Weekly Forecast: July 20-24, 2020 – Cancer New Moon, Venus-Neptune Fantasy Relationships

moon-sunWe jump right into a new moon beginning on Monday with the Cancer Moon and Sun conjoined and opposite retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. With the Moon and Saturn both in the sign they rule and cardinal, this is a master class in balance and control, self control versus control by outer forces.

Yes it’s a new moon, but it has the dynamism of a full moon because of that stark and strong opposition. Saturn is back to a place of former turmoil. Saturn judiciously marks time in chunks we can count and count on. Saturn was here at the beginning of March when the current crises were ramping up. And Saturn will pass this way again as we approach the next eclipse at the end of the year.

The new moon conjunction opposite Saturn is a standoff between public and private, home and career, the heart and the reputation. The new moon’s closest aspect outside of the opposition is a waning trine to Neptune. That trine is anesthetic. It can ease the pain allowing us to soldier on and create a new start, or it can numb us to the need to do so. But what is not at all unclear is Saturn’s heavy handed marking of time. Retrograde or not, this is the one chance you get at THIS.

Monday afternoon, the Moon moves to creative, ego-driven Leo. Don’t believe all the hype; a strong ego is essential to any endeavor. Leo is generous, full of life, and Leo can inspire.

Tuesday the Moon moves through Leo setting off Chiron and Mars, activating Uranus and Venus. The mood draws strength from the tumult and forced learning. It culminates in the opportunity to make something fiery and beautiful.

Wednesday the Moon finishes in Leo with a yod to the Neptune-Jupiter sextile. The mood brings access to a shared sense of purpose through connection and amplification. There’s magic, and with Leo there’s fire magic. The Sun moves to Leo as well: the start of Leo season. Summer roars. Warmth rules.

Later Wednesday, the Moon hits Mercury-ruled Virgo and Mercury makes its exact sextile to Uranus. We’re called to service and to respond to our senses intelligently. Virgo isn’t just busy and essential; it creates value with innovation here. The Moon breathes life and tangible effect into that urge to improve.

The Virgo Moon continues on through Thursday as Mercury moves closer (back) into square with healthy Aries Mars. However much we are motivated toward intelligent action, it’s not an easy task. The Virgo mood is helpful here as it brings perfect timing with a sextile to Mercury and trine to Uranus. Trust the mood and strike at the point of the pause (quincunx to Mars). There’s the pause at the backswing… feel it and bring your force through in action.

Friday’s Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and trines Jupiter. It goes on to trine Pluto and Saturn as well. It feels great, intense and refreshing but grounded. Honor Virgo by putting that to good and righteous use. Nightime brings the Moon to Venus-ruled Libra and a sextile to the Leo Sun: a beautiful roar, generous and equitable. Act on opportunity in a fair and creative fashion.

Mars in Aries is strong and vital. It chases a sextile to Venus in bright and entertaining Gemini. We’ve had continued opportunity to grasp at multiple benefits through simple action. That opportunity continues. It is, however, complicated by Venus’ square to Neptune and Mars’ square to Mercury.

Action is in friction with knowledges, information, sensing, and planning. Attitude and understanding are at odds with the face of what we see happening.

What we want is not simple, nor is it easily discernible – particularly now. Our desires and values are afflicted by fantasy and misunderstanding. In relationship, whether it’s to a person or a concept, we must be vulnerable in order to bond and know the other – to have a genuine relationship. It’s possible to be deceived or purposefully deceive yourself as to what is truly there.

We form attachments to something that is not genuinely what we wish it to be. Because that feels good and allows us to continue in that relationship (to what or whomever). Ultimately that may not be good for us. We get the jangle now in order to snap out of it before the consequences become (ever) more dire.

Mars-Mercury is the poster child for snap out of it energy. If we’re open to growth and learning, we’ll listen and respond. Look for inspired understanding and divinely inspired ideas and sensory messages (Mercury trine Neptune).

This new moon is emotional and countered with some hard-edged restrictions. It takes place at 28 degrees Cancer. Where does that hit your chart? Do you see a fresh start about to take shape there? As the Sun moves to Leo, we enter a new phase of the summer. What area of your chart hosts the early Leo Sun?



Weekly Forecast: July 20-24, 2020 – Cancer New Moon, Venus-Neptune Fantasy Relationships — 3 Comments

  1. Mid-way through my 7th House … Cancer and Leo share that house natally. Interesting new awarenesses for me — the Leo and Cancer connection (a rainbow) late in life and better late than not at all:)

  2. 28′ Cancer falls on my 6th house cusp exactly! Hmm. Work and routines are obviously still up in the air due to Covid-19 precautions. I need to exercise more and cut out all the sleeping! Hopefully work will return as Toronto goes into phase 3 for a more open business scene.

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