Weekly Forecast: July 22-26, 2019 – Mars In Leo, Shake Your Hair At It

COOKIE IN PARISMercury is retrograde, back in Cancer and a conjunction to Venus. Late Monday, the Sun leaves Cancer for Leo and Venus hits the degree where Mercury will station direct at the end of the month.

The general tenor gets a lot less watery as we head into Leo season, but we also turn our attention to love and resources in a redress of mind and senses that takes us through another approach to the realm of emotion.

Monday the Aries Moon conjoins Chiron with the Sun in the last degree of cardinal Cancer. If it doesn’t feel comfortable or feel like YOU, give yourself another shot at it. Don’t spin out. There’s another shot coming. Take as many as you need. It might even get you in the groove. The Moon heads into good aspects with Mars and Jupiter.

Tuesday the Moon in Aries trines Jupiter and the building Mars-Juno conjunction. We’ve gotten going in a personal groove. It’s possible and likely we’ll be able to build a winning hand in regard to our established ties to others. Play it like a card game – let it go around the table. Create some momentum and allow the story to play its way into something exciting and vivifying.

The Moon goes on to square Saturn then Pluto by nighttime. That game from earlier has a longer fuse than you now feel. Don’t fret about where it’s going; you’ve already gotten something off the ground with a life of its own.

Wednesday the Aries Moon squares Venus and Mercury. If things don’t start off smoothly, it’s no big deal. You’ll find your groove. You’ll certainly be awake (or you will be when you realize you’re late).

You’ll almost certainly be awake before the Moon moves to Taurus, Venus-ruled. It is then the Venus-Mercury conjunction exacts. Afterward, the Taurus Moon squares the Leo Sun. A month after the first eclipse, we get a chance to revisit both its finer points and its gaffes. Take a break to notice. Then reorient yourself toward making something good out of the indicators you have right in front of you.

The landscape will continue to grow and change, so make sure you see what is right in front of you NOW. Squeeze every drop of goodness while you’ve got it.

Thursday the Moon continues in Taurus, conjoining Uranus for more of that drop-squeezing goodness. You’ll be surprised what you find in there to appreciate. Mars in Leo makes its exact trine to Jupiter, so grab for that golden opportunity if you see it slide by. It’s more than a brass ring. Take action and commit yourself. The Moon winds up square to Mars and Juno but trining Saturn in Capricorn. Stretch yourself, it’s worth it.

Friday’s Taurus Moon trines Pluto and sextiles Mercury then Venus. Mars makes its exact quincunx to Saturn. In action, you’ve got some leverage. Either a little goes a long way or you really have to jump on it to move the needle. Experiment to see which, but make it fun. Finesse is the thing – ease into it and give as much or as little as the task demands. With Mars still in trine to Jupiter, it’s sure to be worth the effort.

With Mars and the Sun in Leo, put on a show. Put a little shine on it. Dance. If you don’t dance, shake out your hair at it. That should work.

For those who are worried about committing (to whatever) during Mercury retrograde, there’s a silver lining. While it’s not ideal, the conjunction of Mars and Juno in trine to Jupiter brings a nice prize regardless. Eventually.



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  1. It’s a big week for me so I’m glad about the silver lining. Thanks, as always Satori, you have a gift for soothing anxiety.

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