Weekly Forecast: July 10-14, 2017 – Moving right along

jan cook mackAfter the weekend’s full moon in Capricorn, the Moon moves out into breezy, zippy Aquarius. The Sun goes on to oppose Pluto. The effects of the full moon become embedded in the plan, going forward. We will uncover reminders all week. Our focus shifts to Mars and getting on with it, but our bedrock holds a lasting impression of change.

This week, Mars squares Uranus and trines Chiron. It’s the charge we need to clear the rubble and gain actionable wisdom. The rubble is everything from literal to emotional to conceptual. But it does hearken back to home, family, and the heart. Whether your home and heart are traditional or chock full of aliens, there’s a line in.

The Moon moves from Uranus ruled Aquarius through Pisces and onto the first degree of the zodiac in Mars ruled Aries. At the end of Aquarius (Tuesday and Wednesday) it sextiles Uranus. Friday in Pisces it trines Mars and conjoins Chiron.

Friday night when the Moon moves into Aries and onto the first degree, the Aries point, it’s a fresh start for the personal, for the heart… for our ability to attach and care and make our way in the world with others. We center in the heart of our self. Here I am, and my heart reaches out from the core of my being. Recharged, full, ready to go.

Mars square Uranus trine Chiron is a rough idle with some backfiring. But it’s getting better with each moment of action. It’s a pivot from what we know, what is comfortable, to a new horizon and a new way of doing things. Things will line up and action will smooth out. That happens when we get used to a new way of action… over time.

Last week Mars held a quincunx to Saturn. This week the Sun takes its place. Mercury in Leo sextiles Jupiter and moves into trine with Saturn. Gemini Venus moves into square with Neptune. There’s more to what we dream of, what we desire. Our conscious dreams are only the tip of the iceberg of aspirations and fancies. We have an opportunity to invent new actions as we open our minds, senses, and attitudes to higher inspired plans.

Somewhere we all sell ourselves short by believing we should settle for less than everything. The tangible is always less than the full realization. That full desire includes the intangible, which is ever so much more juicy and delicious than we can currently taste. And we don’t have to lose anything to get there.

People think “use your imagination” is a cop out. It is if you think it is, if you believe it is. Let go of the illusion that what is intangible is not just as dreamy as what you can touch. Think about it. The feeling of love is not quantifiable. But it’s everything. Make way for everything. Open up. Consider taking tangible action to open up new avenues for feeling intangible rewards.

Monday the Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury and trines Venus. Feel forward into sensing new desire. Overnight into Tuesday, the Moon trines Jupiter. Broadcast that desire, whether internal or externally. Lift up your heart and let the words and creative expression populate your mind. Extra points if you wave your arms around too. Experience the hokey pokey.

Tuesday the Moon sextiles Saturn and quincunxes first the Sun then Mars. We have the opportunity to feel that broad commitment to this new way of being in the world. It will unfold over time.

Wednesday the Moon sextiles Uranus in the morning. This feels zippy and helps us connect back to the rest of the world as peers. This is a great place to start, as the Moon moves to Pisces and picks up that square to Venus. We will likely be reminded of the ways in which we are different. We all want different things. But remember, we all want. We all need. In that way we are similar. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t fall into place easily. This is a step on the way.

Thursday the Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune in quincunx to Mercury and Jupiter. Emotional intelligence is the missing piece in our development of the plan… but here it ties in. We had to feel what was missing in order to plan for its placement. Feel. Think. Imagine. Let it tune up the plan.

By afternoon, the Moon sextiles Pluto. It sinks in. We all have emotional depths to plumb. This presents an opportunity to feel the bottom of our needs and push up to the surface.

Friday morning the Moon squares Saturn and trines the Sun. Regardless of the feeling that something is missing NOW, we are where we should be. Otherwise we’d be somewhere else. Let that sink in and bring comfort. The Moon trines Mars and glides over Chiron. We’re learning. We are becoming emotionally wise. Somewhere, maybe underneath the waves that obscure.

Venus is moving into trine with Jupiter. We want more. Venus is in Gemini. We may not be able to nail it down to just one line of desire. We want so much! Jupiter inflates this desire. Talk about it. Appreciate it. This is fun, and we’re learning!

Later Friday, the Moon moves onto the Aries point. Feel your vitality. All is well.

Or as said Shakespeare:
Horatio: O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!
Hamlet: And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Where is Mars transiting for you? What are you going after? Where does the Aries point lie in your chart?

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Weekly Forecast: July 10-14, 2017 – Moving right along — 4 Comments

  1. Transiting Mars, is in the 7th house and conjuncts my true node. Aries, 3rd and 4th.

    I’m chasing work, but building relationships, in the meantime.

    Actually I’m chasing my dream and its going to be REAL!

    I’ve been thinking it, believing it and doing it. So, I feel that this week will give me that strength and message I need.

    Btw, it would be nice to meet a really great guy. Did I say, mars is in my 7th house 😉

  2. “Regardless of the feeling that something is missing NOW, we are where we should be. Otherwise we’d be somewhere else.”

    Love this. 🙂

  3. Currently Mars is transiting the 7th house. Boy do I feel the need to have a life partner.? The Aries point is in the 3rd house…wonder how that will play out by Friday evening.

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