Weekly Forecast: July 6-10, 2020 – Unwinding Post-Eclipse

stepsMonday morning the Moon moves to egalitarian Aquarius and a sextile to active Aries Mars. That’s jet fuel, and it satisfies. Do for others, do for yourself. Do WITH others or jet out on your own and blaze your own trail.

The Moon goes on to trine Venus for a bit of sweet, airy interest that leads to pleasure. It sextiles Chiron, trines Juno, and squares Uranus by the end of the day. Issues arise, but we’re in the mood to take them on and make something valuable out of the mess.

Retrograde Cancer Mercury moves closer into square with Mars (exact early Wednesday), so the eclipse chickens will come home to roost and we’re sure to hear about it this week. With Mercury square Mars in cardinal water and fire, emotional expression pairs with emphatic action. There’s a struggle for control (perhaps warring areas within oneself) and speed increases the likelihood of damage. Watch your hands and toes and face!

Tuesday, the Aquarius Moon makes a quincunx to the Cancer Sun, and that’s it for aspects till the Moon hits Pisces on Wednesday. That quincunx is an awkward handshake as we process. Wednesday morning, Mercury makes its exact square to Mars under a void of course Moon. Slow down and check your mirrors.

By afternoon the Moon moves to Pisces and into trine with Mercury. The waters – the heart, the mind… converge and form one larger river. While Mars still juts out like a sore thumb, it’s easier to flow around. The added ease and ability to smooth over objections make the hard angles of mind and matter a less daunting proposition. Whatever we choose to do can be far more fun. Connectedness greases those skids.

Thursday morning, Venus makes its exact sextile to Chiron. It’s a second pass and this one is for keeps. Look for some revelation that leads to an upgrade to your values, love, or wealth. There’s a brass ring and it’s right down low to grab. Maybe two!

Thursday morning’s Pisces Moon squares Venus and moves to trine the Sun by nighttime. The Sun moves closer into trine with Neptune and opposition to Jupiter. Don’t overlook a flaw or problem just because it’s expedient. Now is the time to agitate for as close to perfection as you can get. Don’t pass up a good deal, but don’t overpay either. Ask for the accommodations you need. Think about it… nothing’s perfect, but get as close as you can. You get closer by asking for what you want and need – split the difference if necessary.

Mars is moving in sextile to Venus, and Venus heads into trine with Juno. Angle yourself into position so when the good bits hit you can lock it down. Jupiter in sextile to Neptune brings morphing fortune. Plenty more is possible than you think.

Friday morning the Pisces Moon passes over Neptune. It then heads into sextile with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. While action doesn’t cease and everything is still a bit hazy or confused, there’s a chance to slip into a higher octave of compassion and connection. It’s an emotional leveling up that brings meaning and gravity to the intensity of our global moment.

Are you feeling the effects of Saturday night’s full moon?



Weekly Forecast: July 6-10, 2020 – Unwinding Post-Eclipse — 11 Comments

  1. Yes. It became clear to me tonight that I AM NOT OKAY.

    I have tried Jupitering the heck out of the pandemic and the uprising in my country. Jupiter is Rx now and my silver linings are disappearing. Tonight, in tears, I pulled up my struggling zucchini and disposed of it. The leaves were doing great, and it kept putting out flowers–but no fruit. It was also starting to invade my housemate’s plants–and it’s HER house.
    THAT’S how I feel about myself at this moment. Looks like she’s doing fine on the outside, but deep down she’s just trying to make it like everyone else. And feeling like that out-of-place, invasive and extremely boxed-in zucchini plant. :'(

  2. Trying to ride with no hands, but
    The eyes closed part can be scary
    I know I need to let go of any feeling that’s roughing me up on the inside

      • Two shay!! Good one Raerae. “Let go of any feeling that’s roughing me up on the inside.” … I prayed for that today too. But I LOVE the way you put it … haven’t heard the phrase ‘roughing me up’ for a coon’s age.

  3. You two give me the warmth of sisters,sometimes I can feel like actually I am in fog on bouy and I have no one who can see or hear me,that spot on calendar?
    once read a persons low spot 6 months after birthday?
    Perhaps my voice weakens or thoughts are in a rough review, the shrinking of me
    Do we pump up large when young? as we see the larger waves?we have experience of being overcome? and as we age ,we naturally make ourselves rest and reflect,creating like some report of time and what we experienced?
    I have an actual little persistent pain in the middle.I am afraid my unnecessary
    Pop up thoughts connected to past 40 plus years, drip into tummy and burn me
    I am roughing myself up, maybe it is an unconscious , needed or natural report
    See this was best when shortened, as all must have some auto report going on?
    I am In a constant slow drift( of thoughts) of my trip thru time,did I offer myself so constantly to the day and nite that I made no time to notice myself or ask ,what is most important way to care for myself?Could I feel a little stronger if I only noticed myself,is this nature tapping on the shoulder? Reminding me I am shrinking into dust and at a point, will be this little dust like piece impossible to catch
    Except of course by a swifter,love those things!ok a smile
    A kiss a warm hug to all

    • So glad to be your warmth as from a sister, Raerae.
      Know this: that from my point on the compass a blanket of well-worn woman comfort spread between us. Yes, we have little pains in the middle and it travels in a spiral. Revisiting, like cousins, familiar but not exactly the same.
      Smiling through tears is a odd experience, but it’s familiar. YayYay to the Sisterhood. xo Moki

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