Weekly Forecast: January 9-13, 2023 – Venus Square Uranus BUZZ

venus marsMonday morning, Venus in Aquarius perfects its trine to retrograde Gemini Mars and heads into square with Uranus in Taurus. What do you WANT to do? Heck, what DID you want to do. We shove off multiple options, many revisited, into the challenge that they can’t all FIT. In theory, sure; but we’ve got to tweak what arrives in the real (fixed) world.

Monday’s Leo Moon opposes Saturn, and our creative fire meets opposition. The mood is the perfect backdrop for balancing the need to perform with the stricture of rules and expanding the boundaries of our “stage”. If we allow the personal to spill into the universal, the impact can be righteously satisfying. Take that fire into the aisles, the wings, the lobby, the world… but keep it in hand. Keep control of your passion.

On Tuesday, Venus picks up a building sextile to Chiron (exact Thursday). Growth and learning factor into the Venus-Uranus square. Past failures and trauma show us where we can successfully tweak things for the better. The Virgo Moon squares Mars at the end of the night, and practical pickiness rules the mood. Early Wednesday, Virgo-ruler Mercury (retro) perfects a square to Chiron. Don’t expect solid, unchanging answers. For true clarity, investigate and collect questions, re-investigate and re-question.

Wednesday morning, the Capricorn Sun picks up a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, and the Virgo Moon trines retro Mercury then retro Uranus (a loose grand trine in earth). When you do the work, you reap the results; that’s still true. However, this particular combo favors allowing your net to open in order to reap a yin awakening. Be smart, continue doing what you need to do and allow your heart and mind to fill passively. Let your senses gather what you may have missed when you were trying too hard to make something of it all.

Follow where you’re moved to go. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. Follow your heart into the center of the flow. That’s where the downloads are.

On Thursday, the Moon finishes up in Virgo with a trine to the Sun, opposition to Neptune, and a trine to Pluto. All that we’ve taken in takes shape and breaks down into fuel. The mood is STOUT. It can illuminate where you need to go. When the Moon moves to Libra and opposition to Jupiter, outside motivation comes in on BLAST. It may come in the form of encouragement from another, someone BOLD.

Thursday night, Juno moves from Pisces to Aries and heads into conjunction with Jupiter. Over the next week, troubles in committed relationships will out. Possessiveness will rear its head. However, this runs the gamut from a disaster to a celebration of the best life has to offer. It also highlights where you’ve got things together – uh, together. Partay! Celebrate your wins.

On Friday the Libra Moon trines retro Mars and squares retro Mercury. Libra’s cardinal air mood whips up all the input, for good or ill, and puts it to the test. As the Moon heads into the night, it opposes Chiron and trines Venus, kicking up the Venus-Uranus square. We’ve collected all these great questions, whipped up desire without fruition. The mood demands and commands – make it make sense. Make it feel good. Make it satisfy.

We’ve finished the full moon under Uranus. We can approach the new moon next week with questions. Do you know what you want yet? What you don’t want?


Weekly Forecast: January 9-13, 2023 – Venus Square Uranus BUZZ — 4 Comments

    • eris: I’m def with you on this.
      I used to be caught up in illusion of vague promises of love and affection…then wake up to reality that I was somehow entangled in a 3rd party situation. Not again. If recently I would draw my boundaries by doing disappearing acts, today I’ve set it quite frankly and in your face. I’ve been used for too long. Not anymore. Thank you, Uranus in 1H transit about to conjunct my natal NN! No more bullshit.

  1. Yes, exactly this.. i wanted something so bad, now it seems manifesting, but i don’t want it anymore.. are we so broken after this 5-year span of Saturn (cap and aqua) that we take nothing to mean ‘happiness’ anymore?

  2. “Follow your heart into the center of the flow. That’s where the downloads are. “
    Love the imagery, and your new art is very in the flow! Nice color flow❤️

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