: June 11-15, 2018 – New Moon In Gemini (Revolutionary Beauty) — 7 Comments

  1. I am feeling a lot of evolutionary pressure. Definitely saying goodbye to a lot of shadow masculine and feminine role playing. Everywhere I turn I find myself in circumstances that offer a choice of empowerment or disempowerment.
    On the 13th I have transiting Venus conjunct my natal north node in Cancer and the current north node is conjunct my natal Mars in Leo all happening in the 11 house. Transiting Venus is opposing my natal Venus which is conjunct my natal south node in Capricorn in the 5th house darn close to Black moon lillith and Pluto. The transiting south node is conjunct transiting Mars in Aquarius in the 5th house opposite natal Mars.
    Is there anything anyone can tell me about this configuration?

    • Bonnie – this is a great time to “mother” your friends and spend money on your pet charities. However be mindful of your budget as you may be tempted to splurge on social activities, dating, and physical appearance purchases.

  2. “The new moon takes place at 22 degrees Gemini. Where does it impact your chart? Also, where is Leo in your chart? Where will Venus light a fire under you?”

    Midheaven in Gemini. Leo in 11th house with North Node, ceres, juno, vesta

  3. It will be in my 9th, empty, house trine natal Sun/Venus in the 5th Aquarius.

    Everyone in my life seems to be on a fitness kick lately and they all want to share their meal and exercise plans with me. I’m happy to see the seeds of positive change and hope they can stick with it long term and not fizzle out after the “newness” and excitement wear off. In the same vein, I’m starting a weight lifting program and my current at of eating (keto) is not recommended for explosive bursts of energy so I’m taking a month or two to see how I feel and make adjustments…slowly.

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