Weekly Forecast: July 5-9, 2021 – New Moon In Cancer

wrapWe spend the week in build up to a new new moon conjunction in Cancer. Venus is out ahead, one sign ahead to be exact, brightening Leo and sidling up to Mars. Venus brings value and pleasure to last week’s Mars-Uranus-Saturn t-square. Venus is touring the facility and picking up slack in a short skirt with loooooong jacket. Crisp… but sunny.

Monday the Sun in Cancer sextiles Chiron. Then Mercury closes its much martyred square to Neptune overnight into Tuesday. Whatever details were lagging hit their expiration date, but even not knowing can tell you something. If you still uncertain or confused, let it slide into the background. We get a chance to fall in step with what is REAL. Did you make mistakes or interpret things a bit off kilter? Good! That’s how we learn and grow. Now make something with what’s left, with what remains and fits the build.

Venus makes its exact opposition to Saturn late Tuesday night, trines Chiron on Wednesday, and squares Uranus on Thursday. Remember how we’re learning? Taking up what we’ve learned or earned, we’re able to spin our experiences into gold. BUT, this is the spinning part, the part where we experiment and practice, try things out or on.

In time we’ll make the moves that win the rewards. For now, incorporate humble experimentation with dogged invention. Take pride in your vision for the future. Find your fun in the process, though the process may include some pitfalls. Mazes can be fun, particularly if you approach them with fun in mind.

Venus applies into conjunction with Mars for another week, and they travel together to the end of the sign for a week after that. This is peak creativity time as we go forward with Friday’s new Cancer Moon-Sun conjunction.

On Friday, the Moon sucks up Venus-ruled Taurus charge with a sextile to Uranus and brings that energy into its new moon new start. The Sun and Moon blend their energies for a cardinal commitment to something grand, a beginning that satisfies. All that energy of hard corners, rough edges, and false starts creates a fine battery to run a stout project on fresh terms.

Both the Moon and Sun’s next exact aspect will be a trine to Neptune: divinely inspired, spiritually connected. Each goes on to oppose Pluto. Do you need to pull a phoenix move? The power is there, but don’t expect universal agreement from everyone in your life. Avoid setting yourself up for opposition. Don’t overshare indiscriminately, but do pay attention to which people believe in you and have your back.

Take in as much detail as you can, but be mindful where you share your observations. Experiment and play with the variables. Things are getting interesting.

The new moon takes place at 18 degrees Cancer. Where does this hit your chart? Where are you putting use to all this creative energy in Cancer and Leo?



Weekly Forecast: July 5-9, 2021 – New Moon In Cancer — 16 Comments

  1. Jupiter at asc. inconjunct (150 degrees) radix Moon 2 or 3 Leo sixth, while Uranus conjunct radix Sun 13 Taurus 2th. Seems all my old nerves (it’s not wounds, more like the power nerves from my twenties..) want to show me something… Cancer my 5th house…
    I’m excited not yet knowing why exactly, hoping the coming new moon will tell me more!

  2. Close to my Cancer Mercury 15* in the 5th. A summer love or even a fun time would go down real well at the moment. Feeling dull and barely alive but I sure have been hitting the exercise to take the pandemic weight go away!

  3. “Did you make mistakes or interpret things a bit off kilter? Good! That’s how we learn and grow. Now make something with what’s left, with what remains and fits the build.” Think we may have done that.
    New Moon is tightly conjunct my Descendant. Just what “love” am I looking for (7th House)?

  4. New moon right on my IC and in quincunx to sag uranus in 8H (exact) and Jup in Aqu 11H (10H with equal houses). Also, in exact sextile to NN in Taurus 1H. Which leaves me with a trine to SN that is the “blind spot” of the t-square thats happening… it certainly feels like a maze, and I certainly seem to overshare with my big-mouth 12H mercury… id say, HELP PLEASE, but saturn doesnt give a s*** as Pluto doesnt either… I sure am looking for a new home, where id take pride and finally feel happy in. Currently sharing a house with a gemini (we had no relationship prior, but hes a friends ex, with whom he has a child with and) who has been drying up all the energy and resources i bring to the table. He tried to damage my image and now plays a friend, but the moment i said i want out, he says he has no money to support rent all alone. Conclusion, I either stay in the home contract another 3 months and risk not finding anything to my taste in the last month, or I find a place and go, all the while paying half his rent for another 3 months… im tired of frenemies. Im not stupid and sensed this would turned out this way, still i let my friend talk me into this… shes a scorpio. I have understood since, that she’ll only call and be interested in friendship when theres something to gain. Im not sure how i’ll play my uranus cards, as a taurus sun i decidedly detest to feel as though my hand is being forced… :/

    • Just get out as soon as possible if you can afford to. You won’t remember the extra money spent later down the line and you will feel WAY better away from that toxic energy. I’m a Taurus and I had a similar situation a few years back living with a ‘friend’. I was horribly depressed and drained. I got out and moved into my own place and it was wonderful, one of my best decisions. It was loyalty that held me back but loyalty to yourself should come first.

      • Thank you Sophiab, really. I read your comment just after I sent the email to the apartment lady in charge stating my intention and asking whether it would be possible to leave within 60 instead of the 90days i’m obliged by law. She will now see if my flatmate qualifies to assume the contract alone. If not or if he poses obstacles, I’ll pay and leave when it’s due and that’s it. Again thank you for sharing your experience, I took it as confirmation from the ether. I do take loyalty to heart, to my own detriment most of the time. I guess it takes another Taurus to know how it really feels to contemplate all the scars from bullets we catch for people who end of shooting us just because. I wish you many blessings, and I hope they come my way too 🙏🙏💙

        • @Fumiga Glad my comments were helpful and timely. I think Taurus people get better at looking out for themselves as they go through life…I mean it’s a second house thing (traditionally ruled by Taurus) – our self-esteem takes time to grow into something unshakable (I guess Uranus is helping us with that in weird ways!) Thank you for your blessings and I wish you much happiness in your new home when the time comes.

  5. Spent the 4th with an acquaintance I haven’t been seeing much. She could be very arrogant when riding high. And has a blaming tendency. She is being humbled at the moment. It made me sad and tired. I couldn’t see thru it. Ended up googling the psychology of blame and found the answer to be blame is a destructive form of anger. I suppose I should have known that and not have taken it personally. So my 8th house cancer moon and Venus cared enough to find an approach to help her. She needs to forgive herself. So I am looking for a creative way to relay that. New moon 8th. Digging for answers when I would rather be just digging in the dirt. Youse guys must deal with sadness often. I am not so good at it all the time. It can really throw me for a loop.

    • Notch just remember this, you cannot save one who doesnt want to be saved. That I heard from my scorpio sister in a dream as i tried to go back into our house in flames to look for my ex…who blames everything he does on everyone… For empaths, witnessing someones fall is never easy nor pretty, but
      perhaps their fall is an opportumity for a saving grace, provided they are ready to receive it… this phrase isnt mine but it helped me – dont give up on her, but do give her up to god. blessings

      • I agree. This week I received a message (I’m a Pisces moon!) that praying for someone or something has equal impact to doing something ‘active’ to help. I’ve always been an active helper, but recently have been exposed to situations where I can’t help and I felt distressed and hopeless, then this message came and I trust it. It’s a different way and more attuned to these transitional times. I should add for me it’s not prayer related to organised religion, there is no interlocutor, just me asking into nature.

  6. This will hit my Cancer ascendant conjunct 12th house Cancer Moon. I have decided that the 9th will be the day when I send my novel off to a publisher – I have put this off for too long as I don’t like feeling exposed.

  7. You are a very good writer, Satori. A lot of these feelings/ideas/realities are hard to put words around, but you are doing it! Thank you.

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