Weekly Forecast: July 13-17, 2020 – A Mars-Mercury-Chiron Geyser of Sensation and Action

stallion landscapeMercury in Cancer is moving forward slowly, back to actively square Chiron and Mars in Aries. Retrograde Chiron and direct Mars conjoin and cross on Tuesday, Mars going forward and Chiron heading back. Mars has chased and will continue to chase a sextile to Venus in Gemini.

Everyone always asks when it’s safe to sign papers and start making plans after Mercury retrograde. There’s not a great answer for that ever. Whenever you need to is the broadest, most graceful message. When Mercury has moved a bit and picks up speed is a better one. Thursday? Later if you can? The real juice is that with Mercury moving in square to Chiron and Mars, whatever we do is less than ideal as it works at cross purposes to ease. Discomfort can be part of this, but we can learn from it.

We’re likely to be rushed by others as the Sun moves into opposition with Jupiter (Monday night) and the power moves out of our hands with an opposition to Pluto (Wednesday).

Plans are likely to demand action quickly with Mars-Mercury. We also have experience at starting imperfectly and figuring it out as we go (when you add in Chiron). Check in with your heart and make clean cuts. Scars are tough and we’ll get there eventually.

Venus sextile Mars from a Mercury ruled sign breathes in options that fuel the fire and grease the wheels. Things probably won’t go smoothly but may go better than expected. Find a groove and follow.

Monday morning the Aries Moon squares Saturn. That’s impediment to a mood to move and do. It can also slow us down enough to allow us to fine-tune our actions. By afternoon the Moon moves to earthy Taurus and a sextile to Mercury. It’s a chance to relax into the uncorked flow of sensory information and communications. It may just be a trickle, but it satisfies.

Tuesday’s Taurus Moon rolls over Uranus. Enlivening. In any other sign I’d say a mood to experiment. Maybe experiment with pastries. It brings some juice to a pleasure-seeking mood. Experiment with what feels good, something fresh. Something fresh satisfies in thinking globally as well.

Wednesday the Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune, trines Jupiter and Pluto, then sextiles the Sun. Check in with your sense of self. That’s been a bit melty and confused for most lately. A grounded mood brings some ease to the balance between how secure we feel in our own skin versus the big and powerful outside world and its machinations. Late night brings the Moon into trine with Saturn as well.

Thursday, the Moon hits Gemini for a lighter, quicker pace. It sextiles Chiron and Mars and goes on to conjoin Venus overnight. Mercury may still be in its shadow, but our senses sing as we shake off the dust and move forward a bit. It satisfies, and actionable ideas feel like an improvement. Take a chance on something fun.

Friday, the Gemini Moon squares Neptune. We may be stuck in a thought process that feels like it leaves us few options and at the same time… more. If what’s familiar isn’t working, anything is possible… but what? Enjoy the intrigue and believe that some knots work themselves out with time or future revelation. Not every issue needs an immediate answer. Let the story unfold. Believe in the process. If the time’s not right NOW, maybe it means something better has yet to come along.

With Mercury square Mars and Chiron take extra care when you move and do. Bruises and cuts abound!

Newly direct Mercury moves from 5 to 7 degrees Cancer this week. Where does that transit your chart? Are you making decisions, waiting for news?



Weekly Forecast: July 13-17, 2020 – A Mars-Mercury-Chiron Geyser of Sensation and Action — 10 Comments

  1. I’ll admit I’m nervous about starting to make phone calls regarding rentals at this time. Should I continue to browse FB Marketplace and Craigslist, but postpone making calls until Thursday? I need to be in a new place by the end of this month.

  2. Hmm – I’m really hoping that this Chiron/Mars in Aries & the Venus going back over the retro-shadow in gemini will help clear the air of nonsense

    Aries: ‘wow, maybe this is about me’ lol…yeah..

    & Venus: common sense (Taurus side) revisiting shallow beliefs (dark side of Gemini & Mercury)

    Things exist: whether your conspiracy theory or ‘beliefs’ allow it

    Common sense needs to prevail to deal with actual reality (which has nothing to do with human beliefs)

    We shall see: USA is inundated with Covid19: because it was politicized & not dealt with on a common sense level

    The comet shooting through the dawn sky seems so appropriate….

  3. I’m struggling a lot with reflection impulsivity, which I had my whole life. I’ve always had difficulty with planning and broader vision (Saturn in Sagittarius), and none of my schooling addressed this. I’ve thrust it in my own face and am avoiding and procrastinating with abandon. I’m struggling to find a way in. I have to, or I have no choice. I don’t know what pain I’m going to have.. doing it is hard? I don’t know what steps or obstacles will be big and difficult to cut apart? I will get stuck on square one? I think that’s it. It won’t work out anyway?

  4. Trying, in all my acts to breathe deep
    Find the grace that’s mine and just
    Simply believe life has so many blessings ,truly , amid the collage of family dynamics, stresses of work money and just gotta get it done
    List and calm my insides. I live on tiny
    Island that seems to be the opal
    For200,000 extra visitors in summer
    So hard for me to share,I am trying
    and the freaking schools, can we agree the climate and masks are
    Kid friendly, can it be different this
    Year ?can we skip new clothes and do scavenger hunts, isn’t winter
    Going to be easier, till Christmas break it probably is 70 school days
    Of which is divided between snack recess lunch music art and study hall
    10 days of study, see already
    Drumming the worry beat
    Enjoy a day or week barefoot beneath a fan with book or cat
    Or art kisses ( sorry if I sound political
    My cancer mommy feelings)

  5. As soon as they decide how the schools are going to open up, and if they will or will not mandate masks, then I can move forward.

    One of my jobs is a school bus driver and if they don’t mandate masks and do some form of social distancing on the buses then I am out. The YMCA summer camps have managed to do these things successfully and I don’t see why it can’t be done similarly with the public school system.

    My husband has emphysema and hearty disease, both managed, but COVID-19 seems to take a “liking” to these diseases and I will not take the chance of bringing it home and him becoming seriously ill.

    I’ve been squirreling away our money for months so we’d be ok if I gotta bounce.

  6. School bus driver here too, I am not a fan of how our schools run
    750 teachers less than 2000 students here
    I quit delivering food to poor because three months in ,and the school’s top paid people still couldn’t buy masks
    They, in my opinion should have taken the extra monies not spent on half school year, and purchase PPE
    But no ,Told me they were working on it , 3 months no masks ,didn’t even take care of porta
    Potty that 5 drivers used after 4-5 hrs. Of driving, pitiful display of care conscience, and obligations
    Our school pays out to management
    Plenty all 125 K yearly, yet no respect
    Of workers ,now our state says
    Each family must supply own PPE ,to me
    Another divide for poor, those masks get dirty fast School should have all children treated equal ;buy the damn masks in bulk, my little opinion
    I too like uniform makes everyone equal, sorry must be heat!! think
    It’s heavy on my mind, yes I too
    Will bounce some way or another
    I worry about the schools having new branding iron in fire For labeling kids
    Who simply would have less oxygen
    And 8 hours of masks, They I am sure will prescribe ore medication 😱many teachers
    I see compromised With patience
    Sorry not another peep

  7. As far as schools re-opening, I don’t have a good feeling about it. I live in a semi rural area. So far I only know someones who knows someone who died of the virus. With the re-opening of schools, I hate to say it, but I do think I will begin to know people with the Covid and know people who die from it. I am making a list of must have supplies so I can do some Back to School shopping now so I don’t have to be out there then. I do sincerely hope that I am wrong about all this. My heart hurts for the medical workers.

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