Weekly Forecast: July 18-22, 2022 – Creation, Change, Drama, And Relief

nemMonday morning’s Moon starts at the very beginning, the first degree of Aries. Reboot the mood! It squares Venus at zero Cancer, a cardinal square. That kind of friction responds best to getting up, getting started, and going after something you want. BRISK!

The Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn (exact Tuesday night) also responds well to this. It’s a bit of a “going through hell, keep going” situation, even if you’ve got things in hand. We’re in full swing on wholesale change. Whether or not that is “hell” is personal, but it does respond well to persistent forward movement, literal or theoretical.

The Sun finishes up in Cancer this week, moving to Leo on Friday. This hearth and home, family and feels pursuit is in the final stretch for the year. We want to finish up on our strong start in this arena. Take advantage of the will to incept strong creation, the feel of family.

Monday afternoon, the mood gains momentum with a conjunction to Jupiter. Rocket fuel!

Tuesday morning, Mercury precedes the Sun, moving into Leo. It’s a go-ahead, a herald. Shiny ideas! Creative spark and warm communication. Drama, of course – sweet with healthy heat. FUN thoughts and freshly baked plans.

Once in Leo, Mercury picks up a trine to Jupiter: rocket fuel for the mind. Venus heads into aspect with Jupiter as well, a square. We want more, but it’s a challenge. More planning then! Use your noggin first. Chat it out, chart it out. A creative attitude is key. Listen, touch, taste, sound it out.

Tuesday the Aries Moon conjoins Chiron and sextiles Saturn. Tuesday’s mood compliments Jupiter’s condition perfectly! Practice makes perfect. Learning by doing creates the structure necessary for eventual success. Mistakes should be embraced as necessary as well.

Wednesday, the Moon finishes up in Aries with a square to Pluto and a square to the Sun. Last week’s full moon business was serious stuff. Where are you on that? We’re yanked back in to take accounting.

The mood downshifts as the Moon moves to Venus-ruled Taurus, finding a square to Mercury and a sextile to Venus. Soft but strong, deep but wide and supportive. Say less than you know until you’re certain of what you want to be known. Or it can be a moment of pleasant chatter that skims the surface of shallow dreams, a bit of fun while the grownups watch and shell peas. An intangible investment, or rather an investment worth more than money. A get rich quick scheme when you’re already rich in other ways.

Thursday’s Taurus Moon conjoins Mars then goes on to conjoin Uranus. Get into a groove. Move in the groove till it feels right. You can deviate once you’ve got yourself steady. Know your footing and enjoy a new variation to the dance. That Venus/Mars-Jupiter thang could bring a brass ring to grab any time. Today might be the day. Have a plan!

On Friday, the Taurus Moon squares Saturn then sextiles Neptune. We’re still on that long curve of shaking things up and then stabilizing. It helps us to tune up our values. We’re getting much better at it by now, and we’re likely to catch a shot of WHY, of the divine spark behind it. It feels pretty darn good to get in on that immersion of meaning and camaraderie with the universe.

Afternoon takes the Sun into Leo as the Moon perfects its trine to Pluto: a dramatic pause of earth-moving delight. It’s a long, slow moment of creative drive that warms the heart with a smile. Afterward, in the night, the Moon moves to Gemini and sextile to the Sun in Leo. Playful, curious, fun, and funny. Delightful! a breath of fresh air upon the stage!

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  1. The only anchor that helped me get through this clenched-teeth week is your wisdom, Satori. I am so grateful to you!🙏

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