Weekly Forecast: July 9-13, 2018 – New Moon Eclipse In Cancer, Opposite Powerful Pluto

emma weddingLast week was an emphasis on Mars and Mercury and their opposition in close proximity to the nodal axis of the Moon. This week we have a series of strong, positive connections between personal planets (and Juno) and outer planets. The nodal axis is still in play with the new moon in orb of an eclipse.

We shift from the polarization of action and planning into ease, the encouragement of attunement in our little lives to our higher aims. We track back to a common goal between our tiny self and the cosmos. We tune in to the fact of our actual at-one-ment with the mystery that spawned us.

The Mars-Mercury opposition showed where our attitudes diverged from our actions. It gave us a chance to understand and plan a way back into balance – even if that action has not yet gotten underway.

Venus moves into Virgo on Monday. Jupiter goes direct on Tuesday.

This week, Venus trines Uranus, Saturn, and Juno. The Sun opposes Pluto, and Juno trines Saturn. These perfect with exceptionally close (fated) timing. Saturn and Uranus form a grand trine with Virgo Venus, all in earth. The Sun retains a connection in a wide grand trine in water with Neptune and Jupiter.

Venus-Uranus energy shakes up love and resources, this time in a good way. It’s easier to appreciate a shake down that brings positive change and enlivening pleasure.

Venus-Saturn energy solidifies our path to love and resources, beauty too. This happens over time, but boundaries laid now also bring us pleasure in implementation. With Venus in Virgo, we experience pleasure in service but with good boundaries. We are rewarded for our good works that serve both ourselves and others. WE are no LESS important than others. That’s why we need good boundaries. Venus in Virgo is earthy and far sexier than people expect. Garnering support brings this out beautifully.

Juno-Saturn energy helps us to cement those good boundaries with self-interested commitment. In addition to love and resources and art, it’s a good time to commit to healthy choices. And any healthy commitment carries with it a reduction in stress over time.

Going around in a grand trine of earthy flow we have solid support for what benefits self and other. Eventually, Venus will move into aspect with retrograde Neptune and Jupiter. Speck-in-the-universe US comes around to stand opposite the universal WE that spawned us. We see the road clear to follow our larger path. We can gain some mastery then in seeing our place… once we’ve got those great boundaries flowing and supporting.

Monday the Moon moves from Taurus and a square to Venus into Gemini and positive aspects to Chiron and Mars. Emotionally we gear up; we get loose. It feels good to stretch, physically and emotionally.

Tuesday, the Gemini Moon sextiles Mercury in Leo. The Moon quincunxes Jupiter as Mercury quincunxes Neptune. We’re geared up. Now we employ that looseness to get things into a workable perspective, emotionally and mentally.

Wednesday, the Moon moves to Cancer and the earth trines tighten. We feel a fresh start imminent in the dark of the Moon. Hold fast. It’s going to be great.

Thursday, the Sun opposes Pluto as the Cancer Moon moves into a grand trine in water with Jupiter and Neptune. Mercury moves into quincunx with Pluto while holding a quincunx to Neptune. It spans the ease of the earth trines and the water trines. We can imagine the transformations necessary to support our dreams, but it takes some mental gymnastics. Relax into it.

Any emerging power struggle is ameliorated by grace from multiple sources. Look for the better feeling story. Reach for it.

Nighttime brings the new moon eclipse. While a new moon and a fresh start, it is also the culmination of the axis that all these other energies revolve around. Purpose finds heart in all this. The new moon finds a full heart. Strength comes when we cease struggling against our own needs.

Friday’s Cancer Moon opposes dark moon Lilith. After aspecting Lilith it moves to Leo and sweeps over the north node. Our wild side should never be ignored. When we do that, we find ourselves encountering its representation in others – in ways that are harder than expressing it for ourselves. Look inside for the seemingly demonic urges you might want to disown. Feel them instead. Feel them and you can find a way to interpret them in a positive light for growth.

The Leo Moon trines Chiron, squares Uranus and Juno, and goes on to oppose Mars. What once caused emotional overwhelm can now be tethered to stable passion. This passion can find a positive outlet going forward, eventually. Give it time.

“It’s the big one! I’m coming Elizabeth!” I was feeling a bit in negative awe of this one for a while. Now I can see it’s just what we need. Where does 20 degrees cardinal hit your chart? What do you foresee as your reaction to the new moon eclipse? It’s deep in Cancer, right in the heart.

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Weekly Forecast: July 9-13, 2018 – New Moon Eclipse In Cancer, Opposite Powerful Pluto — 6 Comments

  1. Fourth, tenth house square ascendant which has housed Uranus for quite awhile. Wake up calls are ringing through loud and clear. Thank goodness for that water grand trine. Softens the blow of the shadow boxing.

  2. There’s so much here. I have natal Capricorn moon in the 12th opposite Cancer and this line, “Strength comes when we cease struggling against our own needs” comforts and supports me.

    • There’ll be a transit of the North Node this week and I feel all sorts of twinge and tweaks to the ‘Wild Side’ that deep want that is so often supressed and tamped (that Saturn-Mars conjunct natally). The New Moon new story is growing … getting me up in the middle of the night, wanting to feed my under-the-table story and let it shine. Hmmm.

  3. The solar eclipse is conjunct my MC midheaven so I know it’s going to be a change a big one. So this is happening for me all about the home life. I’m a housewife who finally got a job that starts in September working for a special Ed school. Talk about a career change. I’m hoping it goes well. I love the school( my son went there for his anxiety & speech) and I love the people there. Crossing my fingers.

  4. This New Moon will be transiting my 8th house but it will be 9 degrees from Ceres. I have been cleaning out my deceased parent’s house and it has been as draining as it has been rewarding. I loved them both very much but I am so ready to let go’of the greiving every weekend and move on to heal myself. Mother left notes snd letters to me and to my father (from the past) and she revealed a mind set she had that plagued her whole life. Now it all makes sense.

  5. Fairly close to my Mercury in Cancer in the 5th. Romance or other pleasures? A lucky gamble? I have no kids around at this time. Time for a new hobby maybe.

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