Weekly Forecast: July 19-23, 2021 – Full Moon In Aquarius, A Hero’s Actions

Lara Harris for elsaelsa.comMonday morning, Mercury in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries as the Scorpio Moon forms a grand trine in water with Neptune and the Cancer Sun. Hard truths are easier to swallow when we’re clear that they’re good for us.

Mars retains the echo of its conjunction to Venus. All week long it counters the Neptune-Pluto sextile, point of a yod. Motivation for action can have more than one root. Tear it down? Indulge an urge that come from… where? Is it self care, something that comes from your core? DO it.

Chasing pleasure is a good time, but authenticity creates a life that satisfies.

Once the Moon finishes in Scorpio, it moves to Sagittarius and a square to Jupiter. I don’t know if truth hurts, but truth gets your attention.

Tuesday morning, Mercury sextiles Uranus and the Sadge Moon moves through their midpoint after crossing the south node. There’s a lot to take in and new ways to think about everything. It feels personal. If you want to get anywhere, use this jolt to the mood to propel yourself out of rumination and into a new mindset. Something that used to satisfy is DONE. Let it go.

All week, Mercury moves into trine with Neptune. Pay attention to the details you’re drawn to, the senses activated and ideas highlighted. Secret messages abound; take note of the ones that satisfy.

On Wednesday, the Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune then trines Mars and Venus. Being physical just feels right. When the Moon hits Capricorn, it sextiles Jupiter. Afterward Venus moves from Leo to Virgo. Drama and go gives way to stable momentum. An earthy Venus matches that momentum with sweet, tangible pleasure as it heads into opposition with Jupiter.

It’s wanting more and knowing when enough is enough. Satisfaction occurs when you scratch an itch you couldn’t pinpoint before.

Thursday morning the Venus-Jupiter opposition perfects and the Sun heads into Leo, its own sign. The Capricorn Moon goes on to square Chiron and trine Uranus by afternoon. It feels like time to face forward and move on to the next item on the agenda as the Moon heads into opposition with Mercury overnight.

Friday brings the Capricorn Moon into conjunction with Pluto and sextile to Neptune and it releases that opposition to Mercury. It’s a feeling of foreboding, but generally speaking it’s the good kind. Pay special attention to any inkling of premonition that comes through.

The Moon moves to Aquarius in the afternoon and spends the rest of the evening heading into full moon opposition with the newly Leonine Sun. As the Moon grows full, it picks up a quincunx to Venus, as the Sun holds a quincunx to Jupiter. In the alley this creates we have Mars at the end of Leo and Saturn in the middle of Aquarius.

This flavors our full moon culmination with heroic action and the stress of the past exact Saturn-Uranus square. Mars and Saturn are held a bit apart from the fray. We must act from the heart as a champion while honoring the gravity of the situation and our challenges going forward.

Our ending of the moment reaches back and forward in time. It also holds a fairy wish that breaks time for us… soothes any ill omen with a favor of suspended motion choice… slows time till we get it right. We get a head start. Don’t overthink; be the hero.

The hero is self possessed but does what is right for their kingdom. Luck is good and this ending is fortuitous (even if it takes time to manifest).

The full moon hits at one degree Aquarius. Where does this fall in your chart?



Weekly Forecast: July 19-23, 2021 – Full Moon In Aquarius, A Hero’s Actions — 5 Comments

  1. 12th house cusp. New personal dreams or just a delusion? Opposite natal Venus, Mars & Uranus in Leo. Square Scorpio Neptune in the 8th. Ouchie.

  2. Sun conj Uranus 9th. Moon in 3rd. I can’t find my cancer shell to hide in. I feel exposed and raw. So much social. I am witty and adventurous. Fun! Who is that person I ask myself when I retire to my own little plot of land. I imagine this a 9th house adventure. Being shell less and sensitive I just have to sidestep the yahoo’s. Why are they shooting off guns, reving their engines, speeding up and down the road in off road vehicles, and displaying political banners that cover a whole side of their home? All illegal. I guess it’s like Elsa wrote that people, well some people, don’t want to follow the rules.

  3. Mars is coming conjunct to my Pluto mid heaven. That’s who that person is. The cool thing about it was that people were telling me about these really cool things they created that I never knew about. All dropped just in the course of conversation. Very empowering human creativity is.

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